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Chapter 21: This straight guy unexpectedly became bent after saying that sentence.

…Go with Ye He?

Ye He sat on the rock, and said unhurriedly, “I don’t have any brothers or sisters.
If you become my younger brother, my parents will probably welcome you.”

Qiao Xi was a bit surprised.

Ye He raised his eyebrows.
“Although Jing Yu can’t trouble you in front of Jing Yan, you are still living in this palace after all.
Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

Feeling uncomfortable…?

In the beginning, he did feel uneasy.

Qiao Xi didn’t know when it happened, but his inner fear about Jing Yu had completely disappeared.

Looking back now, apart from thinking that Jing Yu was disgusting, he didn’t feel afraid at all.

Qiao Xi pondered about it seriously, he then said, “No need, it’s actually pretty good for me to live here now.”

Ye He glanced at him with a probing gaze.

Qiao Xi whispered, “…I like this place.”

Ye He’s smile deepened.

He suddenly said in a ridiculous tone, “Qiao Xi, you actually like Jing Yan, right?”

This was just a common inquiry.

Qiao Xi liked Jing Yan, as well as Jiao Yue and Ke Lisi.

He liked the people in the forest, and those who treated him well.

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When Qiao Xi heard this question, he somehow felt a small electricity rush up from the soles of his feet to his heart, and further directly to his skull, making him shiver.

“I, I, I do like him!” Qiao Xi stammered, his eyes drifting left and right.

Looks like the other party really couldn’t stand his question.

Ye He thought while chuckling in his heart.

Fortunately, what happened three years ago had been explained clearly.
And Jing Yan should be a trustworthy person.

Although that guy looked silly, had no brain, and was stupid.
He should be able to protect Qiao Xi during a critical situation.

Sigh, the trip to the wolf race was indeed fascinating.

“Qiao Xiaoxi, if you are in love some day, you should tell me in advance.” Ye He sighed.

Qiao Xi glanced at him with a stupefied gaze.

Who was he going to fall in love with?

When Qiao Xi was about to go to bed, he suddenly sneezed several times.
“It seems like I have caught a small cold.”

The weather had been a bit unstable these past two days.
When the rain beat down, the temperature turned very low, but when the rain stopped and the sun ascended, it became so hot that it could make people sweat.

It had rained in the mornings and afternoons, the days were both cold and hot, and Qiao Xi happened to show a sign of cold now.

Jing Yan was worried so he went to find medicines for Qiao Xi immediately.

Ye He was leaning against a tree with his hands folded, appearing somewhat suspicious.
Hence, when Jing Yan approached, he asked the other party warily, “Are you monitoring me?”

Ye He joked.
“I’m not allowed to?”

Jing Yan stared at him for some time.
“Hmph, I know you’re watching my performance.
Let me tell you, no one can compare to me when it comes to being concerned for Qiao Xi.”

After speaking, he quickened his pace and ran to Qiao Xi’s place.

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Ye He sneered.

In the room not far away, the light was on.

After Jing Yan entered, the black wolf’s and the little chicken’s figures reflected on the curtain.

The black wolf stretched out his hand to touch the little chicken’s head.
Then the black wolf handed him a cup of water.
The little chicken finally fell asleep, and he was covered by a quilt.

Alright, this performance was flawless and there was nothing for him to say.

Ye He shrugged.
Then he was caught off guard when he turned around.

Ye He didn’t know when the little leopard, who’d ran to the other side of the undergrowth to brush his teeth, popped up.
The other party asked vaguely, with his ears trembling.
“You have caught a cold too?”

“…” Ye He smiled.
“It’s nothing.
For one aspect, your Three Meow Alliance is really amazing!”

“?” For some reason, it didn’t prevent Ke Lisi from feeling proud.
So he lifted his chest and said, “You just became aware of it? However, you whale race people are not as difficult to approach as I thought.
You are quite interesting, haha!”

While talking, the leopard’s ears shook again.

Ye He stared at that pair of ears for a short while, and he couldn’t help but click his tongue in his heart.
Thinking about his nose, he still endured it.

In addition to another guest temporarily living in the forest, the night passed peacefully like before.

When the sun rose, the door in one of the rooms opened.
A person came out; taking a deep breath, he pondered for a while, looking for a direction casually before wandering over to a certain place in a slow stride.

After a moment passed, the door of another room opened as well, and the little leopard ran out.

Since Ke Lisi’s parents came to visit him, his anxiety had increased sharply.

He always heard that keeping fit and healthy could also speed up his transmutation.
Therefore, even though the usual amount of exercise was enough, Ke Lisi still added a morning jog.

He scurried around the forest, occasionally climbed up a tree, sometimes fought with the tiger, then he fled away while gasping for breath.

Finally, Ke Lisi ran to the only lake in the forest.

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When passing by the lake, he keenly sensed that something was inside it.
Hence, he leaned over curiously.

Then his eyes widened in surprise.

The water was rippling.

In the golden sunlight, under the surface of the water, a dark blue fishtail appeared.

On the upper part of the fish tail was a body filled with muscles.

The mermaid swam forward, and Ke Lisi subconsciously ran along, then he laid down by the lake.

The mermaid noticed him, a pair of smiling phoenix eyes looking at him from underwater.

Ke Lisi became blank for a moment, stretching out his paw and putting it in the water twice.

The mermaid proceeded forward, and Ke Lisi followed as well.
Yet again, he laid on his stomach and paddled his paw into the water nonstop.

Ye He couldn’t restrain himself anymore.

The mermaid popped out of the water without warning, pressing Ke Lisi onto the ground, and rubbed him wildly.

Ke Lisi: “!!!”

Qiao Xi took the medicine and slept peacefully until noon.

Because Qiao Xi remembered that Ye He would leave before lunch, he quickly washed up and ran out.

Everyone had gathered outside the log cabin.
When he arrived, Qiao Xi sensed that their expressions were a bit strange.

Ye He’d dressed dignifiedly, his golden perm hair had already turned black again.
After all, the duration of the perm hair of the beast race had always been short.

Ye He held the little leopard in his arms and rubbed him nonstop with a smile.
“Atchoo, as soon as I talked about you, you’ve come, Qiao Xi.
I’m about to leave, atchoo, it’s somewhat an embarrassing thing when I want to bring some special product back, atchoo!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

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Jing Yan: “…”

The others: “…”

Everyone looked silently at the leopard laying in Ye He’s arms with his four legs pointing upwards.
The little leopard squinted his eyes and rubbed Ye He’s palm.

Jing Yan: “Hey, special product, what do you think?”

Ke Lisi, who was rubbing against Ye He’s palm suddenly woke up.
He opened his eyes in surprise.
“What special product? I’m not and I won’t go either!”

He immediately struggled to jump out of Ye He’s arms, but Ye He was holding tightly with a smile.
“Just now, who said I can say whatever I want?”

“I won’t leave! I, I was just confused for a while.” Ke Lisi shouted.

It was known that the aquatic races had a second beast form.
A whale was not a fish, but the whale race could become merfolk.
And even the turtle race could also become merfolk! However, Ke Lisi had only heard it from others but never witnessed it with his own eyes.
He didn’t expect the merman’s magic to be so powerful!

Ke Lisi struggled twice, but it was in vain.
His strength was completely suppressed, and he suddenly transformed because of anger!

A handsome, blond-haired boy landed near his feet.
Ye He was startled, but he did not loosen his hands; he subconsciously clasped Ke Lisi’s waist.

Ke Lisi blushed, he pushed Ye He away furiously.
“I’m not going with you, let go!”

Ye He stared fixedly at Ke Lisi for a few seconds.
He squeezed the other party’s chin without warning, and said with interest, “I didn’t see a little beauty, but a little handsome man?”

Ke Lisi: “…!!!”

Jing Yan, who was among the onlookers, picked up the little chicken quietly, and hugged him in his arms tightly.

This straight guy unexpectedly became bent after saying that sentence.

The author has something to say:

Jing Yan: Straight guy can’t be trusted!!!

Translator’s note:

I do enjoy translating, it’s entertaining.
Unfortunately, I can’t continue because of my health issue, so I will drop this novel from now.
If any of you are interested in picking this up, feel free to do so^^

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