I swept at the front door. 

It is early morning and the dim light is slightly peeking in. 

The first task in the schedule given to me as a maid was to clean the front entrance.
There are only three people coming and going, so it’s always relatively clean, but it has to swept every day nonetheless. 

Because that’s a maid’s job. 

“Hum-hum, hum!” 

After dusting, the next thing to do is to water the small flower pots at every step of the stairs. 

In fact, this was originally the job of a gardener, but the distinctions between occupations does not hold any value in this mansion.  In the Weatherwoods family, everyone cleans together, takes care of the garden together, and cooks together.
The reason is that the owner’s wallet is severely deficit. 


I stopped watering the pots and instead shifted my gaze to the iron gate beyond the desolate garden. 

Some guy’s been coughing up his throat for a while now.
If you add the men around him who seem to be his subordinates, the total number is four. 

When our eyes met, he made a very arrogant expression, and anyone could tell he wanted me to talk to him. 

But I didn’t have to come forward. 

Because the maid from the mansion greeted the man across the small garden instead. 

“Are you here again?” 

“Oh, what do you mean again? It would sound very embarrassing to other people if they hear.” 

“Like I said last time, the time before that, and the time before that, we will not be disposing of the mansion.
Please leave.” 

Is he a real estate agent? 

I turned my head and continued watering the seeds I’d bought for cheap at the market.
I don’t really know the name of the flower that will bloom from this seed.
I just bought the cheapest and most filled seed bag.  

“That’s not why I’ve come today.
I must see the new Viscount Weatherwoods.
Please show me into the mansion.” 

“I’m sorry, sir, but the master is currently away.”  

“I’ve heard that three times this month already!” 

“I’m sorry as well.
Master is very busy.” 

A furious answer burst out. 

“Busy, you say! At this point I can’t help but question, is it really true that there is a new viscount Weatherwoodss in this mansion? In over a week, I’ve only seen three employees going in and out of here.
Everyone is talking about this being an abandoned haunted house without an owner.
What’s with the black exterior of the mansion anyway! Don’t you think it ruins beauty of the street?” 

“That does not concern us…” 

“It doesn’t matter! Get out of the way! I can’t stand this any longer!” 

The man raised his hand and shoved the maid on the shoulder, stepping inside the main entrance.
He looked around the small and dilapidated garden and muttered with an expression that looked like he’d chewed on shit. 

Abandoning such a beautiful mansion like this…hey, maid!” 

 Did he just call me? 

“Why are you staring at me so blankly? Aren’t you coming, huh?” 

The man asked, his arms crossed and an arrogant expression painted on his face.  

“How long has it been since the new Viscount Weatherwoods abandoned this mansion? 2 years? 3 years? 

I answered, recalling Viscount Weatherwoods, who would currently be sleeping soundly in his bedroom. 

“He didn’t abandon it.” 


“He didn’t abandon the mansion.” 

 The man who had been glaring at me with a sullen expression asked again with a newly-found patience. 

“With the way you’re talking…is the health of the new Viscount Weatherwoodss in critical condition? Is it hard for him to move even once a week?”  

No, although he lays motionless for ten days at a time, his skin is definitely as shiny and smooth as a boiled egg.
I answered again;  

“He’s healthy.” 

“Heh, you cheeky-nosed girl.
Do you not know me? Well, it should’ve been obvious.
A maid hired by a mansion like this wouldn’t anything anyway.
I am Baron Fedegail, a close friend of your former, deceased master.” 

So what do you want me to do about that? 

I wasn’t the least amazed and wanted to scoff.
The surprise his words amounted to were that of an ant. 

The Baron has visited three times this month, asking for the mansion to be disposed of. 

“…He asked me for a favor before he died: to help the new Viscount establish his position in the city.
So do not worry and just be honest with me.
Is there anything wrong with the Viscount? As in, is there really nothing I can do to help? Hm?”  

“There isn’t any.” 

The baron, thrilled by the kind answer, opened his eyes wide. 

“Yes, I see! I was convinced by your unheard-of remarks.
There is no new Viscount Weatherwoods here! It’s an empty mansion with two maids.
If the viscount truly lived here, no maid would be able to answer something like that!” 

I can now be sure.

This man is a swindler who seeks to acquire the legacy of the Weatherwoodss family for himself.
You wicked man, scoundrel, flea; what the hell are you trying to steal from a house who’s sold even its silverware? 


The baron who forced open the door in a manner unlike any guest, shoved me inside the house. 

Startled by his actions, the other maid followed us nervously. 

“What is this about, Baron!” 

The baron snorted at the maid’s cry. 

“You, go out and keep an eye so that no one enters the mansion, and you, go find something we can use for a beating.
It must be just right.
I also wish to see just how long the Weatherwoodss’ maid can keep her mouth shut.
I will find out what you’re hiding at any cost.” 


“I see.” 

At the baron’s order, one person closed the front door and waited in front of it, and one disappeared into the right aisle, leaving one standing between the maid and me.  

The baron, who was still looking around inside the mansion, fixed his eyes on a frame hung on the stairs.
It was a portrait of the former Viscount Weatherwoodss. 

“That face is so nostalgic.
How sad would my old friend be to see this in such poor condition? Has it already been four years since he died in the Magical War? 

The Magical War. 

It would take a long time to explain what kind of war this was, so let’s move on.
All you have to remember is that it was a terrible war that lasted almost a decade. 

The baron smiled fishyly as he watched the interior view with greedy eyes. 

“Fo him, who dedicated his life to our country, I must help the new Viscount Weatherwoodss.
That is the only way to honor our fallen friends.
Yes, that is right.” 

The comment was short. 

But I felt hot blood spread throughout my body as my heart began to beat fast. 

Simply dismissing the Mado war does not mean the numerous sacrifices in it can be so easily dismissed.
Those who died in battle are those who left to protect their loved ones and friends.
Trying to use such a noble sacrifice as an excuse for your own dirty desires? 

It was something I could not overlook as a person who watched the 10 years of horrors with my own eyes. 

Every man has a duty, and this man’s duty was to honor his friend’s sacrifice.
Not go after the Weatherwoods’s property. 

However, the baron’s actions were far from that of someone honoring his close friends’ sacrifices.
In other words, it also meant that the baron was not a close friend of the former Viscount Weatherwoods. 

A man who does not know the owner has forced himself into the mansion, a thief is what he is.  

That was my conclusion. 

“I have brought it, Baron.” 

“Alright, I love how strong this one looks.” 

The baron, who was handed a shovel by his subordinates, returned to stand before me.
I think he’s going to use that shovel to beat me. 

The maid’s expression hardened coldly. 

“Stop now, Baron Fedegail.
Don’t touch the child.

“Oh, maidservant.
I’m so proud of you for trying to cover for this bottom liner.
So, I’ll give you one last chance.
Tell me the whereabouts of Viscount Weatherwoodss.
I promise I will not hurt any employees of this mansion, including you.
I mean it.” 

“The opportunity is being given by me, not the baron.
Please calm down for the sake of your well-being…” 

“Are you still not understanding what I’m saying? If you don’t open your mouth when I count to three, I’ll start hitting this girl.
No one will be able to complain about any injustice.
I will take this girl with me and sell her as a slave to the east! Now, one…” 

Talking about East, so you’re dealing in slaves too, huh. 

He is a thief without any principles, and also trash that even trades slaves? 

As a sincere maid of the Weatherwoodss, the attitude I needed to show was obvious. 

The maid called me with nervous eyes. 


For your information, Daisy is my name. 

As if the situation in front of him was amusing, the grinning baron lifted two fingers. 


“Hold it in for now.” 

I nodded like an obedient maid. 


And he swung his right hand. 


The neatly-dressed maid only shook her right hand horizontally, but the baron flew away like a stone and embedded himself into the wall. 

The whole area became quiet in a flash.
The baron’s men stared blankly at the fallen baron and ran to him. 


The maid called me with stern eyes. 



“I’m sure I warned you to put up with it.
How come you didn’t listen? You fully know that if you use your strength, the life of these sickly raccoons will be at risk!”  

“I’m holding it in.” 

“Are you saying that even after looking at what you’ve done?” 

“They can stand at least my right hand, look.” 

I slapped the cheeks of the two men who tried to support the fallen Baron with my right hand. 



Two stout bodies now lay upon on the baron.
That’s a very close relationship. 

“Your right hand is unstoppable.
I’ll give you a good scolding after work, just you wait.” 

The maid stared at me again, but it couldn’t be helped. 

My right hand often follows the heart, not the head.
At times, even as the owner of my body, it is hard for me to control it. 

“What the…?” 

After finishing the third man who’d come through the door fearlessly, I asked the maid. 

“Should I throw them somewhere?” 

The maid shot at me, the chief contributor to the mansion’s security. 

“Don’t say such terrible things.
Where did Mr.
Rue go?” 

When the undesirable name was heard, my forehead naturally wrinkled. 

“To buy groceries.” 

“Sigh, it can’t be helped.
These people, in front of the mansion…” 

“Should I cut off their necks and hang them?” 

 “No, we’ll send them back normally. Normal.”  

“If we just send them back, it’ll be troublesome later.” 

“Does it get simple when you cut off their necks? It’s amazing how rational your judgement can be, Miss Daisy.
I’m sure they did something wrong, but I do not think the felony they committed is big enough to be killed.
It’s alright to just send them back.
This was self-defense in its own right, this will be finished at the right level.
Trust the Weatherwoodss, this place will protect us until the end.” 

It was a persuasion that was completely doubtful to me, knowing the reality of the Weatherwoodss. 

But a maid has to peel if she’s told to peel. 

At the maid’s request, I had to lift the grown-up men like a princess and move them out of the mansion. 

I laid them down in a row on the pavement where carriages run and prayed they would be trampled to death by the horses. 

A maid’s middle name is hardship.
There is no end to our struggles. 

Hello there, this is Ami~ I picked up this series because it’s from the same author of one of my favorite novels “There is no counterattack from the supporting character” let’s enjoy watching it unfold together!

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