At that time, a pathetic voice disturbed my thoughts. 

“Spare me.” 


“I have failed my mission and failed to commit suicide, so I am a fugitive from now on.
If you let me go like this, I will never appear in front of you again.
I promise I won’t even talk about you.
If necessary, I will swear an oath to obey.” 

Yeah, I don’t need that. 

I knocked the assassin on the back of his head. 

I thought about it after I knocked him out.
What should I do with this guy? 

“Should I kill you?” 

There were many things that bothered me to put the thought into practice.  

The client was the one who sent the assassin at least three times.
If I kill the assassin like this, it was clear that another assassin would come.
It would get troublesome again. 

So let’s hold on to this guy for now. 

At first I thought about leaving him in the room, but I gave up the idea quickly.
If I get caught by the maid, I might be kicked out of this mansion. 

I would have nowhere to go if I was kicked out of here, so I definitely had to look good in front of the head maid. 

While I was worrying about where to hide him, my eyes caught the panoramic view of the house in the front visible through the window. 

A window opened at an angle on its second floor, to be exact. 


Since they’ve only moved out this afternoon, it will take at least a few days for the new landlord to move in.
I threw the intruder over my shoulder and leapt out of the window. 

Then I jumped over the fence of the front house, climbed the wall and went into the second-floor window. 

I pulled the white sheet covering the bed and tied the intruder and bed together.
After sealing his mouth completely, I closed the window and went back to my bedroom. 


Is there a dead mouse in this mansion or something? 

When I brushed the dust off my hands and lay on the bed, I had a slight question. 

Why does the client want to spy on the Viscount Weatherwood? 

It was sunny the next day. 

This fine job at the Weatherwoods mansion included a great agenda of sipping tea after a short breakfast at 9 am. 

Thanks to this, I was given a break to enjoy a bit of rest after a (not-so) delicious meal. 

 Until I saw the unexpected scenery outside my window. 

No way. 

“…they’re moving?” 

When I pointed out the window with my finger, the head maid, who had been busy reading the newspaper, turned her head. 

“Hmm? Oh, do you mean the Eachus residence over there? Ah, I guess since yesterday they moved everything out, it’s weird to call it the Eachus residence.
I didn’t expect a new family to move in within a day.
It must have been a pretty sudden sale.” 

Yes, the mansion across the street, which was supposed to be empty due to the move, was currently crowded with people moving furniture. 

A person came in in a day? What if someone just forgot their stuff yesterday? It couldn’t be. 

“I was complacent.” 

“What? Stop mumbling to yourself, Miss Daisy.
It’s not a good habit for an employee.” 

I’d slept by habit, and that mansion had an intruder tied up in it since midnight. 

I emptied the tea in one gulp and ran to my bedroom.
There are too many people for me to rush in and bring him back right away.
We need to look at the situation first. 

My bedroom is located in the corner of the second floor, but it was perfect for a panoramic view of the mansion across the street.
I glued myself to the window and looked at the mansion carefully. 

A doorway busy with workers. 

Unlike our own garden, a well-organized flowerbed adorned their place.  

An unknown man enjoying tea and reading on a round table in the middle of the flowerbed. 

For a moment, I was surprised by his mysterious blue hair, and then, I found the intruder sitting on his knees besides him. 

The moment I thought, ‘wait, why is he there?’ 

I made eye contact with the man with blue hair. 

It wasn’t an illusion. 

He was looking directly at me, not the spring sky or the panoramic view of the Weatherwood mansion. 

Gold eyes as foreign and gorgeous as his vibrant blue hair fixed themselves on me.  

The sharp tip of his nose and deep eyes gave off a strangely gloomy and noble atmosphere. 

My eyes. 

My expression. 

His gaze was so clear and blatant that I could feel him scouring my appearance. 

I had the illusion that the man’s smiling mouth was making a mockery of me, in a maid’s dress. 

I took a step back from the window in displeasure. 

At the same time, I realized something new.
The fact that it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a feeling as special and personal as unpleasantness, in my first meeting with someone. 

“…as expected.” 

There’s a dead mouse in this mansion. 

It was once said, but I was on a high level enough to meet the sword on an equal footing with a person called Geomseong.
To imprint such a strong and negative presence on me……. 

‘It means a bloody suspicious person.’ 

It can’t be helped. 

Now that this has happened, I have to give up the recapture of the intruder.
Just pretend nothing happened.
Let’s forget about yesterday. 

Back in the kitchen naturally, I poured a new cup of black tea. 

“Miss Daisy? You left in a hurry.
Where did you go?”  


“Express that in a roundabout way next time.” 

It was all right.
I will just keep acting naturally as a maid at the Weatherwoods mansion.  

Shortly after I made such a commitment, the doorbell of the mansion rang. 

“…the doorbell? It’s been more than a year since it broke.” 

The head maid, who stood up with a suspicious face, went out to the front door.
I naturally followed her like a maid at the Weatherwoods mansion would. 

Beyond the main gate, I could see a figure of an overwhelming height.
I only checked the silhouette, but it didn’t feel good.
It certainly wasn’t good. 

“Who are you? Unfortunately, the Viscount Weatherwood is not in the mansion.
Please make an appointment and come back next time…” 

When the iron gate opened, dazzling beauty poured inside like the sun. 

The maid’s voice firm voice suddenly stopped.
There stood a blue-haired man dressed like a city gentleman. 

He smiled. 

“The cook and gardener who’s going to work from today on, it’s me.” 

He was looking at me, not the head maid. 

That was my first meeting with Rue. 


He was not just suspicious; he was frantically suspicious.  

The five sense I’d sharpened on the battlefield were sending a very loud warning to me about this man with the elegant and unique name, ‘Rue.’ 

Even if you look at him from the front, the back, or sideways, he was definitely not a normal person.
So I had to be careful. 

I was deeply in agreement with the warnings sent by my instinct. 

First of all, this ‘Rue’ was suspicious right from his appearance. 

The moment I faced him head-on, not only the maid, but also me, who stood five or six steps away, suffered a considerable mental shock. 

It may sound a little funny, but Rue was a beauty that disturbed the body and mind of the beholder. 

Yes, this expression was the truth, not exaggeration.
Even the odd blue hair that hung over his beauty was down-right gorgeous. 

What about those features that harmonize with dark and sophisticated lines of his body? What about the golden eyes that gilded like the sea when the sun shined on it? But what about that drowsy, somber gaze? 

I decided to stop thinking about it, otherwise I’d just be singing praises all day. 


“I’m Rue, I got this job through the help of the human resources office.
You must be the chief lady here…what should I call you?” 

“You can call me Head Maid.
You are…” 

“Yes, I’m the cook.
Chef and gardener.” 

“I’m sorry, I keep making you say the same thing over and over…” 

“I understand.
You mean you can’t believe a person as blindingly beautiful as me would become a cook or gardener in this dreadful mansion.” 


“But you must accept it, because it’s true.
I’m Rue and I’ll be working from today.
Thank you, Head maid.” 

The man who smiled gracefully soon turned back to me. 

Just like the moment our eyes met, when I was standing by the window at the second floor and he was at the Eachus residence over there.
As if nothing had happened. 

“And this side?” 

I didn’t like the way he looked.
It was an instinctive but thorough rejection backed by experience. 

 That’s why I avoided answering even though it seemed clear that he had requested my full name. 


“Is your name ‘maid’? That’s unique.
I look forward to your kind cooperation in the future, Ms.

He’s not as good as his face.
The odds of being in the improvement class seemed strong. 


When I saw the maid blinking blankly washing her dry face that I had never seen in front of me, she didn’t seem to be an ordinary shameless person. 

As he walked to the back of the main gate as if he were going in and out, he inspected the messed-up garden. 

Please let me ask you one thing.
Is the concept of this garden ‘garbage dump’?” 

 The maid, who came to her senses, shook her head slowly. 

“If that had been the case, I wouldn’t have hired you, Mr.
Come to think of it, I don’t see your luggage.
Did you come in bare, with only one piece of clothing on?” 


“That’s a relief.
I have a few servants’ uniforms left, but Mr.
Rue’s height is so big that I thought it would never fit.
Shall we go up first? I’ll show you to the room where you’ll be staying first.” 

“Thank you for your kindness, Head Maid, but I’ll only be working here, not making my bed.” 

“What does that mean?” 

The smiling man raised his right hand and pointed somewhere beyond the gate. 

“As of today, I moved into my house.” 

The place he pointed to was the mansion across the street. 

“So I’ll commute.
What time should I come?” 

The maid could not speak for a moment. 

Then she asked back to Rue in bewilderment. 

“Was it you who bought the Eachus residence? I don’t know why such a wealthy person wishes to be an employee.” 

“Do people need a reason to work?” 

“Not in general, but I can’t help but ask you.” 

Rue, who was sweeping his chin with his hand, answered insincerely. 

“Let’s call it a hobby.” 

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