I shook my head slowly. 

In fact, it would be no surprise if I, a survivor of Queen Island who appeared suddenly after four years, was under state surveillance. 

Weren’t there people who followed me after I refused to go to a refugee shelter? But they didn’t make any contact for a month, only watched from afar and then suddenly disappeared. 

To be exact, I didn’t see anyone after I arrived in Midwinterre and interviewed at the human resources office. 

Maybe it’s because they didn’t find anything suspicious about me anymore; who’d become a beggar at one point, getting money and bread by begging, and quietly arrived at Midwinterre to get a job as a maid. 

It doesn’t matter much up to that point. 

‘But coincidentally, a man who got a job in the same mansion as mine even moved into the house in front.’ 

Isn’t it too perfect a timing to be a coincidence? 

The more I think about it, the more likely it is the latter. 

If Rue is following me, is the problem bigger than just targeting Viscount Weatherwoods? 

‘No, I may be able to solve the problem through personal communication.’ 

The important thing here for me right now is to keep my job at the Weatherwoods mansion. 

I was willing to put up with a suspicious person as long as a request like, “Die again.” or “I’m curious about the source of your resurrection, please allow me to conduct a living dissection.” 

‘Let’s throw the bait first.’ 

I decided to write down my business on a note in case my words get longer. 

I could run away from the head maid under the pretext of an excuse like yesterday, so it would be better to take the initiative in advance. 

Immediately after completing the day’s work, I secretly called Rue to the backyard. 

“I’m sorry, miss maid.” 

But he came 5 minutes later than I did. 

“I refuse your confession.
I’m not the type of person foolish enough to believe in fateful love to the point that I’d start dating a woman I’ve met two days ago.” 

There was nothing worthwhile for me to hear. 

Before Rue’s impressively large wings of imagination flew to the endless sky, I handed over the note I’d been holding from earlier. 

Here’s what the note said; 

『 I am suspicious of your move in.
If your objective is to monitor me, or keep surveillance on the Weatherwoods mansion, be honest.
I am willing to cooperate in some cases. 

Grounds on which you are suspicious: 

• Got a job at Weatherwood around the same time as me. 

• You got a job as a gardener and a cook when you already have a lot of money. 

• Even the salary is half the usual wages.
You chose to work for the poor Weatherwoods family. 

• Besides, as soon as you got the job, you moved into the house next door. 

Conclusion: the identity of ‘Rue’ is very doubtful.

Rue’s expression became stranger the more he read. 

“Did you call me for this?” 


Rue burst into laughter as if he’d heard a silly joke. 

“I will keep an eye on you, eh…I have to say, you have an astounding level of self-esteem.” 

Who’s talking about who now? Did you already forget your assumption that you were getting confessed to just because I called you to the backyard? 

“You asked me about that yesterday.
Why I got a job here.
That’s the point of that note, isn’t it?”  


“I’ve mentioned it before as well, but I’ll repeat it once more for our forgetful maid.
It’s a hobby.” 

“I don’t believe it.” 

“Aha, I see.
It’s a shame, but it’s not a hobby I have to gain your trust.” 

Just as he was about to turn his back and go back in without hesitation, I quickly moved my lips. 

“Why can’t you just tell me what you’re thinking? I just don’t like a suspicious person staying in the mansion.
I’m honestly blowing it because I want to kick you out if possible.
What is your purpose? Is it Viscount Weatherwoods?”  

I almost bit my tongue because I talked for so long. 

I’d worked so hard to write down my notes, but they’ve become useless.
I felt like my words got longer whenever I faced him, and it was very inconvenient. 

Rue, who listened to me silently, lowered his gaze and gently shook the note he held in his hand. 

“Hm…I see, so it’s uncomfortable for you.
Well, that’s unfortunately none of my business.
Are you curious as to why I’ve come to this mansion?” 

I nodded with all my heart, my eyes shining. 

“I’m curious.” 






It was then. 

Ding, dong.
The clock rang to show that it was 7 pm.
Regardless of whether it rang or not, I kept staring at Rue. 

Rue, who looked at me and smiled, turned to walk as if nothing had happened and brushed past me.  

“Where are you going?” 

“I’m getting off work.” 


“Getting off of work on time is the most basic of skills for an employee.
Today was a fruitful day.
Have a good night, miss maid.” 

Rue waved his hand and dispersed from the backyard.
So, I was left alone under the sunset. 

At first, I laughed because I was dumbfounded.
Thanks to this, my judgment, which had been a little sluggish, accelerated. 

‘Is the assassin still at Rue’s house?’ 

If you keep avoiding answering this way, I have no choice but to make my move. 

I’ll sneak into the house in front of me and search the inside’s every corner. 

That day, at midnight. 

As I did two days ago, I crossed the fence to the mansion in front of me. 

However, unlike then, the windows on the first and second floors were tightly locked today, so it seemed it would take a long time to get inside. 

“Should I go through the chimney?” 

Around that time, a sign of activity came from the inside of the mansion.
The person seemed to be moving through the backdoor that led to the kitchen, as if they’d been waiting for someone to come. 

He moved carefully; did he notice? Just as I was about to kill the man hiding behind the back door, a familiar voice came from behind it. 

“It’s her.”  

It was the voice of the assassin who threatened me. 

The door opened, and an exposed assassin appeared before me.
As soon as I checked his appearance, I couldn’t say anything. 

“No surprise, miss maidservant.” 

Why are you wearing a butler’s clothes? 

“My master told me you’d be sneaking around at this time of the night, so I’ve been waiting.” 

The brazen assassin seemed to think I’d have no questions about his outfit. 

“The master told me to tell you this when I meet you.” 

How long has it been since you met Rue? Is he your master already?  

“What did he say?” 

“How about practicing peeling potatoes while you’re wasting your time?” 


“That’s it.” 

My teeth were a little gnarled, but I held it in.
Since I met Rue, I’ve been getting used to putting up with him, otherwise my teeth would be chipped because of how many times I’d have to clench them. 

“Two of you?” 

Were you two in cahoots in the first place? 

When I asked the question, the assassin burst out laughing as if he were dumbfounded. 

“Are we partners? You must have forgotten you locked me up here.
Are you really as forgetful as the master says?” 

Is he telling his lame jokes to the assassin? 

“I remain here of my own volition.” 

I answered, pointing to the assassin’s sprawling butler costume. 

“I can’t trust you when I see you dressed like that.” 

“I guess so, but I simply gave in.
It is natural for the weak to yield to the strong.
You don’t know, but the master is a great, terrible…”  

Perhaps he recalled his bad memories, the assassin, who blurred the rest of his words, shook his shoulders with a firm expression.  

there’s a high-level spell on this mansion.
No one can survey the inside from the outside.
During my stay here, I can be free from the guild’s surveillance, so I plan to stay under the owner for a while and try to find a way to live in the future.” 

Was there such a spell on this mansion? 

‘You’re saying that he’s good enough to imprint fear on a skilled assassin, as well as a high-level magician.’ 

I’m glad I didn’t rush into a conversation with fists. 

I have never held a sword again after returning to a woman’s body. 

In the first place, I’m not used to my body.
It would be very dangerous to deal with a powerful person like Rue with an unfamiliar body. 

“Your master.”  

“Say it.” 

“Is it possible that he’s the client who sent you to me?” 

The assassin sighed softly. 

“I thought so at first too.
But well, it’s ambiguous.
The master is obviously interested in the Weatherwoods.
But it doesn’t seem like it’s in his nature to ask an assassination guild to monitor the Viscount Weatherwood.” 


“I think you will understand what I mean.
The master… is a little unusual.” 

“He’s not unusual.” 


“He’s strange.” 

For the first time, a smile hung around the assassin’s mouth. 

“Yes, as you said, the master is a strange person.
He didn’t even ask me anything aside from my name.
It would be better to say that he is uninterested.
I’m still in the process of assessing my master.
I’m still too clueless to say anything for sure.” 


It didn’t seem like the assassin was even trying to deceive me.
He showed great interest in his survival since I’d informed him that I’d removed the suicide pill, “Bite of Mercy” from his possession. 

He even clung to me to ask for help. 

Therefore, the reason why the assassin remained in this mansion and the reason why he stuck with the unknown character, Rue, was understandable. 

“Then make a deal with me.” 

“A deal?” 

“Share the results of each other’s findings.” 

The assassin carefully examined my face with astonished eyes and spat out an answer a beat late. 

“As I have already said, the master has already predicted that you will be here tonight.
This conversation won’t make be any different.” 

“So are you going to do it or not?” 

“…How do we do it?”  

“Once a week.
At this time, this place.” 

“I see.” 

This was a pretty useful interaction. 

‘I want to see what kind of suspicious things Rue is doing after work.’ 

It didn’t matter if he knew about today. 

He knows I’m watching him, so he won’t act rashly. 

Right when I was about to return to Weatherwood’s mansion with satisfactory results, 

“Wait a minute.”  

The assassin suddenly called me. 

“I want to ask you one thing.” 

As I turned, the assassin asked me with the most serious expression ever made. 

“Do you have any tips for washing blankets?’  


“It’s very hard to do it alone.
Is there a better way to do it instead of just pressing it with your hands?”  

You’re a butler, and yet you’re taking on the work of a maid. 

I returned to my room after leaving a written note to the assassin, saying ‘Instead of applying force with your hands, use your feet.’  

I slept well that day. 

Name: Rue, also commonly known as menace to society and everyone in it.

also to this story’s #1 update stalker and reader on NU, we are glad to have you with us hehe

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