Chapter 13: The Intro of Synovidos

Simple broth and simple seasoning.

Even with the plain udon made mostly of flour, everyone’s hearts and bodies seemed to warm up.

“How was it?”


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.it was beyond my imagination.

The village chief answered in a dazed manner.

Filled with the happiness of eating delicious food and having seconds, everyone was overflowing with a sense of well-being.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

Kneading the udon, boiling it, and serving it were all heavy labor.
I was covered in sweat and exhausted, but I was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

“Also, after eating, I feel like my leg pain gradually went away.”

“That’s the saint’s healing power.
My ability is manifested through eating.”

“Is it also the saint’s power that my feelings of depression have become lighter, not just my physical pain.

I think it’s simply because they’re full.

The villagers, who heard the village chief’s happy comment, also told me about the effects one after another.

“I was feeling a little sick, but now I’m completely better.”

“My bedridden grandmother got up and said, ‘Give me another bowl.'”

I took advantage of this opportunity to promote myself.

“If you lend me a place, I’ll provide the rice at our restaurant for just the cost of ingredients.”

.won’t it be considered ‘polluted’ if we open a restaurant near the Demon King’s forest?”

The bright faces of everyone clouded over.

This land was near the Demon King’s forest, so not only ordinary people but even adventurers didn’t want to stay here for long. 

“I won’t let you say that it’s polluted.
After all, everyone here lives here too.”

“We’re just wanderers who have nowhere else to go.
Those who can leave this village do so.”

As I remembered the faces of the villagers and the barren farmland, I understood.
They lived in a place called “polluted land” and all seemed poor, with only elderly people and women and children.
The women were not someone’s wives, but people who had drifted here alone or with their children.
If there were people who could use magic, it would be different, but if it was just a village of powerless people, life would be difficult without young men to help.

“In that case, I would like to ask for permission to open a cafeteria! I am also a lonely person with nowhere to go, but with the power of the saint’s exorcism, I can protect this village from evil.
And even if there were prejudices at first, I think it will work out with word of mouth from customers who have tasted my cooking.”


“Even if it doesn’t work out, I can at least give you all the rent for the land.
It won’t be a negative for the village.”

The village chief looked hesitant and fell silent.

The surrounding villagers looked uneasy and looked at each other’s faces.

Unprecedented things are scary.
Because they know the hardships, they fear change.

“Even if it’s delicious, we don’t know if we can really make a profit, and there’s also the matter of money.”

“At least, is there anyone who can be a guarantor?”

“A guarantor.

It was impossible for me, who was alone in the world. 

What should I do? My engagement with the Streltsy family has been dissolved, and I can’t rely on the Seamacy family either.
Although there is a system in which the church can become a saint’s supporter, I don’t think I can rely on it and get approval after rejecting the royal palace once.

The atmosphere was clearly unfavorable for me.

How can I overcome the wall of trust that cannot be broken even with delicious udon?

――At that moment.

A carefree voice was heard from the ceiling.

“Oh, I followed the delicious smell and came here, isn’t it Hiira-dono~?”


“Who is it?!?!?!!”

The villagers, including the village chief, were in an uproar at the sudden appearance of a black-masked man sticking to the corner of the ceiling.

Synovidos came down from the ceiling with a shoo.

“I heard the story.
I’m Synovidos.
Everyone in the village, I ask you to trust Hiira-dono.
Of course, I will be the guarantor.”

“Even if you’re called a guarantor, you’re the most suspicious man here.”

A perfectly reasonable retort was made.
I honestly thought the same.

However, what Synovidos showed next was something that no one in this place had expected.

“Now, let me show you my identity to prove it to everyone.”

Synovidos drew something in the air with his finger.

At that moment, letters wrapped in light appeared in front of me.

“What is this.

The villagers were all stunned.

I shouted in amazement.

.a magic crest that guarantees identity by the royal family!!!!” 

“As expected, Hiira-dono is knowledgeable.”

Synovidos nodded in agreement with a carefree voice.

“I’ve never seen the real thing either.
S-Synovidos, who are you really?!”

“Well, I’m nothing special.”

To the stunned people, Synovidos tilted his head with a playful gesture.

“That was a joke.
My hometown is a distant island country beyond the sea that has no exchange with this country.
Therefore, if I don’t clarify my identity, I can’t live in this country.”

“I see, that’s why you have the magic crest approved by the royal family.

“So, please trust Hiira-dono, as I guarantee it.”

The village chief and the villagers were speechless in front of the shining magic crest.

“If a person approved by the royal family is the guarantor, then we will lend the land to Saints-san.”

It was a quick turn of events.
Synovidos turned to me, who was still in shock, and said,

“This kind of thing is called Komon-sama’s Goinro.” (TL: Don’t know what that means.)

His voice was gentle.

It was the same Synovidos from the past who always protected me in the Kasdar Party.

You didn’t abandon me, did you?”

“I would never abandon you.
.If it’s for Hiira-dono, I will come running anytime, anywhere.”

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