Chapter 5: Hiira’s Special Okonomiyaki


I always had Lala-san construct it with magic.

“I see.
So it doesn’t meet the safety standards for saint abilities.
.The magic kitchen for cooking with magic, huh.”

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I am a saint, especially [Beloved Saint of the Earth], so my use of magic is restricted due to my strength.
I cannot use magic that controls water, not just fire.
Both are out of bounds for the use of a saint according to the [Earth]. 

So, all of that was left to Lala-san’s magic.

Then, the Demon King-sama gave me reassuring words.

“I can do creation magic at least.”

“I’m sorry, please do it for me!”

It’s embarrassing to ask for it after saying I’ll treat them, but I have no choice but to take them up on their offer.

“It’s okay.
It’s not bad to be relied on by you, and.
.I want to eat with you too.”

Demon King-sama smiled and threw his golden gaze into space.

Just that, and a gust of wind blew through, and a magic kitchen for cooking with magic and a counter table with an iron plate were set up in front of us.

The iron plate in front of us is designed to cook and eat on it.
The iron plate is spacious, and it’s big enough to roll Kasdar over and cook him.

“Wow! It looks so much like the magic kitchen I’m used to! It’s exactly the same!”

“I see.”

The Demon King-sama was also satisfied.

“Oh, is this iron plate the same one used in the traps of the Demon King’s castle? I’m so happy it’s big! I’ve always wanted to try cooking on it.” 

The kitchen was perfect too.

There were shiny pots and pans on the two-burner magic stove, various cooking utensils hanging, an oven, a cupboard, a magic refrigerator, and a magic range.
Even the fancy floral pattern on the white magic tools was the same as the ones I always used.

“Um, it looks like you’ve been looking at Lala-san’s magic kitchen a lot.”

If Demon King-sama had a chance to see the kitchen, it would only be during the conquest of the Demon King’s Castle or the challenge in the Throne Room.
It was amazing that he could create such a perfect kitchen just by observing it.

I’ve been looking at it all the time.”

Suddenly, Demon King-sama began to act awkwardly.

Maybe he felt uncomfortable because he had been so leisurely during the challenge while observing the kitchen in detail.
He didn’t have to worry about it.

“With this, I can make the same taste as always.
Thank you!”

I put on an apron over my saint’s robe and rolled up my sleeves.

“Please sit down, Demon King-sama.
I’ll cook right away.”

“I’ll help.
What should I do?”

“Hehehe, it’s okay.
Please sit down.”

In front of the restless Demon King-sama, I heated up the iron plate and added oil.
I lined up the packs of ingredients that I had already cut and took out a new bowl. 

Then, I shaded my hands with the halo and flour came out of my palms as the halo emitted a faint light. 

On the other side of the counter kitchen, Demon King-sama and Black Dragon-san were staring intently.

――It’s a little embarrassing.

Feeling my cheeks getting hot, I kneaded flour and water to make a smooth dough and started baking it thinly.

I spread it on the iron plate with a ladle and rolled it thinly.

Ju-u, it made a sound.

Demon King-sama and Black Dragon-san, who were watching it bake, were fascinated with childlike eyes.

I get carried away when you look so happy.

“I came up with this way of baking during battles.”

“During battles?”


I sprinkled dried fish flour on the round dough that was cooked through, and then added chopped cabbage and aromatic vegetables that I had purchased from the demon beast forest.

“When everyone was injured and needed to eat something quickly, it was very convenient to make a thin, unbaked dough.
At worst, you could just feed them the baked flour.
And while baking, I thought, ‘Oh, if there’s still time, let’s add some cabbage’ or ‘If there’s meat, let’s add it,’ and it became more luxurious depending on the situation.

And then, I added the meat with a sizzle.

The thinly sliced beast orc was processed by Synovidos in the forest.
I’m grateful.

On the pleasant heat of the iron plate, I turned the baked goods over.

I shaped it and started making yakisoba next to it. 

“Since we have plenty of time, let’s bake the finishing noodles.
The noodles are kneaded with plenty of Saint’s abilities, so they will make you feel better.”

The sauce that goes with the noodles was made using the knowledge of pharmacy and fermented foods that I learned during my Saint education.

When I stacked the pieces of noodles on top of each other, the final form came into view.

“Also, we still have eggs left today, so let’s put them on top!”

I cracked the egg on the iron plate and cooked it to the same size as the dough, then added the pieces on top and flipped it over.

After mixing it with the sauce, the perfect version of Saint’s okonomiyaki was complete.

“Here you go! Since it’s on the iron plate, you can eat it hot.”

“It’s amazing.
The layered ingredients harmonize perfectly and stimulate the appetite.”

Demon King-sama looked at my okonomiyaki with a fascinated expression.

“What do you use to eat it? A fork?”

“No, chopsticks are fine.”

What about Black Dragon-san?”

Demon King-sama blinked in surprise.

“You made one for the Black Dragon too?”

“Oh, I made it without asking, thinking you might want to eat it.”

In front of me were three okonomiyaki: one for Demon King-sama, one for me, and one for Black Dragon-san.

I unconsciously made one for him too because he was looking at me with such sparkling eyes.

“I’m happy even for my share.”

“Wait, Black Dragon-san can talk?”

“I can talk.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“If it gets out, I won’t be able to wander around the town freely anymore, and I’ll lose my dignity.
That’s what the Demon King-sama told me.”

“I see.
.or rather, you wander around the town?” 

“Well, yeah.
Hey, Demon King-sama, can I eat too?”

“If you’re going to eat it as it is, go ahead.
Don’t turn into a human form suddenly in front of women.
You don’t have any clothes.”

“Oh, I already turned into a human.”

Before I knew it, a well-built onii-san was sitting next to Demon King-sama.
He had muscular and spiky black hair with gold highlights, and he was a macho onii-san. 

“I don’t understand your dignity, but you’re quite impressive.”

“Hehe, thanks.
Hiira-chan, can I use chopsticks too?”


“Seriously, you.

Demon King-sama had a very serious and troubled expression on his face.

Black Dragon-san smiled at me and Demon King-sama.
His sharp canine teeth were a remnant of his dragon form.

“I’ll let it slide since it’s hidden behind the table.”

“I’m fine with it, but.
.if you want, can I lend you my apron?”

“Really? Thanks.”

“Stop it.
It’s dirty.”

I chuckled at the behavior of Demon King-sama and Black Dragon-san.

When was the last time I could laugh so happily from the bottom of my heart?


I took off my apron and joined hands with Demon King-sama and Black Dragon-san.

Their movements were very beautiful, and I couldn’t help but admire them from the side.

.Synovidos had beautiful gestures too, didn’t he?)

Suddenly, I remember the person who I always treated like a brother and whom I can no longer meet.

That ninja who taught me a lot about cooking and interesting things, someone I could rely on like an Onii-san.

[I also agree with Hiira-dono leaving this party.]

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