Breakfast (Actual Meal).

“Thank you for waiting.”

When I arrived at the dining room table, I placed in front of Schwarz-sama a basket of ten palm-sized pieces of white bread, a plain omelet, thick-cut bacon, and vegetable salad.
I used four eggs for the General’s appetite, looking at  yesterday, but it turned out to be a nice omelet for him.

Schwarz-sama, holding a knife and fork, compared breakfast plates with mine.

“Where’s your portion?”

That, of course,

“A servant doesn’t share with his master…”

“My order.”


…After all, we ended up eating the same menu at the same table.

Schwarz-sama took the upper seat at the large table and I sat on the far right side and began to eat.

As I was biting into a piece of broccoli with homemade mayonnaise on it,


Suddenly, Schwarz-sama beside me froze with a fork in his mouth, having brought an omelet to his mouth.

“What the… what is this…?”

I was wondering… if I messed… something up.

“Um, is there something you don’t… like about… it?”

I asked fearfully, and the General’s eyes widened with a sudden look.

“Omelets are too good! Eggs can be such a dramatically delicious dish!?”

“T-thank you for the compliment.”

It was just an… ordinary… plain omelet.

“I usually only ate boiled eggs with the yolk blackened around the outside!”

…That’s… over-boiled.

“The bread is good too.
It’s warm, smells good, and is soft.
Even if you don’t put anything on it, there’s a hint of sweetness when I bite into it.”

“Fresh bread tastes extra good.”

“No, that’s not all.
In the front line fortress, the bread smelled musty, and I could have used them as a hammer.”

… What? He’s… talking about bread, isn’t he?

“I’ve eaten bread since I came to the capital, but never freshly baked.”

One after another, Schwarz-sama took the white bread from the basket into his mouth.

“The bacon was also cooked to a crisp just before it burned, and the fat was savory.
I always thought salted meat, for example, was a soggy shoe sole.
And the salad! I didn’t know there was such a thing as wilted vegetables!”

Schwarz-sama was eating his breakfast with over-the-top comments.

He may be a foodie, but he has not had a very full diet.

…I hope he eats a lot from now on.

“Would you like me to bring you a refill?”

As I held out my hand for his empty plate, he glanced at mine and said,

“No, I’m fine.
It’s time for me to go.”

He gently pretended not to look at me and stood up.

…Ahh, he made sure I hadn’t finished eating yet, so he refrained.
He didn’t want to have me interrupt my meal to go make a second helping.

I wish he didn’t have to worry about his servant.

But… Thank you very much.

“What are your plans for today, Schwarz-sama?”

“I work weekdays at the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces.
Holidays and public holidays are on the calendar.”


So he works in a government office.
That means he finishes his work around dusk.

“I’ll go to my room and change, you go ahead and eat.” 

“Thank you.”

I watched Schwarz-sama leave the dining room and I resumed my meal.

“Even so…”

I glanced over and saw that the basket was empty.

“…I thought I’d baked some bread for dinner with it…”

Schwarz-sama ate all nine loaves of bread except for the one I was eating.

I underestimated his appetite a bit.

But… I’m glad he’s happy with it.

“I shall bake more bread for the evening.”

I put the omelet in my mouth while keeping my cheeks relaxed.

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