Michelle’s work.


“Okay, I’m off.”

“Have a good day.”

I bowed at the door and saw Schwarz-sama off.

After his back was out of sight, I closed the door and said, “All right!”, fired up.

Today I’m going to start taking care of the house in earnest!

Since I alone have a limited amount of work to do in a day, let’s start with what needs to be accomplished first.
First up is cleaning the currently used living space.

I’ll also have to take care of the garden, which was in full view from the outside, but… For now, I’ll hold off.
I have to prioritize the comfort of the interior.


I went into Schwarz-sama’s private room (I got permission to enter) and pulled off all the bed sheets, covers, curtains, and other fabrics! I gathered everything from my room as well and washed them all at once.

After hanging and pinching large clothes to dry, and putting the bed mattress up in a sunny place, the next step was to clean the rooms.

“Probably here.”

I went up to the attic, which, as I expected, was a storage room, equipped with a full set of cleaning supplies.
There were four plain beds by the lighted window at the back of the attic.
I knew that the servants slept in the attic in this house too.


There were several maid’s uniforms hanging in a plain closet.

I was kicked out of my parents’ house with nothing but my clothes on, so today was the second day wearing the same clothes.
I need a change of clothes.

“Maybe I can borrow them?”


“My lord! I have to get the laundry done and go shopping.”

If I went any later, the market would be out of stock and the general would be back by evening.

I hurried to the market with my shopping basket.

The afternoon market was full of people buying dinner.

As I was thinking about what to have on the menu today,

“Excuse me, young lady! We keep only the freshest fish!”

A fish seller called out to me.
There was a whole big trout lined up in the store.
Wow, it was about the length of my leg.

The scales were shining in rainbow colors, and it looked fatty.

But is a whole trout too much? I wonder if he can eat it all, Schwarz-sama?

…Yeah, he can probably eat it up.

“I’ll have one of these, please.”

“Thank you! please come any time!”

A young male shopkeeper wrapped a trout in a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“Ma’am, you don’t look familiar, are you from around here?”

The clerk asked me as I handed him the money.

“I’m a servant, not a lady, and I work at a nearby mansion.
Two streets down, turn right and you’ll see a mansion with spear fencing…”

He looked at me with surprise as I answered while accepting the change.

“Were there people living in that haunted house?!”

…After all, that’s how it’s treated, isn’t it?

The garden is the face of the mansion and needs to be fixed up as soon as possible.

I walked home with a heavy fish in my arms.

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