Beef Stew.


Dressed in a navy blue dress with a crisp white apron tied tightly, my chestnut hair styled in a bun with a maid cap to complete the perfect Gastagyu family servant!

Wearing a uniform really does make one feel more put together.
As a young lady, it was my first time wearing a maid outfit, but I found it surprisingly easy to move around in.
The collar and cuffs were detachable, and it could be partially washed, which was functional.

It’s the third day since I arrived at the mansion.

Today, Schwarz-sama said he would be coming home early, so I was preparing beef stew since this morning!

It took all morning to make the beef broth with beef shank and vegetables.
Then I added the demi-glace sauce and ingredients I prepared earlier and let it cook for half a day.
While being careful with the heat, I quickly finished other household chores.

Although I said that, I didn’t have enough time to clean the laundry and the vacant room, and I couldn’t even get around to taking care of the garden.

…I want to leave this haunted mansion as soon as possible.

Tonight’s bread is a baguette.
I’m planning to bake two, one plain and the other as garlic toast.
Plain baguette is great to enjoy by dipping into the stew.

The wine I found in the cellar wasn’t particularly high quality, but it tasted good enough to drink regularly.
Since Schwarz-sama said he could use it as he pleased, I gratefully used it as an ingredient for the beef stew.
Even though I can’t drink alcohol, I’m okay with cooking food where the alcohol has evaporated.

I laid out an ironed tablecloth on the dining table, and the silverware and dishes were ready.
The beef stew is in the large pot and ready to be served.

I wonder if he’s here yet? Just as I thought that, I heard a sound from the entrance.

“Welcome back!”

I bounced towards the entrance, and there was Schwarz-sama.

He seemed a little bewildered and whispered, “Uh…”


“I’m not used to saying ‘I’m home.'”

What? Is he embarrassed??

As I looked at the general who was somewhat lost, my cheeks also began to feel warm.

But, but! If we stay in the entrance any longer, the food will get cold!

“Your meal is ready, please come to the dining room.”

“Hmm, I’ve been smelling it since earlier.”

We hurriedly made our way to the dining room.

“I will be going out tomorrow afternoon, so you don’t need to wake me up in the morning,” Schwarz said as the beef stew in the pot was about half finished.

“Does your work start late in the day?”

As he ladled the beef stew onto his empty plate, he replied, 

“I was summoned to the castle.
I will attend a defense meeting with the king and government leaders.”

Schwarz received the plate and brought it close to his face, almost as if the stew would stick to his nose, and used a spoon to scoop a piece of meat into his mouth.

As expected of the general.
He is going to have discussions with the king and government leaders about defending their country at the royal castle.
I feel proud just thinking about it.

“Wait, so does that mean you’ll be wearing your dress uniform tomorrow?”


“Then I’ll iron it for you.”

The dress uniform with many medals attached to the high collar that hung in Schwarz-sama’s room, that’s the one.

“It’s not necessary to do that.”

“I can’t let you go like that.”

Meeting the king after entering the castle is a major event.
We need to make sure nothing goes wrong.
The uniform was made of high-quality wool, so I checked for stains and carefully ironed it, making sure to adjust the temperature…

As I planned, I looked up and saw Schwarz-sama, who was enjoying the beef stew, with the meat melting in his mouth.

Adding a lot of thigh meat to the shank meat for the beef broth was the right choice.

As I watched him, feeling peaceful, suddenly I felt a jolt, as if struck by lightning.

“Schwarz-sama, are you really going to meet the king like that?”


The general tilted his head while still holding a spoon in his mouth.

“Is there a problem?”

“A big one!”

I couldn’t help but scream.

Because Schwarz-sama, your hair was all tangled and messy, and your beard was untrimmed, and I could barely see your eyes.

You can’t meet the king dressed like that!

Even my grandfather paid more attention to his appearance when he went to the castle for a lord’s meeting than for a ball.

“I always look like this.”


Isn’t that a problem?

“The guards sometimes stop me but…”

It is a problem!

“We have to do something.
Let me think…”

I put my hands between my cheeks and pondered… and decided, okay!

“Okay! Let’s go to a barbershop!”

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