The mornings at the barbershop are early.
Today, however, it was very much appreciated!

The next morning, I dragged a groggy Schwarze-sama, looking 1.5 times more menacing than usual, to the barbershop.

…Well, actually, it’s just a metaphor, since even if I pulled a general, they wouldn’t budge.

“Please give him a hairstyle that suits this uniform by noon!”

I burst into the barbershop, which had just opened, and pushed Schwarze-sama and his uniform towards them.

“Hey, Michelle…”

“Please bear with me, Schwarze-sama!”

I encouraged the disgruntled general and closed the shop door.

Phew, that’s a relief.

While clothing and hairstyles are a matter of personal choice, there’s a word in this country called ‘etiquette.’ It’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion.


(I wonder if Schwarze-sama is angry that I brought him here by force?)

Even if he is angry… it’s much better than being pointed at behind his back in the castle.

It’s a bad habit of mine to run headlong into things and then feel down about it later.

I’ll switch gears and focus on my work.

After taking one last look at the barbershop, I headed towards the street where the morning market was held.


“Oh no, I bought too much…”

My shoulders felt like they were about to dislocate.
I couldn’t resist and ended up buying two heads of cabbage and a box of potatoes just because they were cheap.

Maybe I’ll make stuffed cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes today.
Schwarz-sama eats a lot, so instead of rolling them up one by one, I think I’ll make a “giant unstuffed cabbage roll” by layering cabbage and ground meat in a double-handled pot.

I placed the cabbage on top of the wooden box of potatoes, so I couldn’t see in front of me, being quite short.

It’s about time Schwarz-sama’s treatment is over, so I have to go pick him up.
As I was walking along a narrow path, I suddenly bumped into a large tree.


Oh no, the cabbage rolled out of the box and was about to hit the ground, but it was caught by a large hand.


Before I could even be surprised, the cabbage was returned to the box, and the whole box was taken from my hand.

“I told you not to carry heavy things, didn’t I?”

The voice of disbelief coming from above was Schwarz-sama’s.
Yes, he was the one I bumped into.

Frozen in place, I held the box of potatoes with my empty hand.
After all, the person I looked up to was…

He was wearing a dark green military coat with a high collar and golden shoulder patches that enveloped his muscular body.
His chest was adorned with a shining medal.
His hair was trimmed short and combed straight back, with no beard, but deep scars remained on his cheeks and chin.

His sharp gaze and handsome demeanor remained unchanged, but he exuded an air of refinement…

“Schwarz-sama… is that you?”

“…Michel, are you still half asleep?”

Furrowing his brow in suspicion, it was indeed Schwarz-sama.

“Wow! You look completely different!”

I want to give the hairdresser an envelope of money! This is the perfect “Your Excellency General” look that will fit into the royal castle!

“It really suits you!”

To my great admiration, Schwarz-sama turns away.

“You look red and like you’re going to catch a cold.”

Because there was no beard, his reddish cheeks were exposed.

“You are really looking cool.”

I say with a smile, but he looks disgruntled.

“Is the usual me not good enough?”

“Normally, you are wonderful too, but there are hairstyles that suit formal occasions.
I think it’s necessary to change yourself depending on the situation, not necessarily good or bad.”

“Indeed… wearing this military uniform makes me stand up straighter than usual.”

Schwarz-sama nods with his eyes slightly closed, and his outfit and hairstyle match well… although the potatoes he’s holding do not.

“Schwarz-sama, you’re quite young, aren’t you?”

He had always been hiding his face with his hair and beard, so his age was uncertain, but his forehead and cheeks were very fresh and youthful.

“Is that so? I’m not that young.
I’m 26.”


Huh? I knew it! Based on his high position, I thought he was much older!

“It’s amazing that you, Schwarz-sama, could rise to the rank of general at such a young age.”

Impressed, I made a remark and he pursed his lips.

“I didn’t do it because I wanted to.
I just became the commander automatically because all of my superiors died.”

…It seems like he doesn’t want to talk about it.

When I stopped questioning him, Schwarz-sama opened his mouth and said, “Michelle…”

But then he stopped.

“What? What is it?”

I’m curious when he stops in the middle of his sentence.
In a low voice, he said, 

“Well, my aide said that you shouldn’t ask a woman her age recklessly because you might get stabbed.”

“I won’t stab you.
I’m 18 years old.”

“What!? You’re already an adult!”

Now it’s Schwarz-sama’s turn to be surprised.

“I was impressed by how hardworking you were even though you were small.”

By the way, in our country, adulthood starts at 15.
How young did he think I was?

“Well, even if I know your age, you’re still a hard worker.”

…Is that a compliment? I’m a little unsure, but it’s fine.

“If you have time before work, would you like to eat lunch at home? I can make tomato pasta quickly.”

“I’ll eat.”

I’m happy with his quick response.

“Oh, and please take off your uniform when you eat.
It would be a big deal if you got tomato sauce on it.”

I said something unnecessary.

Schwarz-sama nodded generously at me when I regretted saying it.

“Michelle, you are very thoughtful, you help me a lot.”


When he approves of me with his face not hidden by his beard, his charisma is even stronger than usual…

I could only turn bright red and look down.

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