Turned off the lamp in the kitchen that’s been cleaned up.

The Gastagyu mansion, where only two people live, was quiet at night and a little lonely.

When I untie my apron, my work for the day is done.

I let out a big yawn as I relaxed. Well, let’s go back to my room and get some rest.

When I go out into the hallway, I can see light leaking from the living room.
I wonder if Schwarz-sama is still awake?

“Schwarz-sama, I’ll excuse myself now.”

When I called out from the door and entered the room, Schwarz-sama, who was sitting on the sofa, returned my greeting.
He was bare-chested, showing off his well-defined chest and biceps…!?

“I- I-!”

I almost screamed and covered my face with both hands, but I quickly recovered and hurried over when I saw the scene through my fingers.

“What happened there!?”

There was a fresh abrasion on his left side.

“Just a little something that happened during training with my subordinate today.”

“Just a little something!?”

To me, who turned pale, the general replied calmly.

“The other guy’s injury was five times worse.”


“It’s not a big deal, but I put some medicine on it.
This ointment from the military doctor works well.”

Schwarz-sama scooped up the translucent ointment from a tin can and applied it to the wound with his finger.

“Shall I help you?”

“Then please put on the gauze.”

“I understand.”

I protected the treated area with gauze and wrapped it around his body with a bandage.
Schwarz-sama’s body, which was tanned and firm, had countless old scars that were painful yet somehow glossy… I couldn’t look at him directly because my heart was racing.

“T-there, I’m done.”

As I stepped back and fixed the end of the bandage, he didn’t notice and thanked me as he put on his shirt. I’m glad he always thanks me for even the little things.

“My body will heal, but the clothes I was wearing when I got hurt were also torn.
I put them out in the laundry room just in case.”

“Then I’ll mend them.”

As I said that, I suddenly wondered if someone as wealthy as Schwarz-sama would just throw away torn clothes and buy new ones.

“I appreciate it.
Clothes that fit my body are not sold very often, so I’ll be in trouble if I lose even one.”

…Oh, right, Schwarz-sama’s body type is not a standard size, is it?

“I understand.
I’m also petite for an adult, so I can’t wear clothes that are sold in stores without altering the length.
Even with this maid outfit, I had to hem them…”

I also pinched my shoulders and waist.

“Can you sew, Michelle?”

“Well, I can sew to some extent.
I used to sew clothes for my family at home.”

…Actually, they didn’t have money to buy ready-made clothes, so they were forced to make trendy clothes themselves.

“That’s amazing.
I’m not good at sewing.”

“Have you ever done any sewing, Schwarz-sama?”


Surprised by his answer, he casually adds, “When there weren’t enough military doctors, I sewed myself.”

…Could the zigzag scar above his old cut be from that?

“Um, Schwarz-sama, it’s better to ask a tailor to make your clothes rather than looking for ready-made ones, considering your size.”

I forcibly changed the subject.

“Nowadays, tailors have sewing machines, so it’s faster to make clothes.”

“Sewing machine?”

“It’s a machine that moves the needle and thread automatically when you step on it.”

“Oh, that’s convenient.”

It’s incredibly expensive, though.

“Well, I should go back to my room now.”

“Oh, wait, Michelle.”

Schwarz-sama grabbed my hand as I headed for the door.


He wrapped both hands around mine and kneaded them.

Huh!? My hands are being touched!?

“Um, excuse me?”

Without changing his expression, Schwarz-sama said, 

“I had some medicine left over.”

…Without understanding why, he applied military doctor’s ointment to my hands, making them sticky.

“Goodnight, Michelle.”

“Goodnight, Schwarz-sama.”

I went to bed feeling puzzled, but the next morning, my rough hands were smooth and soft.

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