“Thank you for the meal.”

“Thank you for the modest meal.”

After finishing dinner together, I cleaned up the dishes.
Once I finished washing them, I had some free time.
Schwarz-sama usually relaxes in the living room or his own room, while I read books or do some mending in my room.
Schwarz-sama said I could use any of his clothes left in the mansion, so I sometimes alter clothes that seem to fit me better when I have time.
Since my casual wear is all from my parents’ home, it would be nice to have some other clothes to wear besides my maid uniform.

However, most of the clothes left in the mansion seem to be unwanted items and outdated designs, like dresses made from fine fabric that are difficult to remake into everyday wear.
I would like some fabric or ready-made casual wear, and I also need more underwear.

“… Should I go back to my parents’ house and get some?”

I muttered to myself and then shook my head.
No, I don’t want to go back home.
Surely… my things must have been disposed of.
It’s weird, but the Gastagyu Mansion, where I’ve only lived for a week, is much more comfortable than the home I’ve spent 18 years in.
Because I won’t be yelled at or made fun of here…



Suddenly, I was called out while doing the dishes, and I jumped.
The porcelain plate slipped from my hands covered in soap bubbles and broke with a crash in the bucket.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!”

I quickly bowed my head.
I was too careless because I was lost in thought.

“I’ll pay for the plate, so please don’t worry about it.”

“It’s fine.
Plates are meant to break.
More importantly, are you okay?”

Schwarz-sama took my hand and checked my palm and back.

“You’re not hurt.
That’s good.
Sorry for calling out to you so suddenly.”

For some reason, I felt like crying at his concern for me.

“Um, what did you need?”

After cleaning up the broken plate, I asked him.
Did he forget to talk about tomorrow’s schedule?

“Oh, I hadn’t given this to you yet.”

He took out a small leather bag.
When I opened it, there were seven gold coins inside.

“What is this?”

I tilted my head, and he answered nonchalantly,

“This week’s salary.”


I was so surprised that I fell back.
Schwarz-sama furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Is it not enough?”

“It’s too much!”

What is the equivalent of one gold coin a day’s wages….? When a month’s salary for the average person is about two gold coins! Or, rather, they rarely have access to gold coins in the first place!

“Um, I already receive a dress allowance, so I shouldn’t be receiving a salary…”

This should be a considerable amount that can repay my parents’ debt, and probably includes an advance payment!

“Wasn’t it written in the contract of the personnel dispatch guild?”

“I didn’t read it.”

You should read it! Confirming the contract is important!

“Anyway! I can’t accept this! I don’t have the right to receive it!”

As I tried to return the leather bag, Schwarz-sama looked puzzled.

“Why do you think you don’t have the right to receive it?”


“At the fortress where I was stationed before, in addition to the salary based on our performance, we were also given individual rewards.
That’s how I got promoted and received money.
It’s natural to get paid for work.
If you work poorly, you’ll get a pay cut, but if you work well, you’ll get a reward.
Michel has worked better than I expected.
I don’t know how to compliment others well, but that’s why I want to reward her in a visible way.”

Schwarz-sama took my hand and put the leather bag on it.

“This is a fair evaluation from me to Michel.
You should accept it without hesitation.”

As I felt the weight of the money in my palm, I…


“What’s wrong?!”

…I burst into tears and crumpled.

“Did I say something wrong? Or do you have some pain?!”

He panicked at my unexpected reaction, but I smiled through my tears.

“No, it’s not that.
I’m just so happy…”

At my parents’ home, I always received complaints no matter what I did… I never received any praise for my work.

“Thank you very much, Schwarz-sama.
I will continue to work hard for you with sincerity.”

I bowed deeply.

“But don’t overdo it.
I would be more grateful if you worked for me for a long time rather than forcing yourself and getting sick.”

I nodded and smiled back at him.

Money isn’t everything in the world, but it’s also true that “money” is a major criterion for evaluation.

If Schwarz-sama evaluates me and rewards me, I will accept it and try to repay his kindness.

“But this is too much, so I won’t accept anything for a while.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

…I’m worried about the general’s sense of money.
I’ll check the personnel dispatch contract with him later.

But I’m happy.
With this, I can buy more clothes and underwear.

I held the leather bag tightly in my hand.

And… I’ll buy a present for Schwarz.

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