Holiday (1)


The sound of boiling water in a hot pot is pleasant.


I stretched my arms and legs in the bathtub with a sigh.

This is a public bath in the city.
In this country, there are no baths in private homes, so everyone goes to public baths.
It’s open from morning till evening, but many people come to bathe in the morning.

Usually, I send Schwarze-sama off and then take a bath, and then start doing housework at home.
As a servant, personal grooming is important.
If I don’t keep myself clean, it will make my master uncomfortable.

By the way, Schwarze-sama seems to take a bath in the military facility’s communal bath after work.
He usually washes his body quickly and gets out, but today he’s soaking up to his shoulders and enjoying the hot water.

Because today is a holiday!

It’s the country’s designated rest day once a week.
On the day off, which of course includes Schwarze-sama, he ordered me not to do anything at home.

“Work requires a balance of rest and intensity.
Take a good rest on your day off and cultivate the energy to get through the weekdays.”

That’s Schwarze-sama’s words of wisdom.

So today, there’s no laundry or cleaning, and we’re going to eat out or get takeout.
Since I was told that yesterday’s leftover bread was enough for breakfast and I couldn’t even fry an egg… I’m a bit at a loss.

… I’m a person who doesn’t know what to do if I’m not working….

At home, I was always given something to do without a break.
I need to become more capable of thinking for myself.

So, I went out into the city because I might accidentally start cleaning if I stay at home.

On rest days, there are fewer students and workers, so the market is crowded with a different crowd than on weekdays.

Since I have plenty of pocket money, I’ll buy some clothes and daily necessities for myself, and then look for a gift for Schwarze-sama.
What does the General like? I have no idea about his hobbies.

As I pondered, walking along,

“Miss, you dropped your handkerchief.”

I was suddenly spoken to.
When I turned around, a refreshing-looking young man was holding out a floral handkerchief that I was not familiar with.

“That’s not mine.”

“Oh? My bad.”

He hastily put the handkerchief in his pants pocket and said,

“But since we’ve met, let’s be thankful for the coincidence! Are you from around here? How about some tea?”

Suddenly being approached, I instinctively stepped back.
Oh, this is a pick-up line.

“No, thank you.
I’m in a hurry.”

Actually, I’m not in a hurry at all.

“Really? I’ve been watching you since earlier, and you looked like you were leisurely window-shopping.
How about I go shopping with you…”

Ah, he has been watching me since earlier! It’s a little scary!

“No, really, it’s okay.”

“Come on, let’s go.
It’s fun.”

My wrist was tightly grabbed.

“No, I don’t want to…”

As I tried desperately to shake him off, suddenly a shadow fell over me.

“What are you doing?”

I looked up and there was Schwarz-sama, towering over me like a giant tree.

“What’s going on with my companion?”

The Nampa youth’s face turned white as he was overwhelmed by the deep, low voice of the veteran hero.

“N-n-nothing, I’m s-sorry…”

Unable to speak from fear, the young man stumbled and ran away.

…Even though he didn’t do anything, Schwarz-sama has amazing destructive power.

Looking up at me, he scratched the back of his head with embarrassment.

“…Did I interrupt something?”

“No! You were a huge help!”

I couldn’t help but bow to Schwarz-sama.

“But why are you here?”

Schwarz-sama, who had just woken up, was still in his room when I left the house.

“I was a little hungry, so I came to grab something to eat.”

It was now lunchtime.
Since I hadn’t prepared anything at home, he had apparently gone out to eat.

“I see.”

I wanted to suggest we eat together, but since it was our day off and we were free to do as we pleased, maybe it was better not to invite him?

Schwarz-sama probably wanted to enjoy his day off alone too.

“Well then, I’ll be going…”

As I said goodbye and turned to leave, I noticed Schwarz-sama was staring at something.

Following his gaze, I saw a cute log cabin-style cafeteria.
Girls my age were enjoying fruit parfaits on the open terrace.

“Schwarz-sama, aren’t you thirsty? Let’s take a break at that shop.”

When I pointed to the cafeteria, the general exclaimed in surprise.


“Well, if you say so… Michelle…”

I didn’t say anything like that, but let’s go along with it.

“Please, let’s go!”

Reluctantly, Schwarz-sama followed me into the cafeteria.

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