Michelle’s Everyday Life.


To prepare three meals a day, clean the house, do laundry, and to plough the garden.

That was the daily routine for me, Michelle Tenner.

Although the Tenner family has received a viscount from the kingdom, it was not until the time of my grandfather that the Tenner family became prosperous.
Today, we live like ordinary people.

However, my father has not been able to forget his past glory, and he has been spending a lot of money.
My family, which boasts only of its size, does not have the money to hire servants, so I take care of all the housework.

I didn’t mind that but…

“Michelle! Hey!”

I heard a shrill scream from the living room parlour and I rushed to the scene.

“Did something happen? Mother-in-law and sister-in-law?”

When I hurriedly entered, I found my mother-in-law, Eliza, and sister-in-law, Annabelle, in the living room, their eyebrows furrowed.

“Where are my socks, my silk socks?! The ones with the flowers embroidered on them!”

“Those are in your second drawer, sister-in-law…”

“Don’t tell me where they are, just bring them to me when you’re told! You’re so inconsiderate, you goof!”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Oh my dear.
Annabelle, ladies are not supposed to be so loud.”

My mother-in-law chided my sister-in-law for cursing at me.
My relief was short-lived.

“Oh, by the way, Michelle.
You know, this morning’s fried egg had a very hard yolk, you see?”

“Yesterday, you said that you didn’t like the yolk too soft…  mother-in-law…”

“Tastes change depending on one’s mood, don’t they? It’s always a good idea to ask the person who is going to eat it before you make it. Annabelle is right.
Maybe your mother didn’t teach you well.”


I swallowed hard as I was about to yell back.

“I’m extremely sorry… I’ll be careful from now on.”

“I always admire your remorse.
I wish it was accompanied by results too.
You really are a burden to the Tenner family.”

“Hurry up and bring me my socks! I have to leave with my mother!”

I bit my lips as I bowed my head deeply while cold words poured down on me.

Eight years ago, my mother passed away, and before the mourning period was over, my stepmother remarried my father and together with her, she brought in my sister-in-law, who was two years older than me.

After those two blonde-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful women came to our house, my father stopped looking at me, a plain girl with chestnut hair and hazel coloured eyes.

My mother’s dresses and accessories have all been taken away by my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, while I wear old clothes, mending them over and over again.
My hands are rough from the daily chores, and my skin and hair are in shambles from the lack of nutrition since I only eat leftovers from the family.

Even so, there is hope for me.

Three days from now, on my 18th birthday, I will be able to receive a trust fund that my mother created for me.

It is not a large sum, but I will leave this house with it.

I no longer want the title of viscount in name only.
It will be hard to leave the house filled with my mother’s memories, but I will be able to live my life as I am rather than staying here.

That’s what I had thought…

My little dream was betrayed in the worst possible way.

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