Roasted Chicken.



When I pull out the baking tray from the grill, I can’t help but shout out in excitement.

Tonight’s main dish is a whole roasted chicken!

Back at my parents’ house, we only roasted a whole chicken on special occasions, but at the Gastagyu household, we serve it as part of our daily menu.

…Well, to be honest, buying a whole chicken is cheaper than buying cut pieces considering the amount we consume.

Once I arrange the steamed vegetables around the chicken in the center of the tray, a beautiful dish is ready to be served.

“Oh, that looks delicious.”

While I’m ladling the corn soup, Schwarz-sama eagerly takes his seat.
He always enjoys any dish, but when it comes to large cuts of meat, his excitement subtly increases.

Men really do love their meat.

Come to think of it, I wonder if there’s anything Schwarz-sama dislikes.
It’s nice that he always finishes everything I serve, but it would be good to know.

Once the dishes are served, we begin eating.

“Well then, let me carve it.”

I try to carve the chicken into bite-sized pieces using a carving knife and fork, but…


I’m having difficulty cutting it because of the bones.

“Uh, hmm?”

Oh no, the meat is falling apart!

Panicking, Schwarz-sama offers, “Let me give it a try.” I hand him the carving set, and he quickly starts cutting the roasted chicken into familiar parts.

“You’re quite skilled.”

“I’ve been wielding knives since before you were born.”

…Indeed, his experience is on a different level.

“We always had a shortage of supplies on the front lines, so I often went hunting.”

Schwarz-sama says in a low voice.

“We never had such a fatty bird, but even a lean waterfowl was a treat.
The thigh meat was especially popular and a subject of contention.”

As he speaks, he places a bone-in thigh with a crispy brown skin onto my plate.

“Well then, let’s eat.”


I savored the neatly sliced meat.

Even though there are two of them, he offered me his favorite part first.

…He must have treated others the same way.

Watching Schwarz-sama silently carve the chicken and bones, my heart races and… it hurts.

…I feel like I’m acting a little strange lately.

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