Custard Pudding.


After waiting for the coffee to drip from the siphon into the flask, I poured the fragrant liquid into a cup.

After dinner, I delivered dessert to Schwarz-sama, who was relaxing in the living room.

Ever since I found out he has a sweet tooth, I’ve been making small sweets for him every day.
I can’t make anything too fancy because I have other housework and meal preparations to do.

“Here you go.”

I placed the coffee and dessert glass in front of Schwarz-sama, who was lying on the long bench (although about half of his body was sticking out), and he looked at it suspiciously.

“What is this?”

“What? It’s pudding.”

In a cool-legged glass was a custard pudding in the shape of a mountain.
Caramel sauce was spread on the top like black snow.


Schwarz-sama lifted the glass and looked intently at the pale yellow jiggling inside.

Huh? Maybe he doesn’t know what pudding is?

Come to think of it, maybe the sweets he had at the cafeteria the other day didn’t have pudding in them.

“What is it made of?”

“It’s made by steaming eggs, milk, and sugar.”

“Steaming eggs? Is it like chawanmushi or flan?”

“Well, something like that.”

Schwarz-sama snorted nonchalantly and put a spoonful of pudding in his mouth—

“What is this!?”

— and opened his eyes wide.

“It’s delicious! Is this really an egg dish!?”

He tilted the glass and drank the rest of the pudding in one breath.

“It’s sweet, soft, and goes down the throat smoothly.
The sauce on top is also pleasantly bitter and adds a nice accent.
Eggs are amazing.
Not only for breakfast, but also for sweets! I’m impressed.
I will now worship eggs!”

He is really impressed.

“I suppose there are many servings like scrambled eggs for pudding?”

“Uh, well, kind of.
The one we just had was steamed custard pudding.
There are also no-bake puddings made with gelatin, dried fruit pudding, bread pudding, cocoa pudding…”

“Eggs are truly divine!”

Schwarz-sama was very excited.
His faith in eggs had risen.

“Um, I made a lot, so would you like more?”

When I asked, the general blushed a little and said,

“…Yes, please.”

It’s okay if he’s not shy now.

“I’ll bring some more.”

As I returned to the kitchen, I couldn’t stop my cheeks from loosening.

…I’m happy when he eats a lot and enjoys it.

“Next time, I’ll make a bucket-sized pudding.”

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