A Sewing Machine Came In.


“Excuse me.”

It was one afternoon when the door knocker of the entrance was ringing.
It was unusual for guests to visit the Gastagyu mansion.


I put down the feather duster I had in my hand and opened the door.
There were two men on the front porch, holding a wooden box that seemed to reach my chest.

“We have a delivery for Gastagyu-sama.
Where should we put it?”

“Thank you.
Just leave it here for now.”

I didn’t know what was inside, but I had them leave it in the corner of the entrance hall for now.

“Thank you again for your service.”

After the delivery person left, I looked around the box.
…It was big enough for me to fit inside.


I couldn’t even lift it.
It was probably as heavy as me.

If I were a butler, I could check the contents, but it would not be appropriate for me, a mere maid, to open it.
For now, I’ll leave it as it is.

I left the box and resumed my household chores… but what was inside was something unbelievable.


“I’m back.”

“Welcome home!”

In the evening, Schwarz-sama returned home and I greeted him.
While taking off his coat, Schwarz-sama noticed a large box placed in the corner.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a delivery for you, Schwarz-sama.”

As he looked puzzled, he suddenly nodded as if he had realized something.

“This is for you.”

“For me?”

As Schwarz-sama opened the lid of the wooden box, which had been hammered with nails without a crowbar, I looked inside with him.
There was a sewing machine inside…!

It was an industrial sewing machine with a black metal body and a foldable work table attached, which could change the sewing style in five stages!

“What’s this for?”

“When I heard about it from you, and it seemed useful, I bought it, Michelle.”

“Bought it!? Wasn’t it expensive!?”

“It was cheaper than the house.”

Of course it was! However, it was still quite expensive compared to a regular sewing machine.

“Can I use this?”

“You can use it if you want.
Do you know how to use it?”

“I know how to use it, but…”

I had worked as a seamstress in a sewing factory to help my family finances before, so I knew how to use a sewing machine.

“Then you can use it freely when you want to use it, Michelle.
I can’t use it.”


“But this is the latest model, right? Couldn’t you have bought a cheaper one?”

“If we’re going to buy something, it’s better to buy a good one that can be used for a long time.”

Does that mean that I can stay here for a long time, too?

“Where should we put it?”

“Well, it should be placed in a place where there is enough space for work…”

“Then the vacant guest room on the second floor.”

Schwarz-sama carried the sewing machine, which had been transported by two men, easily by himself and went up the stairs.

“Thank you, Schwarz-sama.”

With this, it would be easier to remake the old clothes in the mansion and to make new clothes for Schwarz-sama.


( He bought a machine he doesn’t use based on a chat he had with his servant!?)

…If I say something reckless, he might buy me a whole castle.

From now on, I’ll have to be careful with my words and actions.

That’s what I promised myself.

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