First Rebuke.


When the bell rang for sunset, it was almost time for Schwarze-sama to return home.

Today’s dinner is hashed beef.
I also cooked a pot of buttered rice in a deep frying pan!

I think there was a large, rimmed serving dish on the top shelf of the cupboard.
I’ll use that to serve the food.
It’s very helpful that the previous resident left behind various things.

I brought a chair from the dining room and stood on it to search the tall cupboard that reached the ceiling.
It’s a struggle to reach things in high places when you’re short.

Ah, it’s over there, a little towards the back.

I stood on tiptoe and reached my hand towards the back of the shelf… that’s when it happened!

The chair tilted and made a loud noise.


I was thrown into the air along with the chair that flipped over backwards.

I think I was about to hit the floor when two strong arms came out from either side and caught me, holding me close against their chest.


I turn around with a stupid expression and see Schwarze-sama with a stern look and raised eyebrows.

“Um, I used the chair to pick up a plate.”

In reflex, I say this while still being held.

“You idiot!!”

I am met with a deafening roar.

“What are you doing!? That chair is clearly not designed for someone to stand on! It’s just a flimsy thing that will easily tip over like it just did.
What if you hit your head? It could have been more than just a simple injury!”

I burst into tears at the sight of Schwarze-sama’s furious face.

“I’m, I’m sorry…”

My voice trembled and was mixed with sobs.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen him this angry.

I clenched my apron and tried to hold back the tears as Schwarze-sama stammered out a few words.

“I’m sorry for yelling.
Just… be careful.”

He put me down on the floor and patted me on the head before leaving the kitchen.

He probably went to his room to put his things away.

…It’s not Schwarze-sama’s fault, but he still ended up apologizing to me.

But… he was worried about me, right?

I’m sorry… Thank you very much.

With these unspoken words in my heart, I cleaned up the fallen chair.

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