Making Clothes.


――So, in the end.

Last night, I stayed up all night making the pattern and cutting the fabric.
In the morning, before going to work, I had Schwarz-sama try on the unfinished garment for fitting and made adjustments.
I finished all the housework in the morning and spent the afternoon sewing with the sewing machine.

In two days, the first tunic was completed!

After dinner, Schwarz-sama immediately tried it on.

“You made this in just one day.
It looks like something for sale,” Schwarz-sama said while carefully examining the tunic inside and out, then he took off his shirt.

…This person has no hesitation about taking off his clothes.
I feel anxious just watching.

While I was secretly observing his scarred and toned body, he suddenly exclaimed, “Hmm!”

In a position with his arms through the sleeves, Schwarz-sama let out a perplexed voice.

Eh? Did I leave a pin in it?

Ignoring me, who was panicking on my own, he looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

“My arm went in smoothly! It usually stops at my upper arm.”

… Huh?

“It’s not too tight around my neck.
It doesn’t pull when I turn my shoulders.
My chest isn’t tight either!”

What kind of tops have you been wearing until now?

I can stand tall and bend over without the clothes tearing.”

Normally, clothes don’t tear.

Schwarz-sama raised his arms and arched his back to check the fit.
Yes, it seemed to fit him perfectly.

“This is the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever worn.
Are you sure I can have it?”

“Yes, please.”

It’s only for  you, Schwarz-sama.

“Thank you.
It’s very easy to move in.
Should I sleep in this tonight? No, but I don’t have any clothes for tomorrow.”

How much do you like it?

“That’s too casual, so please use it as loungewear.
Next time, I’ll make clothes for going out too.
I have the pattern, so I can make them faster next time.”

If he’s this happy, I might get carried away and sew too many things.

Schwarz-sama looked at me with a hint of curiosity and asked, “Can you make pants too, Michelle?”


I’ve made several pairs of my father’s trousers.

“Then, I’d like to ask you to make them too.
The pants sold in the city are too short in the hem and don’t go up to the waist because they get stuck at the thighs.”

…Is that also a common issue for muscular people?

“Yes, understood.
Shall I measure you right away?”

It’s nice to be relied on.
I was about to happily go get the measuring tape, but–

“No, not today.”

His arm stopped me.

“I’ve been concerned since morning.
You didn’t sleep last night, did you? You have dark circles.”

With his thick thumb, he traced my lower eyelid, and my heart rate skyrocketed.

“I appreciate you making clothes for me, but make sure to sleep properly at night.
Neglecting food and sleep won’t lead to a long life.”


Schwarz-sama really does pay attention to me.

“Goodnight, Michelle.”

He patted my head and returned to his room.

“Goodnight, Schwarz-sama.”

I bow deeply and watch the back of his white tunic.

…When I remember my lack of sleep, my eyelids suddenly become heavy.

Tonight, I’ll go to bed early and rest properly…

Tomorrow, I’ll make a fancy dinner.

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