The Worst Birthday Ever.


“Michelle, you are to begin your service at the residence of General Gastagyu from this day forth.”

On the day of my birthday.
I was summoned to my father’s reading room and was told this.

…For a moment… I didn’t know what was being said, and it took a while for my brain to comprehend it.

“Ohh… is it… true?”

I asked back with a dumbfounded look on my face, and my father nodded at me with a nonchalant smile.
Next to him were my stepmother Eliza and stepsister Annabelle, grinning at me.

General Gastagyu, you’ve heard of him.
He was looking for a live-in servant at his house.
You will work there.”

“General Gastagyu…”

He was the man who helped end the war with the neighboring country last year.
He came from a commoner’s background, a hero of salvation who rose from a common soldier to a general with only one skill.
With his huge physique and appearance like a monstrous troll, he was known as the “nightmare of the battlefield” for the way he reduced his enemies to a pool of blood with a single swing of his battle-axe, which made not only the enemy army but even his own allies tremble.

But why do I have to live in the house of such a terrifying man?

“What do you mean, Father? A servant…?”

My father sighs out in frustration at my inability to perceive.

“I’ve actually failed in trading and predicting the future outcomes and am now in debt.
So I need you to go to work for me.”


I was about to speak, but then I realised.

“Trust fund! I had a trust fund left to me by my mother, didn’t I? You could use that…”

That was my independent fund, but if it was a family affair, I had no choice.
I would gladly give it up.
That’s what I thought.

“Of course I spent that money, I had already withdrawn it a long time ago!”

–My hopes were dashed.

He shouted at me, and my shoulders dropped.

“I’ve already received the advance from General Gastagyu.
I can’t go back to it now.
Michel, go and do your best for your family.”

He admonished me as if I were a child who is not listening, and I was confused.

Why? Why me?

I turned to look at my stepmother and stepsister, almost in tears, but they were beyond delighted.

“This is an order from the patriarch, Michelle.
You’re not going to tell me you don’t want to do this, are you?”

“I told him we could get a better price for you at the brothel.
But our father is so kind.”


I felt my feet crumble under her merciless words.

I was sold…

I was sold by my family…

By my stepmother and stepsister and… my own father.

“Now, go quickly.
Don’t cause any trouble for the people before you.”

My father’s vain, authoritative voice were like thorns under my feet.

“Yes, sir… I have always been in your care…”

I don’t care… any more…

I bowed politely and left the house where I was born and raised.

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