Consideration of General’s Aides (1).


I’m Thomas Bain.
I’m 22 and single.
I’m the fourth son of a lower noble family.

My family isn’t wealthy enough to support all of its sons, including those who can’t inherit the family business.
That’s why I got a job as a military officer at the Royal Palace through connections with my relatives.

My workplace is the Military Headquarters of the capital city.
Although I’m a military officer, I’m not a combatant but rather an administrative staff member.

After two years in the general affairs department, where I handled paperwork and acted as a liaison to various departments, I was suddenly told that I would be reassigned.

My new assignment was to be in the office of General Schwarz Gastagyu, a commander who came from a border region and had just moved to the capital city this term.
He was a hero of the homeland who had ended a long-standing war with a neighboring country and returned to the capital city in triumph.
My new title was his assistant.

I had heard his rumors in the capital city.

He was as tall as a cloud, with a mountainous appearance like a troll that had descended from the mountains.
He could split an enemy’s head with a single swing of his battle ax and tear a body apart with his bare hands.
His appearance was truly a “nightmare on the battlefield.”

When I heard about it, I honestly thought it was too exaggerated.

It was impossible for monsters from fairy tales to exist in reality.
I was so dismissive of it, but…

――Sometimes reality surpasses imagination.

Our first meeting was shocking.

He was so tall that even I, an adult male of average height, had to look up at him.
He had long, messy hair and a beard.
His face was covered in scars, and his eyes were so sharp that they could kill a person with just a glance.
The only thing that was different from the rumors was that his height didn’t reach the clouds.

It’s a well-known story that a female staff member who was surprised by the general suddenly appearing around the corner of the hallway burst into tears out of fear.

…I would probably be terrified too if I suddenly encountered him in the middle of the night.

General Gastagyu, who became my immediate superior, was a strange person.

First of all, he was indifferent to everything.

Even a criminal who had been locked up in an underground prison for ten years would dress up a little better when going to the royal castle.
Of course, he was stopped by the guards, and I had to bow my head to get us through.

And he was fast.

Even when we walked at the same time, I would realize that he had already gone far ahead.
I was constantly running and struggling to catch up, and one day he asked me if I had a medical condition and took me to the medical room.
It’s your fault! (I screamed in my head).

Furthermore, he was a glutton.

He just kept eating.
He ate a lot, but his manners were terrible.
He gnawed on a steak without cutting it with a knife at a palace banquet, drank soup by dipping his mouth into the bowl, and even licked the plate clean.
Despite that, he was still charismatic and had a great personality.


“I bought a house.”

General Gastagyu said this on a certain weekday after lunch break.

Since he had been assigned to the capital, he had been staying in a dormitory for soldiers… which was basically a facility for unmarried junior soldiers.
I also lived there, but I couldn’t relax with a general wandering around my private space morning and night.

So, that morning, I proposed a gentle move as a representative of the residents.

The general listened to me with a sulky face (super scary!) and disappeared as soon as his morning work was over.

And now, back to the previous dialouge.

“Huh? You bought a house… when did you do that?”

“Just now.
On my way back from lunch, I found a mansion with a ‘for sale’ sign down west of Castle Street.
The furniture was included, so I bought it.”

“What? Did you sign a contract?”

“I paid money.”

… This person bought a house on his lunch break.
And with cash!

I don’t understand.
The scale is too big and my mind is blown.

But now, I can say goodbye to worrying about living in the dormitory! I was secretly happy in my heart… but things took an unexpected turn.

“The laundry is piling up.”

General Gastagyu complained about this on the second day after buying the house.

“If I wait until I come back from work, I won’t be able to do the laundry or cleaning properly.
How do single people live their lives?”

…This person is bad at daily life.

Well, in the military’s collective living, the attendant and the dorm mother took care of everything, so I can understand the situation… but still.

“If it’s too difficult for you alone, why don’t you hire a servant?”

“A servant?”

I nodded in response to the general’s question.

“If you leave the housework to a professional servant, Your Excellency can have more free time for yourself.
If you have a deal with my family’s talent dispatch union guild, I can introduce you to someone right away.”

“I see, please do it.”

I never thought that this casual conversation would be a turning point.

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