Consideration of General’s Aides (3).


One day, when I entered the office, General Gastagyu was nibbling on a cookie.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I mentioned that I get hungry before lunch, and my family gave me some snacks,” he replied.

Once again, he referred to his family as “my family.”

It’s true that soldiers get hungry after their morning training.
Well, as long as he doesn’t make a mess with the documents, he can snack as much as he wants.

As I began to prepare for work beside him, the general extended a napkin with a mountain of cookies on it and a mischievous grin on his face, and asked, “Want some?”

Why does he offer them so casually when he clearly doesn’t want to share? He could just not offer them if he doesn’t want to.
But, I’m curious, so I’ll take some.

“I’ll have some, thank you,” I said.

I picked up a round, crispy cookie with a delicious golden-brown color.

As I took a bite, it crumbled and melted in my mouth, leaving a buttery fragrance.

“Mmm! It tastes so good, like it’s for sale!” I exclaimed.

“I know, right?” the general replied, satisfied with himself as if it was his accomplishment.

“My family is good at cooking.” 

Why is he boasting about it?

“Well, then why don’t you have them make you a bento for lunch?”

“That would make my commute too heavy,” he said with a straight face.

How big of a bento box is he planning to bring?

“By the way, I gave flowers as you suggested the other day, and my servant, my family member, was delighted.
Thank you, Thomas.”

Oh, so the person you want to thank is a servant.
I thought it was a lover or someone he were courting.

“You’re welcome.
What kind of flowers did you give?”



As I indulged in a delicious cookie, I suddenly noticed something.

“Your Excellency, is your shirt freshly laundered today?”

The blue shirt with a slit collar suits the well-built general perfectly.
He usually wears clothes that are either too tight or too loose, making him look awkward.

“Oh, Michelle made it for me.”

Oh, a new name came up.
Is Michelle the name of a member of the household?

“What kind of person is the servant of Your Excellency’s house?”

The general thought for a moment, looking up at me.

“Small, hardworking, attentive, and quick at work.”

…That’s high praise.

Summing up the information so far, the “Member of the house,” Michell of the Gastagyu family, is good at cooking, sewing, and household chores.
She’s considerate and even helps the general with his appearance and manners during meals.

…In other words…

Is this Michelle a kind-hearted Brownie, the helpful fairy?

I mean, such a perfect human being doesn’t really exist, right? The only thing that comes to mind for a small, hard working person is a fairy helper like Brownie.

No, I know that there are no fairies in this world.

But then again, if there’s a troll like the general here, anything is possible…

“Oh, by the way.”

I suddenly thought of something.

“James and I are going out for a drink tonight.
Would Your Excellency like to come?”

He used to go to bars a lot when he lived in the barracks, and the general is not the type to be unsociable.
…But he just sits quietly in the corner, eating and drinking.

At that moment, I wanted to ask more about the “household,” so I suggested it, but…

“No, I can’t make it today.”

He declined easily!

“I haven’t told my servant that they don’t need to make dinner.
Tomorrow will be better.”

“Huh? But isn’t it a servant? Do you have to get permission every time you eat out?”

That’s going too far.

I frowned, and the general shook his head.

“Michelle doesn’t complain to me.
That’s why I feel obligated to consider.”

What? What kind of relationship is that?

How much trust has “household servant Michelle” earned in just a few weeks of work for the master?!

Ah~! Now I’m really curious about the kind-hearted Brownie who has settled in the Gastagyu family!

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