“Mm! Delicious!”

After tasting the contents of the pot on the small plate, I licked my lips in satisfaction.

Today’s menu was sour cream chicken stew.
The slightly acidic cream went well with the chicken thigh’s fat.
Onions and three types of mushrooms were cooked together, and separately boiled broccoli and carrots were added for color.

The main dish was served with white bread to match its color, and the side dish was a bowl of fresh vegetable salad.

Vegetables have been expensive lately, so I was thinking of making a vegetable garden in the garden.

However, the sunny corner with little shelter suitable for a vegetable garden is where Schwarz-sama said, “It’s a good place to bury a uzumebi,” so maybe I’ll use it for something later.

…What is a “uzumebi though”?

Dinner was ready, but Schwarz-sama hadn’t returned yet.

He didn’t say that he would be late today though?

It’s not unusual for plans to change due to work or social obligations, so I don’t usually worry about it, but today, I’m feeling uneasy.

Should I go to the gate to pick him up…?

I’m not allowed to go out alone when it gets dark, so I’ll only go to the gate.

When I opened the front door, the cold wind blew in, making me shiver.

Under the indigo sky that changed from dusk to night, a large figure appeared in front of the gate of the mansion.
It’s Schwarz-sama.


As I was about to call out to him, I noticed that he was talking to someone else.
It didn’t look peaceful… were they arguing?

“…I’m telling you to go back.”

“Why not? Just to say hello…”

The small man seemed to be persisting despite Schwarz-sama’s uninterested attitude.
…No, he just looks short compared to Schwarz-sama, but he’s actually about average height.

I ran from the porch to the gate.

“Schwarz-sama, is everything okay?”

He replied from behind the closed gate, “Just go back home.”


As I hesitated, a slender young man with dark blonde hair popped out from behind Schwarz-sama’s towering figure.

He looked to be in his early twenties and had a sharp, fashionable appearance.

When the young man noticed me, he was shocked, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

“So you really exist…”

…Excuse me?

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