General’s Aide’s Visit To The Gastagyu Mansion (1).


At the end of the workday, General Gastagyu stands up without hesitation.

When I first became his assistant, I was surprised by his actions because in my previous department, there was an atmosphere of “it’s impossible to leave work on time!”.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have plans to leave so early?” and he responded with a puzzled look, “Is there a reason to stay at the workplace after work is finished?” … Indeed, there isn’t.

Although there were complaints from the old guard that it was unacceptable for a high-ranking military officer to leave work earlier than anyone else, General Gastagyu dismissed them by saying, “If that’s a problem, then I’ll quit.”

He wanted to retire, but he was begged by the King to stay in the military, making him invincible in a sense.

Thanks to him, even us low-ranking members of the  Gastagyu camp are able to leave on time, which makes the others in different departments envious.

Anyway, “Good work today.”

“Good work.”

After seeing the General off as he leaves the office, I quickly prepare to leave.

Now, it’s time to start the mission! Today’s task is to observe the fairy Brownie, who is helping at Gastagyu’s residence.
We just want to confirm its existence, so we have to do it secretly.

By the way, when His Excellency had just bought his house, I asked him if I could visit and he refused, saying “It’s boring,” so this time we’re going to forcefully infiltrate.

“Hey, Thomas!”

As I lock the office door, my colleague James calls out to me.

“There’s a great restaurant in Nanto Street for tonight’s drinking party…”

Oh no, I forgot!

“Sorry, James.
I have an urgent matter to attend to.
Can you go without me? We’ll make it up some other time!”

Ignoring my colleague’s dissatisfied cries of “Ehhhh!” I rushed out.


Leaving the military building, I caught a horse-drawn carriage on the main street.

“Head west on the castle street.”

Giving instructions to the driver, I leaned against the backrest of the carriage.
Since I had taken care of the paperwork for the move, I knew the address of the general’s house (abusing my authority).
I planned to wait in front of the house and watch who would greet the general upon his return.

Following the general on foot would have been the quickest way, but without any companions, his walking pace was too fast to catch up to, and even if I did catch up, there was a risk he would realize he was being followed by me, a sharp-witted individual.
Therefore, I took a carriage.

I am well aware that this is a somewhat criminal act, but please forgive me this once, as it is merely the intellectual curiosity of a young man.

As I made excuses to myself, the carriage arrived at its destination.

Beyond the spear fence of the front yard was an elegant aristocratic mansion with a crimson roof.

Wow, it’s quite big.
The garden is a little overgrown and looks like a haunted house, though.

I hid behind the fence corner and watched the main gate.

After a while, I saw General Gastagyu returning.

The shadow towering in the evening darkness was like a large tree ghost.

The general stopped in front of the gate.

Now, I would finally come face-to-face with someone from “the household”!?

I watched nervously, but suddenly the general turned and looked straight at me, as if he was being drawn in my direction.

Huh? Did he spot me? It’s so dark!

I had no time to run away.
Before I knew it, my superior was right in front of me.

“Why are you here, Thomas?”

A deep and heavy tone resonated from above and down to my feet.

Uh, uh-oh! I might get killed…

“Uh, um…!”

I desperately opened my mouth.

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