Preparation For The Banquet.


I ushered Thomas-sama into the reception room and started preparing for dinner while he waited with a drink and some appetizers.
My family was always fond of hospitality and used to entertain guests frequently, so I knew how to handle unexpected visitors.

I always made sure to prepare plenty of food and keep myself presentable enough to not feel embarrassed even when alone.
It was a good thing that I also regularly cleaned the reception room that we rarely used.

I always cooked five servings of food, even when alone, so I could provide a serving for the guest.
To ensure that Mr.
Schwarz doesn’t have fewer servings, I’ll adjust it by taking from my own portion.

While setting the table in the dining room, Schwarz-sama entered.

“Sorry for the sudden visit.”

“No need to apologize, Schwarz-sama.” I replied.

He looked embarrassed, and I smiled and shook my head.
“This is your home, Schwarz-sama, so please feel free to invite guests.”

Refusing guests because of the staff’s convenience is out of the question for a master.
When I said that, he replied with an expressionless face, “I’m the one who’s not comfortable with this.”

He said it made him feel like he was being attacked by surprise with an unprepared state like when he was attacked at night, and it made his stomach ache.
“Don’t worry,” I said.
“Our home can handle surprise attacks surprisingly well.”

“I’ll prepare your dinner right away, so Schwarz-sama, could you keep him company?” I urged.
It’s not good to leave the guest alone, and I’m also quite busy.

When Schwarz-sama headed out of the dining room with a bored look on his face and nodded, I noticed and called out to him, “I won’t be sitting at the same table as you two today.
I’ll focus on serving you both, so please be aware of that.”

“What?” he said in a sharp tone.
He turned around, and I flinched.
It’s been a while since I’ve been scared.

“Why won’t you be eating with us?”

Schwarz-sama, who stooped down and brought his scarred face close to me, exuded a strong sense of intimidation, but I didn’t flinch.

“I am a servant.
It is the duty of a servant to entertain the master’s guests.
Therefore, I cannot sit down.”


“I am paid as a servant.
Please let me do my job, Schwarz-sama.”

He twists his lips unhappily as he looks directly at me and says, “I understand.”

Although I’m not completely satisfied, he yields.

As Schwarz-sama leaves the dining room, I let out a sigh of relief.

…Servants are not supposed to show themselves eating in front of their masters.

If the guests were to see me eating boldly at the same table, it would reflect poorly on Schwarz-sama’s reputation.
I must firmly separate my public and private life.

As I arrange the cutlery, the general who had just left the room pokes his head back in through the door and says, “Hey.”


“Take Thomas’ portion from my share.
Make sure to secure your portion.”

With that, he withdraws his head.

“… Isn’t my master overly protective of me, a mere servant?”

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