After The Banquet.


I rubbed the dishes carefully with a sponge covered in foam, and since I brought out the dishes for the honored guests today, I have to be more careful than usual when washing them.

It’s my first time with these guests, and I got a bit carried away.
I hope Thomas-sama enjoyed it though.

I took a break by standing the dishes in the draining basket.
As I wiped my wet hands with an apron, Schwar-sama spoke up.

“Good work.”

“No, it’s my job.”

I am a servant.
Serving my master is my raison d’être.

“Next time, decide on a plan beforehand.
Young people are too reckless.”

…You’re still quite young yourself.

I return a wry smile to the grumbling general and suddenly ask, “Thomas-sama is a noble, isn’t he?”

Schwarz-sama raised his eyebrows slightly.
“Why do you think so?”

“I just know.”

He just naturally used me, a servant.
Commoners are not used to being fawned over by others, so they either become nervous and shrink back or become arrogant… like my stepmother and stepsister.
Thomas-sama was smart in his eating habits and the way he was served.
Even his gestures asking for more wine were elegant.
He must have been born into the upper class, where such manners are ingrained.

Schwarz-sama puts his hand on his chin and thinks.
“Is it like being able to gauge the skill of an opponent when I hold my sword?”


It’s unclear if that analogy is correct.

“Well, it’s time to put out the fire in the kitchen.
Schwarz-sama, please go to bed.”

But I have something to do before that.”

He sits on a stool and looks up at me.
“Michelle hasn’t finished her meal yet.
Let’s stay together until she’s done.”

Ah… “No, it’s okay! I’ll eat quickly and clean up quickly!”

He shakes his head at my decline while flustered.
“I want to be here.”

I might cry if he says that.
Schwarz watches me silently as I start eating.

…Thomas-sama told me that he calls me “a member of the house” at work.

It makes me feel guilty that my master is concerned about me, a servant… but I’m happy to be appreciated after all.

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