(Chance) Encounter.


I walked with heavy steps through the city.

Where is General Gastagyu’s house? I think he said it was on the west side of Castle Street.

I have no desire to go back to the Tenner house to ask for directions again.

I have nowhere to go.

I have nowhere to go because I was thrown out with nothing but my clothes and no money.

I have nowhere to go, except to… General Gastagyus’ house.

On the way, I stopped at a bridge over a creek.
I put my hand on the railing and peeked over to see a large carp swimming by.

…Lucky… you are free.

I wanted to be free too.


I muttered a word.

And suddenly, ‘Gabbaa!’ I was grabbed by the collar from behind!


I let out a very unladylike voice, yet I couldn’t do anything.
I turned around in surprise to find that I had been lifted up like a kitten by a strange man with only one arm.

He was as tall as a tall tree, and even through his clothes, I could see his muscles bulging to the brim.
He had long black hair and beard, and a face with numerous cuts and scars.

I froze in my tracks, seeing the legendary troll-like appearance of this man.

My feet, completely off the ground, swaying to and fro which made me feel like I was going to lose my shoes.
Although I probably weigh less than average, he still has amazing arm strength to lift an adult woman with one hand.

He looked at me with cold eyes and let out a small exhale.

“The water here is shallow.
If you want to jump in, you should try to find a different river.”


I wasn’t going to jump in!”

I shook my head side by side in a panic, and he lowered me to the ground, ‘Is that so?’

Ahh, that scared me!

Could it be that he mistook me that I was going to suicide? Rather than that… did he help me when it looked like I was about to jump?? The way he saved me was messy, though.

“Ahhh, um…”

I looked up to call out to him, but he had already left the bridge.

“Um! Excuse me!”

I hurried after him.
but he didn’t turn his wide back around to look at me.

“Could it be that you are, General Gastagyu, sir!?”

Oh, he turned around.

He stopped, frowning doubtfully.

…Uwaa, the look in his eyes is scary.

“I am.
Do you know me?”

This was my first encounter with him, technically.

“M-my name is Michel Tenner, and I will be working in your Excellency’s house starting today.”

The general glanced up while thinking and then he said ‘Ahh, right.’

“The servant I asked for from the Guild of Recruiters.
You are… very young.”

“Please excuse me…”

I bowed reflexively, and the general looked more and more doubtful.

“I’m not sure why you’re apologizing? It is not your fault that you are young.
It was my prejudice that I thought the live-in servants were supposed to be older.”

…That’s right, but it was just out of habit…

“Well, okay.
My house is this way.”

He turned on his heel and began to walk away, as if he had lost interest in my deflated state of mind.

General Gastagyu has long legs and walks fast.
I followed his back almost at a run.

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