Potato Croquette (Actual Meal).


Peel and mash the potatoes without the skin and sprouts, then mix them with sautéed onions and ground meat that has been cooled in a bowl.

“This already looks delicious.”

While mixing the ingredients with a spatula, Schwarz-sama replied, “It’s smelling delicious.
I’ve seasoned it with salt and spices.”

But in order to aim for greater heights, we need to be patient a little longer!

Once the mixture is ready, it’s time to shape it.

“We shape it into an oval like this.”

Beside me, Schwarz-sama also scooped the mixture from the bowl and asked, “Like this?”

What he shows me is a three times larger shaped mixture than what I made!

“Schwarz-sama, your croquettes seem to have quite a lot of volume.”

“Michelle’s can be eaten in one bite.”

We met each other’s eyes and burst out laughing.

Doing the same thing together is fun.

Once the shaped mixture is tightly lined up on three large plates, it’s time for the final big job!

Heat the oil in a deep frying pan and fry the croquettes.

Because the amount is huge, this time we use batter liquid and breadcrumbs instead of flour → egg → breadcrumbs for the coating.

“What’s this?”

Schwarz-sama points to the bowl filled with thin yellow liquid as I prepare the oil drainer.

“This is batter liquid.
It’s a mixture of flour, egg and water that’s used as a coating for fried foods.”

“Oh, so it also contains eggs!”

The general was impressed.

“The versatility of eggs is immeasurable!”

My faith is rising again.
It’s about time to add flour to the pillar.

We made breadcrumbs by drying and grinding leftover bread.

“Let’s fry them now.”

Quickly dip the mixture held in one hand into the batter liquid, bury it in the mountain of breadcrumbs, and quickly put it into the oil! Wait for a while, and when it floats to the surface, it’s done.

The first batch of crispy, deep-fried croquettes with a fox-colored finish is lined up on the oil drainer.
The fragrant smell of breadcrumbs burning tickles my nose and stimulates my appetite, whether I like it or not.

“I can’t resist it…”

Schwarz-sama swallows hard.
I’m at my limit too.

“…Should we taste it?”

“…Is that okay?”

He fluttered his chest like a girl at its devilish temptation.

“It’s fine.
Fried food is best eaten freshly fried!”

If you miss the perfect moment, it’s disrespectful to the croquette-sama!

We take a bite of the golden treasure croquette.
After the crisp, light texture of the coating, the savory flavor of the tender potatoes and meat, and the sweetness of the onions spread throughout our mouths.


It’s so delicious that we can’t put it into words and we can’t help but wiggle around.
It’s hot and seems like it might burn our tongues, but we can’t stop.
We inhale it in no time, gasping for air between bites.

“…Oh no, this is too good.”

“…This is dangerous.”

It’s a freshly fried victory.

“Uh…can I fry the next ones?”

Schwarz-sama whispered to me as if it’s a secret conversation, and I nod solemnly.

But be careful, they might explode.”

“What!? Are croquettes explosives!?”

In a sense, they are dangerous.

Schwarz-sama carefully put the croquettes into the oil…luckily, there were no splatters.

Looking at the golden potatoes floating in the oil, he laughs quietly.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing… I just realized that I didn’t have any good memories of potatoes.
But now, they can become a part of fun memories like this.”


There will surely be more happy memories in the future.

“I want to try the croquettes that Schwarz-sama fries next time.”

My croquette will be three times larger than his.

He furrows his brow.

“Can you finish it?”

“I absolutely can!”

After all, it’s Schwarz-sama’s first homemade dish!

In the kitchen, we stand and nibble without even sitting down.
It’s terribly impolite, but it’s so much fun.

The two of us consume a mountain of croquettes.

…And, as expected…

I am full before dinner.

(Schwarz-sama ate his dinner as usual.

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