Gastagyu’s Mansion


General Gastagyu’s mansion was a stylish looking mansion on the edge of a prime location in the royal capital.

Not so big as an aristocratic mansion, though.
It had a large front yard on a site that could accommodate five or six commoners’ houses.
There are more than 20 rooms on the second floor.

The Viscount Tenner’s family was about the same size as his.

But I’m not sure if the house is the same size as his…

…The house was kind of dreary and cold.

The garden trees were overgrown and the furnishings, though expensive, were covered with dust.

It looked… as if… no one lives… here.

General Gastagyu entered the living room without saying a word and sat down on the sofa, so I stood at the door and waited for instructions.


“What are you doing?”

“Yes ,your excellency?”

“Sit down.”

What?! I’m a servant and I’m allowed to sit in the same room as my master??

“…E-excuse me then…”

Prompted, I fearfully sat down on the couch across from him.
Wow, it’s soft and fluffy.
More springy than our sofa.

Ahh, should I prepare some tea? But I don’t know where the kitchen is.

I was pondering all kinds of things.


He called out to me suddenly.

“You’re Michelle Tenner, right?”

“Y-yes , your excellency.”

Someone remembered my name for the first time.

“From today on, you will be in charge of the house.”

“Yes, your excellency.

That’s my job.

“Also, where are the other butlers ,your excellency?”


“Butlers, or the maids, or master’s Servant? I would like to know about your house ,your excellency.”

It is best to ask a senior servant about the business of an aristocratic house.
I thought I made a very reasonable statement…

“No one.”


“You are the only servant in this house.”


A noble house of this size with only one servant? Not even a butler?

We also have no servants now, but when your mother was alive, there were eight people working at all times.

The general looked up and pondered.

“You don’t want to continue?”

“No, your excellency, I will do it!”

I answered immediately.
Having no home to go back to, however, I cannot be dismissed from my job here.
And the… and the deposit also went into my family’s pocket.

“So be it.”

General Gastagyu stood up with a gasp.

“I’ll stay in my room.
You are now free to look around the house.”

“Yes ,your excellency.”

“You can choose any available room for yourself.”

“Yes ,your excellency.
Thank you.”

I nodded and then asked a question.

“Your excellency, how many attic rooms are there in this mansion?”


General’s face was scary as he asked back with a wrinkle between his eyebrows.

“Why do you care how many rooms there are in the attic?”

“That’s because you said I could choose my room as I please, your excellency.”

In most aristocratic residences, the servants’ quarters are in the attic.
So I decided that I was allowed to use any room in the attic that I wanted.
I was wondering if choosing the room meant that it didn’t have to be a ‘room’.

And I am used to it, having lived in the attic for ten years after my sister-in-law took my room.

But it seems that… the General had a different idea.

I asked as a matter of course, and General Gastagyu turned his head with a look of not being able to understand.

“Why would you want to sleep in the attic when I have several rooms that are fully furnished with beds and furniture?”


“Oh, maybe you like the view from the attic? I won’t stop if you want it though.”

“No, I have no particular preference…”

“Then take the empty guest room upstairs.
I don’t like having guests over my head.”

“…Yes… you excellency.”

Is it okay? If I use a regular bed.

“And stop with, your excellency.
My shoulders are stiff, like I’m working.”

“Then, Mast-“

“Stop with the master too.
I feel old.”

…I don’t know how old this man is, I can’t tell from his appearance.

“What should I call you, then?”

“Just use my name.”


…Uhmm… Uhmmm…

“…don’t you know my name?”


“P-please forgive me.”

I lowered my head frantically.
It’s such a blunder that I can’t remember my master’s name! I might get beat on my palms.

I shudder inwardly, but he nonchalantly said, 

“No, you said your name earlier, but I haven’t yet.
I was rude.

“No no! That’s out of the question!”

Why is he apologizing to me?!

Leaving me in a deep pale state, he proudly introduced himself.

“I’m Schwarz.
Schwarz Gastagyu.”


Yes, I remember.

“Well, nice to meet you, Michel.”

“Pleased to meet you.
too Schwarz-sama.”

And so I became a servant in the Gustagyu mansion.

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