Exploring The Mansion.


After Schwarz-sama returned to his room, I looked around the Gastagyu mansion alone.

As my first impression, the inside of the house had the layout of a typical aristocratic mansion, with the first floor being the common space as well as study space for the head of the family, and the second floor being the family’s private space.
The main hall, located in front of the central staircase, was large enough to accommodate a small party.

Since Schwarz-sama uses the master bedroom located on the south end of the second floor as his room, I decided to use the room on the north end of the house.
It was furnished with a semi-double bed, a sofa, a closet, and a dresser table.
From the furnishings, it looked like it had been used by a woman about my age.

I toured the other rooms and found a closet with some dresses and men’s evening wear hanging in the closet, and a children’s room with a baby crib.

…I wonder if they belong to the General’s… family? Huh? Was Schwarz-sama married in the first place?

I don’t know what to do.
I… I don’t know my employer at all.

But… Even if there are other family members in the house, it is too lifeless.

It was neat and tidy, but the shelves and tables were covered with a layer of dust, and there was a sleazy coldness, like an abandoned building.

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about it.”

Since I couldn’t get the answers to my questions, I just put them aside and headed for the kitchen.

It was almost evening.
I will have to leave cleaning of the unused room for later and prepare for dinner now.

It was the duty of a cook to serve freshly prepared dishes to the master.
I’ve been cooking for a decade at my parents’ house, despite being constantly criticized by my self-proclaimed foodie family, so I guess I’m a pretty good cook…


I opened the lower shelf of the storage cabinet, and I was astonished.


No sugar, no salt, no other seasonings, no flour, no oil!

I quickly looked in the lower cellar and there were no vegetables, no smoked meats, like nothing!

There was a complete set of cooking utensils and dishes, but there was nothing for the ingredients.

What is really going on in this house?

Schwarz-sama lives here, doesn’t he?

My questions were endless, but I had to act anyway.

I knocked on the door of the room at the back of the second floor.

“Schwarz-sama, I would like to discuss a matter with you.”

I called through the door plate, and the door slowly opened.

“What is it…?”

General with his shaggy head, but in a low voice, like a groan of a ferocious animal opened the door which made my shoulders shake with fear.

He looks very unhappy.

“Oh, um… I’d like to… cook dinner, but I… couldn’t find the ingredients….”

He opened his big mouth like a lion as I desperately appealed to him in a frightened tone.

–I was so scared that he was going to yell at me.

I thought.
He yawned so hard his chin seemed to come off, but then closed his mouth.

“Sorry, I was asleep.”

Was it because he just woke up that he looks like this??

“Food, I see.
So there’s nothing huh.
Let’s go buy some.”

Once back in his room, the general came out into the hallway, putting on his jacket.

“Let’s go, then.”

I was surprised to see him heading for the front door.

“Are you going too, Schwarz-sama? …To shopping? With… me?”

Shopping for groceries is a servant’s job, not a master’s.
I was puzzled, but he tilted his head.

“Do you know this neighborhood well, Michelle?”

“Ehh… N-no.”

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