In The Market.


We were disappointed, as I had expected.

The market in the late afternoon was almost sold out of fresh produce.

Meat and vegetables are all sold out in the morning.

Still, we need to stock up on flour and seasonings for tomorrow.

“Schwarz-sama, we need to buy some flour at least.”

We stopped in front of a flour shop.
I don’t have any money, so I have to ask my master to give it to me…

“Hmm,”he said, and he held out a leather bag to me.
I untied the knotted cord and peeked inside it…


…I closed the bag with surprised eyes.

W-w-w-w-what’s this bag full of gold coins?!!

“Is it enough?

“Are you trying to buy the whole market?!”

I couldn’t help but butt in when Schwarz-sama asked in a matter-of-fact manner.

“A single coin will be enough to cover today’s purchases.
You should not give such a large sum of money to me, your servant.
What if I steal it?”

I pulled out a single gold coin and handed the leather bag back to him.

“Are you a thief?”

“I’m not!”

“Then I suppose I can leave it with you.”

The general’s nonchalant reply makes me dizzy.
Why does he have such a lack of sense of security?

“I don’t know if I may say this, but you shouldn’t easily trust a person you have never met before.”

Wait, I’m giving an opinion to my master.
Will he be offended that I am cocky?! I felt a little tense, but he still maintained his aloofness.

“You are not a stranger.
I pride myself on being a good judge of character.”


……Why… Why would he say such a thing? At my parents’ house, my stepmother would suspect that I had stolen even the smallest change I left behind, and she would taunt me for hours.

It makes me… feel terrible… and miserable.

“Which flour do you think would be better? The bigger bag would probably last longer.”

I almost screamed as Schwarz-sama slinged the biggest sack over his shoulder.

“Wai-waith, um! I’ll carry it…! Luggage being carried by a the master… that’s…”

To my dismay, he quickly thrust out his log-like arm.

“What do you think of my arm compared to yours?”

What does he mean by that…?

I put my arm alongside the general’s.
Wwaa, they are totally different.

“Your hands are about three times muscular than mine, Schwarz-sama.”

He nodded his head in agreement.

“That’s right.
That means, to simply put it, there is a power difference between you and me of three times as much.”

…No, I think it’s actually more than ten times as much.
My arms are all skin and bones and I don’t have toned muscles like Schwarz-sama.

“Which means I can carry more stuff than you can, Michelle.”

That logic is correct.
It is correct, but…

“But you are my master, Schwarz-sama.
Therefore, I, the servant, should carry the luggage.”

That is the “logic” of the upper class.


“I understand.
I’ll do it this way.”

The general responded to my stubbornness with a snap of his hand.

“When you are with me, Michelle, you will not carry any heavy baggage.
That’s an order.”


“Servants can’t disobey your master’s orders, can they?”

That’s true… but…”

Is that even possible?

“Just get over with the payment.”

“What? Ah, yes!”

I hurriedly paid the shopkeeper and chased after Schwarz-sama, who had walked off ahead of me.

“Where to next?”

“Ahh, to a grocery store…”

He stopped and waited for me to walk alongside him, matching stride for stride with mine.

I wonder why…?

When I was at home, my father would proudly walk in front of me when we went shopping as a family, making me carry a huge amount of luggage.

Why is Schwarz-sama so different from any person I’ve ever known…?

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