By the time we had gathered all the seasonings and flour, it was already dark.

With heavy bags in his hands (I’m extremely sorry), Schwarz-sama stopped at a seemingly lit up restaurant.

“It’s late, so let’s have dinner here.”

Yes, it will be midnight if I cook now, and we won’t even have satisfactory fresh food. 

“Well then, I guess I’ll just grab the bags and go home first.”

He frowned suspiciously at me as I held out my hands to receive the bags.

“You’re going home first? Not a fan of eating out?”

“No, that’s not it…”

I was puzzled.

“Servants don’t eat out with their masters…” 

“…Always a troublesome rule every time.”

Schwarz-sama grumbled and spit it out.

“But even if you say you are going home first, you’ll be crushed if you carry all this baggage, eh?”

I glanced at the sack heavier than my own weight on my shoulders and stiffened up.

I don’t think I’ll get crushed… but there’s a chance I’ll go… and fall down…

“Then I’ll carry it several times.”

“Why take the trouble to do that…?”

As we argued, a customer came out of the restaurant, having finished his meal, and we stepped back to the left and right to make way.

“…It’s not good for the restaurant if we continue our sterile conversation here.
We’re going in anyway.”

I hesitantly followed the general, who quickly went inside.

“Mend a dozen or so dishes of food that will fill me up.”

“Right away sir.”

I sat down opposite to Schwarz-sama, who was telling the waiter a rough order without even looking at the menu, and I moved uncomfortably.

A few moments later, more platters of food are brought in than can fit on the table.
The bombardment of delicious smells almost paralyzed my brain.

Schwarz-sama picked up his fork and pulled the plate closer to him.

“You won’t eat?”

“No, I’ll just have water.”

It is a disgraceful thing for a servant to show his master his food.
That’s what I thought.

“I don’t mean to force you to eat if you don’t like something or are allergic to something, but since there’s nothing to eat back home, you might as well eat, right?”

He offered me further recommendations, but I firmly declined with a smile.

“No, really, my stomach is full…”

*Stomach Growling.*


I turned bright red and held up my stomach, but Schwarz-sama held me a plate without changing his expression.

“…Thank you for the food.”

I put a little bit of all kinds of stew and meat dishes on my plate.

“This is enough for me, and the rest you can have, Schwarz-sama.”

That was just enough for one person.
This was still more than a day’s worth of food when I was at my parents’ house.
For the first time in a long time, I could eat a full meal! I was so happy.

“…Is that all?”

Schwarz-sama’s stern face strained even more as he peered into my plate.

“Don’t be shy, young lady.
You won’t get bigger if you won’t eat more.”

Big… I’m already at an age where I’ve already grown that much.

“No, this time it really is the right amount.
I’m not lying.”

It’s true.

He stared at my face and then started to proceed with his fork as if he was satisfied.

I can’t read… his behavior…

Loaded with curiosity, I took the stew to my mouth.

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