Philia stopped crying, and we sat nearby and talked about various things.

Philia is a very obedient girl, she always speaks from the heart without lying or flattering.

It's probably because of the power of God's blessing that I can understand it, but right now it's incredibly comfortable.

Her slime Is so cute that it makes my heart beat faster. 

Is it really that much fun to talk to someone you love?

My feelings for Goddess-sama include respect and love, so it's probably a little different from my current feelings.

When I heard Philia's story, I found out that her parents seemed to be quite decent, and that they truly love Philia.

That's why she grew up so innocent.

“Your Highness! So this is where you were !”

 After talking for a while, the maid Elia came to pick me up, probably worried about me not coming back.

It's a pity, but it will not be  good if I  don't go back soon.

Philia also seemed disappointed, which made me a little happy.

……Yeah, I’ll ask it after all.

To be honest, it would be better if we got to know each other a little more…
but it will a shame if I let it pass and regret it later. 

do you have a fiancée or someone you like?”

“Eh? Uhm….

“Well, then…”

I got down on one knee in front of Philia, gently took her hand , smiled and said.

“Miss Philia, will you marry me?”

“…..Eh? “

Philia opens her eyes in surprise.

Her orange and blue eyes  were shining beautifully, so when I stared at those beautiful eyes, I suppressed my pounding heart and tried my best to convey my true feelings with a refreshing smile.

“It may be sudden since we just met, but…
I fell in love at first sight.
I  want to spend the rest of my life with Philia.  So…if you don't hate it,  Philia would you be with me?”

I thought that Philia would be very confused by this sudden thing, but  Philia just started to shed tears again.

When I thought that  she wasn't okay with it, the answer I received was different.

“Is it fine…? Me being like this…if I am by your highness's sides …”

“I want you to be by my side”

When I answered that, Philia quietly nodded, with a “Yes.”

At that moment, the engagement between me and Philia was decided.

I felt sorry for Elia, who was watching, but I am happy that she didn't interrupt us.

“You're back…
Wait, Sirius?  “

My father had a surprised expression when he saw Philia holding hands with me.

Philia seemed nervous of what he might say, but I wasn't particularly worried.

Sure enough, my father laughed and said.

“Ehhh, when I thought you had escaped, and  you bring back the young lady?”

“Father, this is Philia to  whom I want to           be engaged with.”

“I , I'm Philia Astarte…”

“The daughter of Count Astarte, huh?”

When I turned around, Philia's father and mother came out of the hall and  were surprised by my sudden fiance remark.

They don't have the same hair color or eyes as Philia, so maybe it's inherited from her grandparents?

“Philia, what is this…”

 “Um, father.

“Excuse me, Earl Astarte.
Earlier, I proposed my engagement to Philia, and she accepted it….I think the formal engagement will take place at a later date, but please approve it.”

Philia's father gaze tourn to her as if to confirm it .

Philia's mother was very happy to hear that, but her father was a little worried.

Well, she's a cute girl, so it can't be helped.

“Your Highness, are you really okay with my daughter?”

 “Yeah, it is embarrassing, but I fell in love with her at first sight… Talking to her made me feel even better, and I am convinced that Philia and I  would be able to get along well.”

Earl Astarte was perplexed by those words, and Philia looked happy.

Yeah, you're cute

“That's why, father–no, your Majesty the King, would you allow this engagement?”


“Are you sure, Your Majesty?”

 “Ah, I know the character of Count Astarte.
If it’s that girl, I can entrust  my  son to her with peace of mind… Miss Philia.
Can I ask you to take care of my son?”


Philia nodded and replied to my father.

I swear that I will always be with Her Highness.”

“Is it okay? Count Astarte.”

I understand.
Your Highness, 

please take care of my daughter.”

With those words, the engagement between me and Philia was decided between the two families.

The documents will probably come later, but Philia and I are now engaged.

I am a little relieved.

 I  later thought that he was forced to accept because he couldn't refuse an engagement from the royal family, but I'm glad Philia doesn't seem to mind it either.

Some people in the hall didn't seem quite happy, but my engagement with Philia still  spread throughout the nobility.

This will also reduce the number of people who mess with Philia.

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