What is the classic recipe when cooking with eggs?


Yes!  It's a fried egg!


Ah, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs are already in this world, so no.


In such a battleground for eggs (in my mind), for some reason there is no tamagoyaki yet .


(T/N: tamagoyaki =Japanese rolled omelet)


Well, if you come up with the idea of ​​rolling a fried egg and eating it, you're a genius.

If I hadn't been taught, I wouldn't have known.


 In my unfortunate first life, I wanted to eat fried eggs in the morning, and after making dozens to hundreds of them, my level reached the level where it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I'm a master of fried eggs.


However, I don't really like normal fried eggs.


I think it's delicious, but for some reason I think that tamagoyaki with sugar is better.


You can say that I have a childish tongue, but I would like to add that I was desperate to get as much nutrition and calories as possible.


Putting such a sad past aside, the square frying pan I ordered a few days ago was finally completed and delivered to me.


 It's a little difficult to make with a normal frying pan, but it's possible.


However, I want to pursue comfort anyway.


For that reason, I paid a small amount of money, and headed to the kitchen with the frying pan that just arrived.


The servants who saw me going to the kitchen saw me off, thinking that I would probably make something again.


And when I appear in the kitchen, the chefs looked strangely happy.




 Among them, the smile of the head chef, Zephus, was incomparable.


Well, if I make a dish that he doesn't  every time, this kind of expectation will become natural.


In my second past life, this turned into a negative spiral and tormented me.


Since you are a hero, it's only natural to save people.


Dedicate everything to your country and people.


Don't think about yourself. 


Such an expectation became so natural that black companies pale in comparison.


Well, my first life was terrible though.


Over there, all overtime work turned into unpaid overtime work, and holidays were like a distant dream.


What was magical is that the amount of debt remained the same, there was no reduction, but rather the more I worked, the less my salary was.


Towards the end, it is a little vague, but when I saw the single-digit number, I really cried.


Working full-time for a month, working overtime, and earning less than a part-time job in the general public made me cry.


At the late stage, I didn't even have the energy to run away, my body worked like a programmed machine, so it is normal that I don't remember very well, right?


 ……Yeah, that’s right.


That was the past, let's live for the present and the future.


“Zephus, can I use the kitchen?  ”


 “Of course! What are you making today?”

“It's a rolled fried egg.”


 “Fried eggs… are you going to use that strange frying pan?”



It would be early to use it for the time being.


After thinking so, I beat the eggs, add a little sugar and bake in a frying pan.


At first, I was a bit confused as to how to roll it thinly, but once I got used to it, it's not a big deal.


“I see, eggs like this…”


 “It's a bit tricky, but Zephus can do it, right?”


After all, he's a high-level chef who can reproduce with just a little teaching.


 People like him can probably be called geniuses.


I think my brothers and sisters are like that too, but when it comes to cooking, I don't know anyone better than Zephus.


Well, he's the head chef of the best chefs in the country, who cooks the royal family's cuisine, so it might be natural, but…when I'm going to live in my territory, I wonder if I can pull him out…Isn't it impossible?


Will my father, mother, and brother not let him go?


 I can't, and I don't want to take away an important pillar of my family's food.


So will have to secure and teach my own servants as soon as possible.


From Philia's house, it seems that some maids will come with Philia, but basically I have to prepare the servants in my territory.


I should be able to secure a certain amount through family connections, but  I prefer to hire someone I like.


Then, put the tamagoyaki on top of the plate…yes, it's done!


The Square fried eggs is ready.


 Yeah yeah, I like it


 I don't have chopsticks, so I split it with a fork and took one bite.


The moderate sweetness is pleasant, and the soft, warm eggs are excellent.


If it's normal fried eggs, would it be delicious with grated radish and soy sauce?


Well, I haven't gotten my hands on the soy sauce yet, but I'll soon.


For me, tamagoyaki with sugar is the best, so I'm very satisfied.


“Oh, Sirius.
Did you make something again?”

While Zephus next to me was trying to imitate and start making it, my mother, Unexpectedly, appeared in the kitchen.


Will it be okay with her job?


 “It's a rolled fried egg, Mother.”


 “Tamagoyaki? that square egg dish?”


 “Yeah, how about you try too?”


 “Yes, then, I'll have it.”


When I present the tamagoyaki that I made to my mother, she elegantly took it to her mouth and ate it.


Well, it's delicious.”


 “Thank you .”


 “I wonder if this should be added to the menu too…
yeah, let's do it.”


You are a mother who makes decisions quickly.


Well, if you get used to it, it's easy to make, it's delicious, and it's not a bad thing to have more money in my pocket.




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