A famous jewelry store in the royal capital.


Normally, I'd bring Shalltear, my bodyguard, and Cecil, my maid, but this time, I came alone.

I could have asked the merchant who often come to the royal castle, but the two of them would have suspected something.


Even without an escort, there is no danger, so after walking around the royal capital for a while, I headed here.


“This is this, Your Highness.
I've been waiting for you.”


 ” Is the goods ready?”


 “Yes, it's done.”


When I was guided to the back, I immediately saw the goods.


I ordered 3 rings.


 One is a beautiful silver ring with orange and blue decorations.


The other two are a beautiful ring with yellow decorations and a pure white simple ring.


These three rings were made from the highest grade magic stones that I have obtained.


It takes a lot of time and money to process a magic stone into a ring, but because of that, the finished product is quite good, and it is worth even if you just use it as normal accessories.


  Other than that, it's convenient to stock magic power and use a little of the magic stone's power, but why did I ask for this?


Well, in order to gift it to Philia, Cecil, and Shalltear.

I will ask Philia to accept it as her engagement ring.


For Cecil and Shalltear…
yeah, it's a ring for a proposal.


After spending some time together, I came to the conclusion that it would be nice to be with them.


Naturally, I have already consulted with Philia.


I wondered if she would get mad at me, but she easily agreed that it would be fine to take them in.


She is really a good wife.


The prince's concubine position is troublesome, and the possibility of being refused is not impossible, but…
it would be nice if I hit the mark on the first try.


I will tell them how I feel, I can't do anything if it doesn't work.


I don't know if they'll accept a marriage proposal from a child, but at least make the reservation.


“Yeah, that's great.”


 “Thank you”


 “That's it.
As for this matter…
you know?”



 “Of course, I know.”


 I don't mind if this matter leaks out, but it would be a problem if those troublesome nobles begin to have some ideas.


It would be troublesome if they brought their daughters and said, “Then please  take her as a concubine too.''


Even at parties, there are still people trying to force their daughters into becoming my concubine…or some people trying to push Philia aside and aim for her legal wife position, so it's annoying.


The things I create with my hobbies and moods are generating infinite money, so I guess they want some benefit from me.


Also, the status of being married to the third prince or the status of duchess.


The daughters who are used are also pitiful, but I guess this is the creature called aristocrats.


 I'm so lucky to have an understanding family.


“Speaking of which, what happened to that?”


 “Oh, that one is also perfectly done .”


After saying that, the owner handed me a pendant.


I ordered a separate item from the engagement ring, so I received a beautiful pendant with a silver design and tried it on.


 Yeah, pretty good


When I looked in the mirror, I thought it might be unsuitable for a child…
but I will get used to it.


Well then, let's go to its actual performance.


“Then, I'm sorry, but I'll trie it to confirm.”


 “Yes, I understand.”


If you want to know, I need to put magical power into the pendant.


Then I disappeared from the mirror.


that's amazing.
Let alone seeing, you can't even feel the presence.”


I walk briskly and open the door, but the shop owner doesn't even notice it and continued to talks toward the place where I was.


Yes, the effect of this pendant is complete concealment.


It has the power to hide everything from appearance, presence, magical power, footsteps, even the slightest sound of what I'm touching.


The magic stone used is the stealth dragon's magic stone.


This stealth dragon has a timid personality and stays hidden all year round, making it a difficult dragon to find.


I also succeeded in finding it by chance, so I asked for it to be processed…
and with this, it will be more secure when I go out.


What's more, it's too convenient because it hides the things and the voices and sounds of people I am touching.


In fact, with the cooperation of the shopkeeper, I tried it with employees and customers, but no one could find us.


However, with this strength, the amount of magical power consumed is enormous.


From my point of view, it doesn't consume much, but it might be difficult for a normal magician to put it into practical use.


Well, nevertheless, it seems that there will be a lot of trouble if the copies of such items is circulated.


It's perfect for spying and peeping.


Shouldn't a healthy boy be interested in peeping?


But I don't really want to see the skin of a woman I don't know…
My heart throbs precisely because I like the person, and I don't care if I see the skin of someone I don't care about…


(T/N: Maybe you will begin to care after seeing )


Aren't I boring?


The other day, when I accidentally witnessed the scene where Shalltear and Cecil changed clothes, my heart started pounding.


 Philia seems to be growing step by step, and the quality of her lap pillow is improving year by year.


Yes, she is not withering.


Well, it's hard to not have any desire if you're mentally and physically healthy .


Desire for sleep…


 Desire to eat…


  Sexual desire……Yes (only those I favor)


……that?  Only sexual desire feels strange…
Well, it's normal, right?


 Yeah okay!


 That's how I started the present plan.



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