(T/N: I will replace the name of Regulus second daughter from Duwa to Suna starting from now)


it feels good”


 “I agree”


 Philia took Cecil and Shalltear to the bath, so I thought I'd take it easy and wait…
did you think I will peep?


Why should I do something so low?

I don't intend to accidentally step into the women's bath or do anything that would make you envious….Yes, I felt like a sage, and for some reason, my brother took me to the men's bath.


He said, “Why don't you take it easy with your brother for once?” I'm not the kind of brother who would refuse an invitation, so I had no choice but to nod.


“But Sirius is really capable.”


   “It's not the first time, is it?”


   “I know.”


 Regulus-nii-sama, who smiles sweetly, has a figure that a woman would surely be fascinated by, but unfortunately I'm a man, so I just will affirm how good-looking Nii-sama is.


I'm like that, but right now, I am secretly fantasizing about what is going on in the women's bath next door.


 Philia's immature fruit, Cecil's lean style, and Shalltear's nice figure with just the right amount of muscle.


 Hmmm, I wonder if it's good or not.


“By the way, Sirius, do you have any intention of increasing the number of concubines?”


To me, who was satisfied with that mental imagine alone, Regulus-niisama said such a thing.


“How about you, brother?”


  “I don't need more…
or rather, it's hard already to have two, so it will cause problems to have more.”


My brother seems to be far from lustful, just like our father.

  So am I.


……you think I am lying?


Because I can't move my fingers on someone I don’t like.


“Raul-nii-san seems to have the same feeling as me.
Even though he looks lascivious, he has no sense of incongruity.”


“Well, sure.”


If it's just my brother Raul's appearance, it wouldn't be unnatural to think that he has several women to attend him, but it seems that two wives are enough for him.


I once saw him laughing, saying, “If I have time for that, I should practice more!”, it seems that Regulus-niisama will have a hard time after becoming the king, but as a younger brother, I have can only cheer him on.


“You're saying that kind of talk is coming to brother? So, you want to force it on me to some extent”




Two people, including the legal wife and concubine, are too few!  …… Under that pretext, the nobles would probably want to offer their daughter to my older brothers.


 “No, a political marriage is a bit…”


 “Well, I guess so.”


(T/N: I don't understand why some royalty and aristocrats refuse arranged marriage, since it is a little price to pay for the privilege they received since they were born.)


Here, the good thing about my brother and family is that they don't force things on me.


Of course, if I had to, I might accept a political marriage, but at the moment, I don't think there's anyone who would benefit from a political marriage, and it would be troublesome if a strong-willed daughter of higher status were to come.


She did be of a higher status than Philia's, and if someone asked to have his daughter become the legal wife, I'm afraid that I might hit that nobleman without hesitation.


That's the troublesome part of being a noble, but…
well, it is a good thing that I will not succeed to the throne, and my family probably won't try to force me, who can amass money with various ideas.


Well, at least I have to get another one…
But it's troublesome, so I guess I'll find another way to avoid it.
Come to think of it, Sirius, do you have any intention of marrying my daughters?”



Nii-sama suddenly said such a dangerous thing.


An older brother recommending his daughter to his younger brother…
Amazing, I gave a wry smile while admitting that this was a different world.


 “Normally, won't you be more picky about who you marry your cute daughter to?”


“Well, that's true, but…
as a parent, it would be sad if they go abroad like Rosa, and it would be safer if they stay with Sirius.”


So the reason is that they could meet at any time with teleportation magic.


For some reason, Brother Regulus is also a daughter Lover.


“It may be unavoidable for them to have a political marriage, but I also have an uncle's heart that want to let the two marry for love.”


“Then you don't have to worry about it, is it? Tiffany always said, [I'm going to get married to my uncle!], to which Suna would nod.”


Well, it's a normal for young children, to say that about someone they really admire.


…… Can I, who has a goddess as first love, say that is a different matter?


 It can't be helped, I died without having that kind of feeling.


 That's why we enjoy love in this world!


Ah, I don't need to pay attention to other, and I'm just going to convey my love straight.


A world where you can say you like when you like…it's a luxury, isn't it?


“Well, think about it.
You don't hate them, do you?”


  “Well, they are my cute niece.”


  “Fufu, Sirius really doesn't look like an uncle.”


Well, I am aware.


 I am too young, and Tiffany and Suna are more like brother-sister or cousin-sister when they are with me.


And so, I talked about various things with my brother, but he was tired and almost fell asleep because of the comfort of the hot water.


Well, he is working ahead of schedule, so it can't be helped.


Even though I care about my brother,

I'm more excited to see what my 3 fiancés look like directly after coming out of the bath.


It's okay, be honest with your desires.


 Well, I won't say it out loud.


I also don't have the courage to say it out loud, so I will just enjoy it silently.


In particular, Philia's bath is rare, so I'm looking forward to taking a bath together after our marriage.


 Hang on for a few more years.



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