Even though things like getting a hot spring resort were added to my future plans, I arrived at Sistasia Kingdom with my three fiancées and Regulus-niisama, who was a little tired.


They were looking at as if they knew that the two princes were visiting, or is the carriage with the crest of the Slaind Kingdom eye-catching?


“We've been waiting for you.
His Majesty is waiting here.”


Soon after, Regulus-niisama and I parted ways with Philia and the others who were guided to their room, and went to have an audience with His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of Sistasia.


Am I even needed me?

I think so, but I am still the third prince.

 It would be bad if I didn't say hello.


Well, Regulus-nii-sama will probably the one speaking, so it will be an easy job for me who just to keep quiet.


…… that is what I thought.


“Oh, it’s been a long time, Regulus-dono.
And Sirius, the last time you were still a baby, but it looks like you have grown well.”


 “Long time no see, His Majesty King Sistasia.”


“Yes, but forget the formality Regulus-dono.
The audience is only in name, so to speak, this place is almost a private place.”


 “…Haa, I understand.
You look fine, brother-in-law.”


 “Yes, brother-in-law”


The two of spoke casually like good friends.


Well, if I'm not mistaken, the current King of Sistasia and Regulus-niisama should have been the same age.


His predecessor died suddenly, and he married Rosa-nee-sama before ascending to the throne, so he is a young king.


In fact, his ability seems to be excellent, he is young and charismatic, and he seems to be loved by the people in the same way as my father.


“Do you remember me, Sirius?”


 “I am sorry”

 “You don't have to worry about it.
I'm happy to meet my little brother-in-law.”


He has a kind of smile that is a bit different from Regulus-niisama's, the kind of smile that is likely to make a woman blush, but from my point of view, it did nothing but highlight how handsome he is.


To tell the truth, I vaguely remember this person hugging me when I was a baby…
but I think that there was no need to say that.


“Well then…
This is a letter from our father.”


 “Thank you, brother-in-law.”


The two of them ended up exchanging a letter that is probably full of confidential information.


Well, in fact, there are only Imperial Guards in this room, and those Imperial Guards have the young genius King's trust, so there shouldn't be a problem.




 My brother-in-law looks at me several times and smiles meaningfully.


 Did he write something about me?


Gently closing the letter, the Young King let the guards go back before he smiled and said.


“I understand the circumstances, brother-in-law.
Even so, my brother-in-law is growing up quite interesting.”


 “Not at all.
He is nothing else but my cute little brother.”


 “I agree.
Well then, Sirius.
Would you like to meet Rosa and her children right away? Ah, brother-in-law, too.”


After saying that, he lelt the room, and I too was urged by Brother Regulus to follow.


After a while, the number of people going in and out gradually decrease, and we eventually enter an area that seems to be the living space of the royal family.


And when I entered a room, there was my sister Rosa, who gave the impression that she was somewhat more motherly than Sister Lesia and her children, a boy and a baby.


“Brother Regulus! Sirius!”


 Rosa-nee-sama happily hugged me.


 I wondered if there were other concubines and their children, but it seems that Rosa-nee-sama and her children are the only ones.


“Rosa, it's been a while.
You look fine.”


 “Long time no see, Rosa-nee-sama.”


 “Wow! Sirius, you've become so much like mother!”


Even if Rosa-nee-sama is the queen, the lawful wife of His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of Sistasia.

Being a mother, she has a friendly nature, but…
I guess that's one of her charms.


But do we look that much alike?


 “Sister, those children…”


 “Yes! My son Rooseley and my daughter Melty!”


My nephew Rooseley, who will be 3 years old this year, has the same smile as his father even though he is still young.


“Uncle Regulus, Uncle Sirius, nice to meet you.”


 “I met you when you were baby.
You've grown up, Rooseley.
So this is Melty…”

When Regulus-niisama picked her up, our newborn niece, Melty, smiled at him.


I tried hugging her too, but I thought it must be the genetics of both families that she's so lovely.


“Now then, Sirius.
Since it's a big deal, could you bring their grandparents and their other uncle? Oh, and maybe their aunt?”


I see, so that's what it was.


Apparently, my father informed brother-in-law about teleportation my magic.


 “Hmm? Hey, Hermes.
What do you mean?”


 “It is okay, leave it to him.”


 My brother-in-law smiles at Rosa-nee-sama who has a question mark on her face.


By the way, brother-in-law's name is Hermes Sistasia, but my sister seems to have abandoned the honorific.


I obediently used teleportation magic and returned to the room in the royal castle of the Kingdom of Sistasia together with my father, mother, brother Raul, my sister-in-law, and sister Lesia.


 “Wow! When I thought Sirius disappeared, father and the others! Moreover, Lesia-chan is also there!”


“Rosa onee-sama !”


 Rosa-nee-sama happily hugged her younger sister, Lesia-nee-sama.


Sister Lesia looked very happy too.


Having met for the first time after a long time, the sisters happily chatted.


Well, both of them are married and Rosa-nee-sama is out of the country, so the chance to meet each other is probably precious.


“Sirius, sorry for troubling you”


 “It is nothing”


 “And you look fine, Hermes.”


 “Father-in-law seems to be doing well, too.
Mother-in-law has become even more beautiful.”

“Oh, you're still good at flattering.”


My brother-in-law was shut up by the irritated Rosa-nee-sama with a quick wink.


 “I was a little surprised when I read the letter, but Sirius really can use space magic.”


 “Oh, I think you understand that…”


 “Yes, I have no intention to compromise my cute brother-in-law's future either.”


It looks like brother-in-law will also be silent about these things.


 Somehow, compared to my previous life, everyone is so kind that it makes me want to cry.


“Yo! You look fine, Hermes!”


 “Brother-in-law Raul seems to be doing well as ever.”


 “Oh! Oh, the child looks just like Rosa!”


 “Brother-in-law is the same as usual.”


The way Raul-niisama treats her is also delicate, and I am amazed at the competences of this person.


 If I remember correctly, there are four other concubines other than Rosa-nee-sama, the lawful wife.


 I thought it was lascivious, but it seems that's not the case.


 Well, as a king, I guess it would have been no good if he didn’t marry them.


As a young king, he has to give some benefits to the nobles to a certain extent to control them well.


And then, a virtuous cycle in which Rosa-nee-sama manages the women who actually get married well…
Rosa-nee-sama is surely the lawful wife that is suitable to be the queen of this country.


Everyone has a job, so they can't stay for long, but now that I've marked this country, we can meet whenever I'm here.


Also, for some reason, Sister Lesia hugged me as well.


 It was the first time I have been hugged by my older sisters at the same time, but it reminded me that they were my sisters.


I was made to promise to bring Rosa-nee-sama over there next time, to let brother and sister's children meet her, and I agreed because it is natural since she is my family.


I want to be of help to my kind family who keep my secret.

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