CHAPTER 1—After the Shipwreck

The moment Xie Yu regained consciousness, he seemed to hear the cries of his colleagues and the sound of wind and waves hitting the hull of the ship.

He tried to move his limbs, but was horrified to find that he couldn’t move, and it was extremely difficult to even open his eyes.

He quickly felt the strangeness of his sense of touch.

His whole body seemed to be wrapped in a soft and invisible liquid, cold and sticky.

…That’s right——the storm overturned their crew’s boat!

He had gotten out of his cabin and was hit head-on by a big wave.

His head seemed to have hit a hard object, and he was taken underwater by the overturned boat.

Xie Yu was startled by this recollection, then gritted his teeth and forced himself to calm down.

Before he opened his eyes, he tried to wave his arms so that he could escape from the waters that would spell his death.

The numbness of his limbs gradually subsided with the return of his conscious, and his stiff hands began to wave slightly, and he sensitively felt the sensation of water passing through his fingertips.

His eyes also slowly opened, and it took a long time to focus.

All sound was cut off, and there was no large boat the crew used to go out on location, and there were no colleagues around who were also likely injured or killed.

The water was a strange and turbid green, changing from the ashy color brought by a previous storm, and very much like the sea water they saw when they set out.

——Sure enough, rescue did not arrive, and he was still in the sea.

Xie Yu’s heart sank, thinking that he was probably injured and sinking underwater, so his chance of life was slim, and he immediately became helpless.

But in the next second, he changed his mindset, a little unwillingness emerged from despair, and then a bit of ruthlessness from the unwillingness.

He didn’t even have time to check whether a life jacket was still there, he just waved his hands hard, raised his head and struggled upwards, praying that he could rise to the surface as soon as possible.

But halfway through the momentum-gathering movement, he was blocked, and a foreign object hit the back of his hand.

The originally quiet environment also began to fill with noise.

[Detection that citizen Xie Yu regained consciousness]

Xie Yu paused, obviously startled by the female voice coming from nowhere.

He subconsciously rolled those few words and phrases in his mind, and found that the pronunciation was weird, but for some reason he understood it.

Especially the pronunciation of his own name.

At such a moment of life and death, he didn’t care so much, and continued to struggle with his hands.

When it was obvious that he was able to move, he secretly breathed an inner sigh of relief.

The female voice continued and gradually became clearer.

[Performing the seventeenth body test]

[All indicators enter the safe range]

A light visible to the naked eye was getting closer and closer.

Xie Yu held back his last bit of strength to move upwards, and with a wave of his hands, brought his body up and out of the water.

The extremely strong light stimulated Xie Yu to squint his eyes subconsciously.

Before he could adapt, rapid and piercing sirens began to sound repeatedly in all directions.

[Do not leave the repair compartment by yourself!]

Xie Yu’s left hand randomly hooked on hard objects floating on the water surface, and he kicked several times before he realized that his feet could stand on the ground.

He used his right hand to wipe off the water on his face, but as soon as he put his hand on his brow bone, he realized that things had completely exceeded his imagination.

The touch on his fingertips near his face was cold and rough, it could not be skin. Looking up again, it was not the sea, but a room that he has never seen before.

He slid his hand straight down until he caught the thin hose connected to his chin, and finally he was at a loss.

The alarm sounds disappeared at some point, leaving only the female voice still talking to him.

[Applying for medical connection…]

Xie Yu didn’t recover until a group of people in white uniforms rushed into the room.

He watched the crowd come around and stand beside him, the white rods they held were all glowing, and a light-blue thing similar to an electronic screen was unfolded from one side, and they leaned forward while looking at it, chattering at him while talking.

There was not a word of Chinese that he was familiar with, but he understood it without hindrance.

Xie, how do you feel now? I’m very glad to see you recover!”

”This is the Third Emergency Center of the Capital Star.
The system shows that your body damage has been completely repaired.”

“You interrupted the repair just now, did you feel uncomfortable?”

Xie Yu was stunned by the series of questions, opened his mouth dumbly, and glanced at the few people who were getting closer to him.

The irises of these people were of different colors.
Besides the usual black or blue, there was also red and yellow!

He didn’t make the slightest sound, but his thoughts turned back and forth, and he didn’t know what was going on.

He had just undergone the experience of a boat capsizing.

Can doctors wear such exaggerated makeup and stimulate him when he’s just woken up?

The doctors in uniform waiting for the patient in front of them to react looked at Xie Yu’s state.

They glanced at each other, then the red eyed doctor quickly winked at the black eyed doctor, and poked at the translucent blue screen in his hands calmly.

The dark-eyed young doctor smiled brighter at Xie Yu, and his tone of voice seemed like he was coaxing a child.

Xie, don’t be nervous.
These two are doctors from the third emergency center.
This colleague and I are volunteers in the interstellar psychological counseling and assistance team.”

The black-eyed doctor saw that Xie Yu had a blank face.
He straightened up, collected his words and continued, “…Do you still have any memory of what happened before?”

Under the condition of not fully understanding the situation, he murmured and repeated the words that the black-eyed doctor had deliberately mentioned, and the puzzled expression on his face became more and more serious.

Please relax.
You have been rescued by the doctors in the emergency center…” The young doctor slowed down his words, “How do you feel now? Do you feel any pain in your chest?”

Xie Yu opened his mouth to ask about the shipwreck. But when he caught a glimpse of the completely unfamiliar environment from the corner of his eye, he couldn’t help but suddenly fall silent, and quickly shook his head again.

This was not an environment he was familiar with, and the sense of dislocation made him subconsciously choose to continue to observe, speak less, and make fewer mistakes.


“Now, we have completely gotten rid of the toxins and you are now completely safe.” The black-eyed doctor saw the pale face of the handsome young man under the transparent mask in front of him, and couldn’t help but feel a little emotional and anxious in his heart.

The well-known star committed suicide by taking poison a few hours ago, and even turned off his apartment’s smart alarm system before the attempt.

If his agent had arrived a moment later, the top medical forces of the Capital Star may not have been able to save him.

The staff tentatively moved forward and caught Xie Yu’s arm resting on the edge of the repair chamber.
“If you don’t feel too uncomfortable, then we’ll close the repair chamber and pull you up?”

The water slowly drained away, revealing a body with countless transparent lines attached and smooth curves.

——So it’s not the sea, but a repair chamber?

His next thought popped up, reminding Xie Yu with a strong sense of presence how paradoxical the situation before him was.

——Although this body was good, it was definitely not his. The skin color did not match, and the body shape did not match.

Xie Yu wanted to take another look at himself, but the sudden sharp pain in his head made his eyes go dark.

A chaotic scene flashed by, mixed with turbulent emotio

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