CHAPTER 10—Red Carpet Night

Xie Yu and his team directly got onto an aircraft with the logo of the film festival at the Shen’s villa, and flew across half of the Tourist Star to the main venue area of the film festival.

As soon as they entered the upper space orbit, many aircrafts with media logos surrounded them.

Fortunately, the film festival aircraft was equipped with a one-way transparent compartment, which allowed Xie Yu, who was watching the sunset, to heave a sigh of relief.

“No one from the production team came, and the heroine didn’t have any brand invitations this year.” Zhou Cheng browsed the information uploaded on his light screen, “Of course, if she came here at her own expense, you wouldn’t need to go with her.”

Xie Yu nodded, looking away from the window.

While holding his chin, he took a while to express his thoughts, “I was thinking just now, Mrs.
Shen only has two suits, both of them in the same style.
Her son and I will walk the same red carpet.
So, she doesn’t have any worries about the problem of our clothes colliding?” Voicing those thoughts, Xie Yu himself thought it was impossible for her to be without worry.

Zhou Cheng raised his eyelids and swept Xie Yu’s whole body from head to toe.

Looking at the unusually stylish artist in front of him, the corners of his mouth couldn’t suppress a smile, “No, you and Shen Qi look completely different, even if you wear the headgear of the Central Police Station, you won’t be mistaken for looking similar.”

Xie Yu listened to the manager praise Shen Qi in a disguised form, and he could only open his mouth speechlessly.

“…No, you mean that he has a good figure, and I don’t?” Xie Yu lowered his head, first stretched out his hands, and then moved his legs, and felt that this body was indeed thin but not without curves.

“Ayu, don’t listen to Brother Cheng, you are super handsome right now!” Anna pursed her lips, with a hint of embarrassment in her playful smile, “If I didn’t have to wait for you to walk on the red carpet before making an announcement, I would send out the pictures in my hands in less than three minutes!”

“Anyway, I saw Shen Qi’s original form, and I was completely captivated.
It’s also great in human form, but the sense of power that seems like it’ll explode but isn’t too exaggerated is simply the yearning of all men…” Zhou Cheng felt that the topic had become crooked, so he quickly changed the conversation, “By the way, Ayu, it’s okay for you to go alone, right? I can only wait for you in the field.”

At award festivals, managers are also allowed in, but they don’t walk the red carpet or sit in the front row.

Over the years, Xie Yu has had companions on the red carpet, and Zhou Cheng would wait for Xie Yu in the infield every time.

But since Xie Yu was alone this year, Zhou Cheng made a special inquiry.

“Yes, no problem.” Xie Yu wanted to rub his forehead, but just as he raised his hand, he thought of the makeup on his face, so he had no choice but to put it back down.

“I think the makeup needs to be thicker.
It’s so light, it doesn’t look like your wearing anything.” Anna noticed Xie Yu’s movements, and quickly took out a piece of paper for Xie Yu to absorb the sweat on his nose.

She looked at Xie Yu’s face from a close distance, and wiped the sweat carefully with her hands.

Xie Yu thanked her softly, as his brows furrowed and eyes closed.

Under his full forehead were straight eyebrows, and a pair of well-shaped eyes were narrowed, showing three points of wantonness.

The slender and thick eyelashes hung down under his eyes, giving people a sense of obedience.

Further down was a straight nasal bridge, and a slightly sensual but slightly raised nose tip.

Xie Yu’s nose shape was harmonious with his face—it could even be compared to a perfect template for a human nose.

It diluted the sexiness brought by his eyebrows and eyes, and added a bit of youthful spirit to his looks.

A unilateral dimple was paired with shallow lips that were slightly turned up, and a few neat teeth were exposed, supporting a just right smile.

This face, which had been heavily insured by the company, was faced upright at this moment, accepting a touch-up obediently.

Anna, who had been with Xie Yu for many years, was shaking a bit at this moment, fearing that she may ruin Xie Yu’s makeup.

“Are you done?” Xie Yu asked then said, “Thank you, Anna.”

Anna nodded quickly, smoothed his messy hair, and sat back down.

Interstellar media recognized that among many artists, Xie Yu had a body that met the golden ratio.

Since his debut, most of Xie Yu’s styling comments have been positive.

It’s unimaginable for this kind of treatment to be given to other artists, but it was normal for Xie Yu to be treated like this.

And this suit, after Mrs.
Shen adjusted it in a targeted manner, fit Xie Yu’s figure exceptionally well, and it turned out to be better than other clothes he may have worn.

“We’re almost there.
There are seven aircrafts ahead of us.” Zhou Cheng had turned on the live broadcast channel of the film festival at some point, and was staring at the red carpet scene on the screen intently.

“Let’s watch together.” After Xie Yu finished speaking, without waiting for Zhou Cheng’s reaction, he got up and went to his manager’s side, poking his head over to look at the light screen.


On the screen, a tall actress was wearing a heavy red and green long dress and dawdling on the red carpet.

Her shape and color matching brought countless mocking barrages.

[Is this still a popular little flower? Is it okay to be so fat, the color of this dress is really not good-looking too!] (TL: ‘little flower’ here is referring to a young, female star)

[The red carpet is only a few meters long.
It doesn’t matter whether or not she is an entertainer.
She needs to take pictures quickly and understand that she shouldn’t hang on to the scene for more than ten minutes! Where did the security robot go? (anger)]

[This year’s stars are not good.
Either they’re just satisfactory, or are too hard to look at.
I’m curious who will be the best dressed.]

[Okay, don’t complain.
Did you forget the bucket robes worn by the male star that just came in front?]

[Still, the veteran female artists are stable, and their monochromatic long dresses look good.
The male artists are just so-so.
This year’s fashion styles and colors are so mixed.
I don’t know if they made an agreement in advance or used the same stylist.]

[The outfits produced by Jiafan this year are really good-looking, and the artists all wear them with taste.
Remembering that Xie Yu has no clothes to wear, I suddenly look forward to it, hahahaha!]

Just as Xie Yu saw this comment, Zhou Cheng took away his light brain.

“Okay, don’t look, it’s time to get off the aircraft.” Zhou Cheng coughed, and patted Xie Yu’s back with his hands, “Shen Qi’s aircraft has stopped and hasn’t moved.
He’ll probably let you go first.”

“…Really?” Xie Yu was surprised, and turned around to see the aircraft that had parked in the corner.

Before he had time to take a second look, he heard the airflow from the aircraft door opening.

The hustle and bustle of the red carpet scene rushed towards his face.

Xie Yu straightened his expression in an instant, subconsciously touched his abdomen, confirmed that the suit jacket had been buttoned, and then walked to the aircrafts’ door in a few steps and headed out to stand in front of the media.

He had long become familiar with the procedures of the Interstellar Film Festival, and so he did not show the slightest nervousness when walking on the red carpet.

He just wanted to follow the staff, but when he stepped out of the aircraft door, he was overwhelmed by the shouts of the media.

“It’s Xie Yu!”

“This way!”

“Is it convenient for Xie Yu to come over here?”

The media who were controlling the flying camera were the first to discover who was coming next.

They were excited when they saw his face, and they couldn’t help being stunned when they saw his outfit.

The star was dressed in all black, with a jacket and pants, and a white shirt with black round buttons inside.

The retro style was very decent, and it was particularly eye-catching among the artists who dressed up in all kinds of strange ways.

Fellow artists around him obviously didn’t expect Xie Yu’s appearance.
So some subconsciously avoided it, and a few stood still for a while, not knowing whether to move forward or not.

Xie Yu didn’t care too much.
He looked towards all the reporters with a smile, and finally nodded politely at the official camera, then walked straight through the red carpet in three or two steps, climbed the long stairs of the movie palace, and disappeared from the media’s field of vision.

Xie Yu basically didn’t stop on the red carpet at all.

Although he was courteous and smiling, he didn’t leave room for the media to prepare or attack.

Instead, those who had been following up on Xie Yu’s official live broadcast, faithfully recorded all of Xie Yu’s actions.

The official live broadcast of the film festival had authorized many interstellar channels, and had thus accumulated a large number of viewers.

And the moment Xie Yu stepped onto the red carpet, most of the audience recognized him.

[Who is this! Xie Yu! I think I’m going to have a nosebleed…]

[My God, he really came.
I thought the media were talking nonsense yesterday.]

[This outfit is so special! It feels indescribably beautiful!]

[Xie Yu is thin and tall.
Wearing those clothes, he seems to be more handsome than most of the previous male stars.]

[Am I the only one who wonders who made this outfit? Why does it look familiar…]

[Guiding using the history textbook, in the elective book that specifically talks about the human race, this is a unit of historical clothing.
Thank you.]

[I’ll confess to Xie Yu openly, what a mouthwatering look!]

Although Xie Yu had disappeared from the screen, the discussion among netizens did not end, and was showing an intensifying trend.

Many people actually searched for photos of suits according to the barrage, and they matched it up with Xie Yu’s attire, and learned about suits in depth as well.

Some netizens bluntly said that if Xie Yu’s outfit was 100% restored according to the style of the Earth Era, it would probably be an invaluable treasure.

There were no shortage of artists who paid tribute to the classics at the film festival, but this was the first time one directly wore clothes from such a collection.

Netizens were attracted by the elegance of the suit, and were shocked by its price.

Many people didn’t even bother to watch the live broadcast, but went directly to the major media channels to see if any media published pictures on the spot.

Sure enough, several media outlets had released Xie Yu’s red carpet photos, and Xie Yu’s personal homepage also released his latest news and developments.

There was no accompanying text in his feed, only a pinned location for the film festival, plus a refined picture.

In that picture, two men in suits stood beside an elegant woman, taking a group photo in a garden.

Netizens who were satisfied with the photos turned back to the live broadcast room, and before they came to remember to ask who the man with the same style suit as Xie Yu was, they saw that the live broadcast room had become unprecedentedly frozen, and the dense bullet screen was stuck with broken characters.

[This! It’s! Who! The clothes are exactly the same as Xie Yu’s! It’s just the two of them, one in front and one behind, without a female companion!]


[It’s so aura! That waist, those legs, those shoulders! That face! Those eyes! I can’t stand it…]

[I don’t know how I was feeling, but when I saw this person, I finally understood the feeling of seeing Xie Yu just now.]

[Although this person has a better figure, he feels very cold.
I’d choose to take off Xie Yu’s clothes.]

[Let’s dream! Those who want to take off Xie Yu’s clothes today have all been sent to outer space!]

[Who the hell is he? I don’t believe bumping into each other with the same outfit is a coincidence!]

[I have an evil idea.
Instead of picking up two people, it’s better to let them…]

Many netizens were still gossiping about Shen Qi’s identity, but they didn’t expect that the netizen who pointed out the information and historical context of the suit before would come back and bring even more exciting news.

[Hey, you won’t guess it! Suits are suitable for other occasions in the Earth Era, not just film festivals!] (TL: Yes~like at weddings ~(≖‿≖)~)

[Extremely rare, two sets of restoration-level collection outfits appear one after another, and in the same style?]

[I came back from Weibo and looked at the photos posted by Xie Yu.
Obviously, the two of them knew about it in advance, so there is no such thing as a clash of outfits.]

[I think this year’s best dressed is a stable, easy decision.]


TL: Yassss Shen Qi–be a gentlemen, let him go first~ Maybe there should be a vote for best dressed couple too ^^

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