CHAPTER 12—The Biggest Winner

The invited guests took their seats one after another, and the ceiling of the movie palace was slowly opened, revealing half of the red, glowing skyline.

The lights in the seating area were dimmed, and the spacious stage became more conspicuous.

Many judges were seated on the couches, and all of them were solemnly dressed.

The floor-to-ceiling screen at the back of the stage lit up, and the main theme song that had been passed down for nearly a thousand years was played, causing many guests present to applaud unconsciously, and a few even stood up.

Xie Yu glanced around, only to find that there was a part of the seating area on the left that was completely empty, and where every seat was vacant.

He recalled the original body’s memory and finally figured out who those seats belonged to.

They were all reserved seats for the Golden Toilet Awards.

There had never been any guests in previous years, and there was no one this year as well.

He, as well, was assigned to the core seating area of the Golden Laurel Awards.

Xie Yu curled the corners of his mouth calmly, and didn’t show the slightest abnormality as the camera scanned over the seating area.

He didn’t know if this arrangement was better than letting him sit over there alone.

In fact, he was thinking about the organizer’s intentions in doing so.

“Welcome everyone to this year’s film festival.
It’s another year.
Let’s wait and see what kind of excitement this year’s film festival will bring…” Walking out from the corner of the stage, the hostess came out and raised her arms.

“…As you know, this year’s film festival is very different.
Last year, a famous director threatened to conquer us.
Now only his leading actor is here, but it seems that he has got his wish.” A hearty male voice appeared—it was Tom, the male host of this year’s film festival.

“Of course, he didn’t specify what the award was at the time.” Xie Yu instantly understood who the host was talking about, and when the camera pointed at him at that moment, he showed a wry smile very cooperatively, which made all the guests burst into laughter.

Tom was a well-known star talk show host, with a unique style of painting, as he would make fun of the guests in the audience, “Then, this year, there is a big winner for the Golden Laurel.
With a total of forty-six awards available, he has been nominated an earth-shattering thirty-seven times.
It’s a historical record—brother, if you don’t count by your age, you’re the senior to everyone present.
So, leave us some room to survive, or we won’t let you go at the reception after the ceremony!” (TL: ‘unique style of painting’ is used to describe unique behavior)

Tom’s pretend serious expression caused a burst of exclamation and laughter from the audience.

In the live channel, many viewers were also frightened by the data about the nominations, and were expressing themselves wilding in the barrage with emoticons.

“It’s customary for film festivals to start talking about a few people every year.
I also planned it in advance, hoping to have a good effect.” The male host took a few steps forward, “Then when I came on stage, I realized that something was wrong.
The two men I’m teasing are actually wearing the same outfit and sitting together?”

Before the male host finished speaking, the camera pointed at Shen Qi who was beside Xie Yu, and stayed there, as if waiting for the two to give a reaction.

“…We now have to get to the point!” The male host made a gesture of ‘it’s you’ to the audience, “I know that everyone is already gearing up below, so let’s not make a fuss and start the follow-up award presentation!”

“First of all, we would like to express our highest respect to all the behind-the-scenes workers outside the camera.” The hostess bowed slightly, “Let’s take a look at the films shortlisted for the best photography award this year…”

Xie Yu listened to the hostess listing the names of several movies, until he finally heard the name of Shen Qi’s work.

“…and 10 Mine Pit>.” Following the flashing images on the big screen, the hostess read out all the films that were shortlisted for this award, “I would like to please invite the award judge, Ms.
Qiao Menghe from the human race.”

10 Mine> is the participating work brought by Shen Qi.

The film was grim and gloomy in style, different from mainstream scripted movies, and more like a large-scale documentary mixed with plot.

Shen Qi took the seat of the film’s director as well as its producer.

What was more interesting was that the entire crew, whether it was photography, costumes, or music and editing—everyone in charge were practitioners from the Simon Star Mine.

The film was filled with a lot of group drama and close-ups, and there was no distinction between protagonists and supporting roles.

Xie Yu remembered the promotional video for it that he accidentally saw when he came here, and his thoughts almost drifted off into a vortex, captured by that unique directing style that he recalled.

Fortunately, he was quickly awakened by the applause at the scene, and immediately came back to his senses.

He glanced at the person next to him by the corner of his eye seemingly unintentionally, only to find that his face was not agitated at all, but completely calm.

Seeing the judges reactions, all the directors and entertainers under the stage also couldn’t help whispering, even while maintaining the demeanor they should have while facing the camera.

When the film festival officially began to award awards, the number of people in the official live broadcast room reached a new peak.

It was like the entire interstellar audience was waiting for a once-a-year lottery, and they didn’t forget to post barrages to relieve their mood.

[Who is the first shot to get off to a good start this year!]

[I feel that the host speaks too directly.]

[The ones in front, if you dare to come to the venue, you have to stand up to ridicule.]

[I don’t know, the photography award is such an unimportant award, you can give it to anyone~]

[So the one next to Xie Yu is the one with the record number of nominations? I went to check and he’s called Shen Qi!]

[Oh! It’s said that he’s a member of our Giant Cat clan, so happy!]

“I’m very happy to be presenting the best photography award.
This year’s award-winning film is—” The female award presenter paused, then raised her voice, “The reality-themed 10 Mine>! Congratulations!”

On the big screen behind her, several small split screens were combined together to become the cover poster of Shen Qi’s work, and there was also a shot directly shooting his face.

The tall man stood up, smoothed the folds of his suit, and strode onto the stage.

His expression remained calm as always, and there was not much joy to be seen.

“And the films that were also nominated for Best Editing are…” The female host continued to introduce other nominated films, and after inviting the next award presenters, she led the male host to leave.

Xie Yu was still looking at the golden trophy in the shape of a laurel wreath in Shen Qi’s hand, when he heard an excited voice again unexpectedly.

“Congratulations again to 10 Mine>!”

Shen Qi, who attended the film festival on behalf of his entire team, had no choice but to stand up again and walk back to the stage full of lights and shadows.

In the following proceedings, new awards were continuously awarded.

And the trophies in Shen Qi’s arms changed from one to countless, until finally he couldn’t hold them all and had to put them on the ground.

During this period, only a few award nominations fell through, and were awarded to other participating films.

After countless times of accepting awards on stage, Shen Qi’s acceptance speech became shorter and shorter.

But compared to Shen Qi’s calm behavior, most of the guests at the scene were truly excited.

The spectacular sight of such a Golden Laurel awardee, which had never appeared before, was now being witnessed.

“Okay, the best director has also become Director Shen’s.” The male host made a gesture to call the staff in the audience, “Guys, please do me a favor! Get a basket for the new best director! In case any trophy is dropped when he leaves, he probably won’t be able to tell the difference between them!”

The staff also knew how to stir up the atmosphere, and even directly found a basket from out of nowhere, presented it to the camera, and then sent it to the seating area.

Looking back after the awards ceremony, all the practitioners in the film and television industry could only be extremely moved.

And faced with this moment of comedy, they could only smile.

“So, the last award nomination for 10 Mine> is coming.” The male host raised his hands to his head, “Thank God, Director Shen is finally going to let this year’s Golden Laurel go.”

“This year’s Golden Laurel’s Special Achievement Award, I’d like to invite the presenter, Mr.
Joels, who once played the director of the Interstellar Safety Center in the work that won the Golden Laurel’s best film!” The artists all stood up and began to cheer wildly.

The award presenter according to the hostess’ words was a tough guy actor who was remembered by countless people in the entertainment industry, but also a legend of a previous generation which had faded out of everyone’s sight for many years.

The white-haired old man appeared on the stage, operating the light brain tremblingly, and after confirming the writing on the screen, he said loudly facing against the bright lights on stage, “Let me say a few more words.
I am very happy to see this result.
I have played countless heroic characters, but now, I want to award a film of real value, a real hero.
This director saved countless interstellar citizens from the twisted and dark industry on the planet Simon and its mine during its seven-year filming period—10 Mine>! Shen Qi!”

Xie Yu clearly felt the heavy breathing of the people around him, and in the endless applause, he could vaguely hear heavy but determined footsteps.

As it was the last time Shen Qi would take the stage, he was not in a hurry to accept the trophy which represented honor and affirmation.

Instead, he adjusted his clothes again, then coughed lowly, and began his speech with a hoarse and gloomy voice.

“Everyone on Simon Star, I know you are watching the live broadcast.
I want to say that although I’ve been on stage to receive these awards, these awards belong to you.” At that moment, he changed his previous serious expression and slowly laughed, relieved and sighed, “With you.”

In the end, Shen Qi represented his own work.
And although he missed the leading actor and supporting actor awards, he still won 27 trophies and became the biggest winner at the Golden Laurel Awards.

The awards ceremony reached its climax, and the atmosphere at the scene was almost crazy.

When Shen Qi left the stage and returned to his seat, many colleagues who had nothing to do with him surrounded him and cheered for him.

Xie Yu also stood on up from his seat and applauded, watching the halo-covered man walk back.

After the remaining awards were awarded, the Golden Laurel Awards came to an end.

Xie Yu, who had been sitting in his seat without moving, finally faced the most challenging moment.

The laurel wreath on the big screen faded away, and was replaced by a golden toilet bowl that was not at all elegant.

“The Golden Laurels is over, and the second half, the Golden Toilet is about to start! After a short break, we will immediately enter the next awards ceremony!” The male and female hosts stood together and announced in unison to the guests and countless viewers on the live channel.


TL: Happy reading~

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