CHAPTER 19—The Morbid Killer

The news brought by the female employee stunned everyone in the conference room.

After a brief silence, everyone’s expressions became different.

He Gan didn’t pay attention to his surroundings, and just looked at his manager in astonishment.

His manager’s expression was obviously a little surprised, and there was a little regret mixed in with the surprise.

Wang Tian didn’t quite understand the situation, she just looked back in a daze after being pulled by her manager.

The experienced Chen Lingling also had quite the expression on her face, but she also calmed down in an instant.

She took a breath, concealed her complicated and unspeakable emotions, and waved her hands neatly.

Li, this is good news.
Let me first wish a big success.
I have other plans, so I’ll go first.” Chen Lingling’s smile was a bit forced, but she also behaved politely.

After finishing these words in a hurry, she quickly withdrew and walked towards the door of the conference room.

He Gan’s agent, Zhao Heng, still had the heart to stay to see if he could test Li Wuqiang and their chances of participating in .

However, with Chen Lingling’s words and actions, it became difficult for them to speak now.

Zhao Heng rolled his eyes.
He knew his previous refusal made Li Wuqiang lose face.

If he spoke again immediately, it would be difficult to guarantee that he would get a chance, and it might also cause others to look down upon him, so he reluctantly said something polite, and hurriedly beckoned He Gan to go out.

Two teams were left in the conference room, and Wang Tian’s manager didn’t look at her anymore, because he knew how to take measure of such situations.

He was not dazzled by the benefits.
He just winked at Wang Tian, congratulated Li Wuqiang, and left with his artist.

Li Wuqiang also refocused at that moment after reminiscing on the news he heard for a bit.

He looked around the meeting room, and didn’t know how to speak for a moment due to his mind being fully preoccupied.

Their company already had two distinct positions on the project.

One side thought that it should either be sold directly or abandoned, while the other side insisted on starting up the project.

Both parties represented different factions, and after many rounds of communication, the project that was originally a quasi-first-line project became a waste and turned into an abandoned child.

It’s just unexpected that the project would have Shen Qi come in, the star of the Golden Laurel Awards.

Li Wuqiang was a bit overjoyed, and he thought about things for a while.

The project still needed to select actors, and now that Shen Qi was joining, he felt that they could directly have open recruitment for staff and actors.

Nonetheless, when he shifted his gaze, his eyes happened to land on several vacant seats by the window, and then on Xie Yu, who was calm and at ease, and he became speechless.

Without knowing these subsequent changes, Xie Yu had agreed without hesitation.

If he was still picking and choosing at this time, he would offend Xie Yu completely, and if his career soared in the future…

When one gains confidence, and starts to forsake those who lent a helping hand, it will be seen as unreasonable and rumors will spread that he is not a human being inside and outside.

“Congratulations to Mr.
You see, as long as the script is good, it will always be attractive to others.” Xie Yu smiled indifferently when he saw Li Wuqiang looking at him.

Xie Yu’s words were very skillful, not outright flattery, but affirmation of the script’s value, which made Li Wuqiang very happy.

“Yes, yes, yes.” He replied, turning his head to look at the female employee who was waiting for an answer, “You can follow up.
Reply to Director Shen, ask him when the time is convenient for him, and say that I will make a video call with him right away, so we can discuss the cooperation in detail.
Tell him that I am very grateful for his support, and the crew is looking forward to his joining.”

The female employee nodded and exited the meeting room.

Li Wuqiang rubbed his palms, his expression obviously more relaxed.

He first looked at the behind-the-scenes staff by the side near the door, said a few words and explanations, and then looked at Xie Yu, “Xie Yu, this matter is settled…the male lead is decided.
I will keep it for you.

“Thank you, Mr.
I’m sure I’ll take on the role.
Don’t worry.” Xie Yu smiled first, “But, I still need to read the plot for the role, and then I’ll give you a definite answer.
Please send me a copy of the script.
I want it in its entirety.”

Li Wuqiang didn’t expect Xie Yu to be particular about this, and he didn’t feel in the mood to discuss more at the moment, so he just nodded, “Okay, I’ll send it to you later.
I have to go and chat with the Golden Laurel’s Best Director now.”

Xie Yu nodded and took Zhou Cheng to leave the conference room.

“It’s really settled?” Zhou Cheng still hadn’t recovered, and always felt that the rapid change in situation that occurred in the conference room was too dramatic.

“Yeah, what else?” Xie Yu chuckled and nodded to the passing employees who greeted them.

His expression was very humble and polite, without any hint of complacency.

“When I saw He Gan and Zhao Heng like that just now, I panicked.
Now, why do I feel a little…” Zhou Cheng smiled subtly but with deep meaning.

“Okay, don’t worry about others.
Now that work is coming up, you can’t relax.” Seeing his agent’s appearance, Xie Yu couldn’t help reminding him, “ has a special theme.
If Shen Qi will join, the project will definitely start.
But Brother Cheng still needs to work hard following up on the details of the cooperation.”

When Xie Yu said this, he truly expected Zhou Cheng to help.

In the past, before entering a project, he used to thoroughly understand the contents of the script before starting the film, and would do all the necessary processes and paperwork to the greatest extent of his ability.

In the early stages of this project, he would focus on the content of the script, and then rely on Zhou Cheng, a senior agent, for the cooperation details.

“Ah, yes, it should be my job.” Zhou Cheng answered without hesitation, “I have heard before that the lead role in has a very positive image, and should be a solid character.”

Xie Yu raised his eyebrows as he stood in front of the aircraft waiting area, and then glanced at Zhou Cheng, “Brother Cheng, I just went over the contents of the material presented by President Li.
To be honest, the male protagonist is great.
But I’m leaning more towards the supporting actor position.”

Zhou Cheng was still thinking about taking a role like the male lead in , when he suddenly heard Xie Yu’s words, and he couldn’t help but be stunned, “What? The male supporting role? Isn’t he a…pathological killer?”

Xie Yu nodded leisurely, facing his manager’s suspicious eyes.

Zhou Cheng was speechless for a while, and when he got on the aircraft he finally came back to his sense, and then gave some earnest advice, “Ayu, you need to be careful in choosing your role.
I don’t know much about an actor’s performance, but in these past few years, I’ve also learned a few things.
Look at the role of the male supporting role, it is easy to be smashed.
And there are not many shots of this character, especially looking at the scale of this shoot, you must…”

Xie Yu had thought of Zhou Cheng’s concerns a long time ago, so he immediately expressed his thoughts.

“Brother Cheng, you also know that I need to seek a breakthrough.
A positive role gives an actor far less room to play than a unique villain.” After Xie Yu said this, he also felt that the reason was not sufficient, so he added on a bit more to his explanation, “It’s why I asked to get the script as soon as possible.
I still need to enact and go through the script to see whether the image of the male protagonist is plump enough or not.
If the male supporting role is really more complex, then I don’t really care about rank in roles…”

Zhou Cheng couldn’t immediately refute what Xie Yu said.

After straightening out and listening to Xie Yu’s thoughts, he was thankful that although his artist was more aggressive regarding his casting than before, his reason was fortunately still online, so he temporarily put aside this subject and talked about another topic.

“Ayu, shall I take you home directly? Fei Chen went to pick up Xiao Chan just now, and they should be at your home by now.” Zhou Cheng has also met Xie Yu’s sister, and had a good impression of the little girl with a gentle and calm personality.

“She found out about your situation while at school, if we hadn’t rushed to participate in the film festival… Before starts filming, you have free time to spend with your family.
So relax and have a good rest.”

Xie Yu immediately reacted to Zhou Cheng’s reminder.

He nodded, and the appearance and voice of his younger sister in the memories he inherited emerged in his mind.

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