CHAPTER 7—Muse Xie Yu

Seeing her eldest son standing at the door, Shen Hong cast a questioning look.

The tall young man nodded slightly, raised his hand, and silently stopped his mother from speaking.

He glanced all around the room, paused for a moment on Xie Yu’s back, then turned and walked away.

After Xie Yu finished observing the tall young man in a suit on the screen, he looked back at Shen Hong and followed her gaze, but there was no one at the door where she was looking.

Seeing Xie Yu’s confused expression, Shen Hong smiled lowly, “It’s nothing.
My son just passed by… You have been looking at it for so long, what do you think of this suit?”

Xie Yu looked back at the black and white suit, and said firmly “Madam, I have to say that this set is very classic.
From head to toe, every detail can be regarded as the most appropriate dress style from the Earth Age.”

Shen Hong was obviously pleased by Xie Yu’s statement, and smiled implicitly.

She swiped away the image on the screen, and after confirming her palm print on the screen, she entered a string of characters, and the whole room rang with a dull ‘bang’.

The floor-to-ceiling mirror screen split, revealing an isolation room filled with white mist in its depths.

Two suits were fixed on the shelves lined with a scarlet velvet bottom, and as the mist cleared, the suits slowly revealed their true appearance to Xie Yu.

“This is the work that Master Hellner restored two hundred and forty years ago in the style of dress of the Earth Era.
Now, in the entire Interstellar world, these two pieces are the only ones to have survived.
These two pieces have never been worn since they were made, and no one has seen them styled.”

Shen Hong’s words were filled with excitement and pride that could not be concealed, “It’s said that fabrics were not good in the Earth Age, but nonetheless, the ancestors were so smart! These clothes condensed with their creativity still look so beautiful even now.”

As one of those ‘ancestor’ Mrs.
Shen’s words pointed towards, Xie Yu himself deeply agreed with her point of view.

”I used to think that the retro style was enough.
It wasn’t until I saw this collection that was said to be a 100% restoration that I realized the so-called retro aesthetics of the major fashion groups are neither fish nor fowl.” (TL: ‘neither fish nor fowl’ is a phrase meaning nondescript or doesn’t truly bear a resembles to something)

Shen Hong waved to the assistant standing nearby, “Take Mr.
Xie to try on our own samples first.”

Assistant Xiao Ling took up the task and guided Xie Yu to another room on the second floor.

Shen Hong walked behind, and sat down on a bench in the living room on the second floor, and slowly sipped on a tea bowl.

Zhou Cheng also went up to the second floor and sat opposite Mrs.

He looked straight ahead and spoke earnestly, “Madam, thank you for giving us this opportunity today.”

Shen lowered her eyes in response, and smiled again, “Mr.
Zhou, although it’s a bit presumptuous, can you tell me what your current situation is? After all, there have been many rumors about Xie Yu during this period of time…”

Zhou Cheng was taken aback for a moment.

He apparently did not expect Shen Hong to speak so directly.

His heart raced sharply, and without wasting time, he opened his mouth with a well-conceived rhetoric.


“Of course, it will just make you laugh.” Zhou Cheng clasped his hands in front of himself, “I believe you have heard the reason.
The company did not plan to let Xie Yu participate in this year’s film festival.
Naturally, there was no arrangement.
But ‘That Incident’ happened suddenly, and Xie Yu himself had a strong will, so in the end we still came.”

Shen Hong nodded thoughtfully, but did not speak immediately.

Seeing that Shen Hong didn’t show any signs of displeasure, Zhou Cheng continued to ask, “Madam, I’m ashamed to say that Xie Yu may be put to the test in the future.
We are extremely grateful for your agreement to lend the suit from your collection.
But in the spirit of speaking straightforwardly, I also want to ask if you have any concerns about this?”

Along the way here, he also carefully thought about the ins and outs of the whole matter.

It was impossible for Shen Hong to be careless in dealing with the only two suits left in the whole interstellar world.

Let’s not talk about whether Xie Yu’s image is satisfactory, but whether the next Golden Toilet Award will become a difficult point and obstacle for them to win this opportunity.

“Ah, I understand your current situation.” Shen Hong put down her tea bowl, “Since I’m speaking up, then I will put my heart on the table.
If I say that I don’t have any worries, it must be a lie.” (TL: ‘putting my heart on the table’ here means to expose ones true thoughts or to be open about something)

Sure enough! Zhou Cheng’s heart sank, but his face didn’t change a bit.

He was thinking about how to reply, but Shen Hong interrupted him before he could speak.

“After I got ahold of these suits for my collection, I also paid a bit of attention to Xie Yu.
I must admit that his appearance is one of the best in all the stars.”

Shen Hong leaned on the soft cushion behind her, “I know the so-called conventions of the Golden Toilet, but I will default to not attend.
Nonetheless, personally, I appreciate Xie Yu’s choice, and I don’t think it will affect my original intentions of promoting these suits.”

Zhou Cheng didn’t expect Shen Hong to have such a point of view, and he could only say thank you in a low voice to show how grateful he was.

The two went back and forth to confirm the sincerity of this cooperation.

At the same time, Xie Yu changed into the sample clothes provided by the assistant Xiao Ling in the dressing room—It was a neatly tailored dark blue dress-wear, clearly imitating a three-piece suit.

After listening to Xiao Ling’s introduction, Xie Yu, who was familiar with how to put on a suit, declined his help and finished putting on the full set in the room alone.

After he adjusted all the parts and came out, he heard a bit of the conversation between Mrs.
Shen and Zhou Cheng.

“Madam.” The assistant called to remind Shen Hong.

Both Shen Hong and Zhou Cheng turned their heads when they heard the call, and what they saw was a young man, standing tall, wearing a solid-color suit.

The color of the clothes made his skin fairer and more transparent, his shoulders were straight and his waist was thin, with long legs, and every part met the requirements of a model.

“Yes.” Shen Hong looked over him with a lot of scrutiny, and immediately said a word of affirmation, “…don’t just stand there, go around and take a few steps.”

Xie Yu calmed down his breathing, took a few steps obediently, and moved around in the living room on the second floor.

His demeanor was elegant and restrained, and every step he took was powerful.

His strides were even, and there was no half-deliberateness, which made the people present think that they’d seen a gentleman from the Earth Age.

The clothes wrapped around the young man’s body, and was structured well without compromising the fit.


The two did not steal each other’s limelight, but complemented each other—together with Xie Yu’s unique face, the suit helped form a beautiful scene that was truly pleasing to the eye.

The more Shen Hong looked at it, the more satisfied she became, and her body subconsciously leaned forward, “Xiao Ling, first take a few photos, and then measure the size… Xie Yu, do you think that the current set doesn’t fit too well?”

Xie Yu also roughly guessed that the suit he was wearing was probably a replica of the same sized suit as the one in the collection downstairs.

He raised his hand to get a feel for it, “…the armpits are a little loose, the waist is somewhat big, and the trousers are a little long.”

“It’s too big.” Shen Hong clenched her right hand and patted her left hand with it, and said three things in a row, “As long as it’s not too small… I’ll go down to get the suit, and you just wait here.”

She got up and asked her assistant to continue to measure Xie Yu’s size, while she took action herself, revealing her anticipation.

Xie Yu raised his hand to let the assistant do his task, and inadvertently met Zhou Cheng’s gaze.

Seeing Shen Hong’s expression, Zhou Cheng knew that the matter was mostly over, and immediately raised his fist at Xie Yu with a grin, silently cheering him on.

Xie Yu smiled, but he was not in the mood for joking—his mind was full of thoughts about the suit he would be wearing.

He had participated in countless film festivals in his previous life, but had never worn such a formal suit.

Unexpectedly, upon coming to the Interstellar Era by accident, he would be lucky enough to see a formal suit, which was also a collection-level masterpiece…


Everyone was expecting and apprehensive about the suit and its styling, but when Xie Yu was fully dressed, they couldn’t help being stunned.

The young man in front of them seemed to have really come from across time.

Xie Yu slowly smoothed out the folds of his shirt, folded the lapels, and put on the coat.

Then he tied on the bow tie, adjust the cuffs, and hung his head down to button up the buttons at his waist.

The smooth and flowing movements were done without any jerkiness, skillful and leisurely.

It was different from the muscular figure seen on the mirror screen previously, who wore the suit while revealing a sense of fierceness and shock.

Xie Yu had a standard, thin figure.

Wrapped under the suit, his beautiful neckline, waistline, and hipline could be seen at a glance.

The elegance revealed also gave off a mysterious, seductive, and abstinent atmosphere.

It was a kind of style that clearly wrapped up everything, but under the subtle and gentle charms of a man, Xie Yu’s entire person exuded a different feeling.

This time, the assistant didn’t wait for Shen Hong’s reminder, and started shooting wildly from all angles with a light brain.

“Okay!” Shen Hong clenched her fists, and no longer cared about etiquette.


She approached Xie Yu, who was taller than herself, and carefully looked at every crevice and corner of the clothes, “I’ll start tailoring now, and you can come back tomorrow to make sure it fits perfectly.”

“Okay.” Zhou Cheng quickly responded, ecstatic in his heart.

Obviously they took a chance with this opportunity, and it worked out.

“If you have no other arrangements, you can come here tomorrow and set off together.” Shen Hong added, “The makeup artist sent by Jiafan will also be here.”

“Thank you very much.” Xie Yu obviously felt Shen Hong’s thoughtfulness, and nodded heartily to Mrs.

After Xie Yu and Zhou Cheng left Shen’s villa, both of them were a little dizzy.

It wasn’t until they returned to the hotel to share the good news with the two assistants, that they finally felt relieved.

They also didn’t know at all that there were rumors about them not being able to borrow clothes and would go on stage in embarrassment circulating on the star network.

Many media and so-called insiders were preparing to watch their jokes.
(TL: ‘watch their jokes’ means to see someone’s embarrassment or humiliation)

After Xie Yu and Zhou Cheng had left, and there were no longer any guests, Shen Hong’s long-suppressed excitement could finally be vented.

With a calm face, she quickly picked up her personal light brain with her hands, found the group chat of eight people named “Happy Family” to chat with, and sent the photos that her assistant gave her just now into the group.


A gray-white big cat basking in the sun on the roof was pressing down its naughty little brother whilst dozing off drowsily, when it suddenly heard a notification sound.

A pair of gray-green eyes opened at the sound, and it slowly pulled out a paw to pat on the light brain.

The big cat swept away the sleeping cub with its hind feet, stared at his mother’s words “my little muse” for a long time, and then continued to drag its paw to scroll down the page.

As a result, the more the cat looked at it, the more serious he became.

Finally, the big cat pulled back to the top, poked the light brain’s screen with his claws, and saved the pictures to the machine one by one.

After doing this, he couldn’t fall asleep anymore, and was too lazy to move, so he laid down and flipped through the photos back and forth.

A pair of gray-green round eyes fixed on the smiling young man in the photos, wondering what he was thinking.

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