Episode 15: A monster-eating Race, Murisi (1)  

Sharan ordered Nicholas Neville to call the candidates back to the palace and pray in the morning and evening.
Nicholas’ face, who was anxious to make friends with the prospective saint somehow, brightened at once.  

“Then should I tell Crawford to stop educating the saints? I can’t believe they’re doing magic training.
It didn’t make sense in the first place.”  

“Oh… that’s right.
No, just leave it.”  

Sharan snorted and rubbed his hand against his beloved golden throne.  

“What? Why…? The amount of Pacio in both ladies is too small, so it’s not a good idea to keep using magic..”  

Nicholas Neville’s face darkened as he was trying to drop Crawford.  

“I want you to realize that your only use is to sit and pray.
And isn’t being short-lived the fate of the saints? These saints are already too old.”  

“…Yes, Sharan.
I’ll call in the candidates.”  

Nicholas bowed politely and obeyed Sharon’s orders, but his face toward the floor was cold.  

It was true that the saints were short-lived.
The saints who predicted everything that threatened the peace of the kingdom went mad after seeing a terrible future, killing themselves in depression without enduring pain, or their abilities ran wild and their Pasio ran out, ending up into them turning into demons.  

Most of the saints who endured such pain were teenagers.
They entered the temple before the age of ten and died before they were 16 years old.
Most of them couldn’t even last for 10 years. 

Mocking the women who died for the sake of the kingdom without exception.
Nicholas could not tolerate such insults even from Sharan.  

Nicholas could not understand why Sharan, who could only monitor the threat of the devil, could enjoy more power than a saint who could monitor all the threats to the kingdom.  

The power of the temple had to be stronger.
The saint had to have the strength and respect she deserved.
He wanted to begin an era of prosperous temples and saints.  


Will this saint, who’s barely been found in 12 years, be able to surpass Sharan? Nicholas recalled Rovelia and Muriel.
It was true that neither was as good as he had expected.
It was disappointing, but he didn’t give up hope.
He knew the true words of the Oracle of the saint that he had told no one.  

It said there would definitely be a saint who would compete with Sharan.
The emergence of a saint with great power to keep Sharan in check.
That was the real content of the Oracle.  

Whoever it is, they will stand by my side. 


Muriel thought her dangerous gamble was successful when she received Ur’s sculpture from Rovelia.
I believed that everything was going well.  

It was a brilliant idea to get help from Sharan’s brother to change his mind, but it was also a dangerous gamble that could blow her neck.
If the prince didn’t believe her and sent Sharan’s pursuers to the mansion, Muriel would have been imprisoned or executed by now as a traitor.  

However, the prince did Muriel a favor, and Sharon changed his mind and brought in the Saint candidates and Rovelia handed over a piece of the sculpture of Ur as promised.  

I thought everything was going well.  

I thought I just needed to watch the timing and leave quietly.
I wanted to find all the pieces of Ur spread throughout the kingdom and make a pledge of loyalty to Kaiton.  

 “I knew that things were going way too smoothly…”  

Muriel looked at the mountain with bewildering eyes, where the smell of the blood of the devil was vibrating.  

The feeling of Pacio getting out was strange.
The flames were boiling hot, but my heart felt cooler and cooler and cooler.
I felt like I never wanted to know this feeling again, and I didn’t want to stick a piece on my body.  

Muriel then buried the sculpture she had in the mountains of her mansion before going to see Rovelia.
It was the safest way Muriel could think of, it was classical and one-dimensional, but she had no significant private space in her mansion.  

But the piece disappeared.  

I went back to the place I marked to bury the sculpture I received from Rovelia, and the box containing the sculpture disappeared.  

 I dug up the surrounding soil for a long time just in case I remembered the wrong location, but I couldn’t see the piece I had buried anywhere. 

” I lost a piece….”  

Did someone take it?  

But who the hell?  

The place where the Ur’s sculpture was supposed to be was full of pieces of a torn demon’s body.
Muriel was distraught by the smell of the blood of the demon.  

“I’m doomed.”  


Muriel had to go to the royal palace even though she knew that there was a criminal who stole a piece of Ur somewhere in the Storm territory.
From the morning, I prayed while listening to the long sermon of the high priest, but I didn’t remember anything because I was half out of my mind.  

The fact that she buried her valuables in the mountain because there was no other place to store them in the world and was robbed caused a tremendous emotional shock to Muriel.  

“It’s all because I’m so stupid.” 

If I was foolish enough, I would be able to reason that everything was the thief’s fault, and be frustrated and resentful towards him.
I was so stupid that I couldn’t blame anyone and feel wronged.  

“Ha ha…ha-ha.”  

I just laughed like crazy.
The plan to tighten Kaiton’s leash and win a pledge of loyalty has now gone out of reach forever.  


Muriel grinned as she tore her hair out.
I couldn’t sleep all night, so my eyes were sunken, my hair was messy, and even my laughter sounded crazy.
If someone saw me at night, it would definitely look like a nightmare.  

However, August approached Muriel with a bright smile.  

“Muriel, it’s nice to see you again like this.
How have you been?”  


Muriel moved like a ghost and passed August.
It was harder not to see August because he was dressed in colorful and splendid attire as if he had conquered all the colors of the world, but Muriel was lost in her own thoughts.  

What’s going on? August, who tilted his head, said, “I’m glad to see you,” following Muriel’s tail without any displeasure of being ignored.  

“Isn’t it a relief that Sharan changed his mind? He’s a very stubborn person, but I’m glad we can meet again like this.”  


August expected Muriel’s response to be accompanied with her fierce eyes frowned and indifferent and harsh words, but Muriel seemed to be completely out of her mind.  


August did not miss this opportunity.  

“Muriel, can I take care of that hair? This side, this side of your right head, this side on the left cheek, and the back of your head are messy.”  

Basically, it means that the entire head of hair is scattered.  

“I want to fix it for you.
Can I do it?”  


“If you allow it, don’t say anything, and if you don’t like it, say no.”  


“Then I’ll touch your hair.
Is it okay?”  

August brushed Muriel’s crazy wizard-like hair by hand.  

As a fashionable man who always dresses up in style, he has his hair neatly arranged.
Unlike the first moment when he was cautious that she might hit his hand, August now knew that Muriel was completely out of it and became more and more bold.  

He adeptly braided her hair as he walked in line with Muriel’s stride, which was like a slime demon.  

“Muriel always wears her hair down.
Is there a special reason why you don’t decorate it?”  

It was annoying.
There was no special reason, and I just didn’t like other people touching my hair.
However, she didn’t even know how to do her own hair, so she just untied it like a ghost.  

Muriel, who didn’t want to touch his hand went through with this haircut still didn’t notice August.
His touch was so subtle, but it was also because Muriel turned on an automatic filter that blocked her from her nerves.
It was just like how a monk in meditation could not hear a fly.  

“I like the style with braids raised high.
It’s also good to accentuate with ribbons.”  

The finished look wasn’t bad, but it didn’t suit Muriel.
A more cool and natural looked better on her than cute styles.  

“Well, it doesn’t look as good as I thought.
As expected, I think blonde and natural curls look better with this….”  

August naturally thought of someone.
I didn’t mean to, but I realized I was doing Rovelia’s hairstyle for Muriel.  

August’s expression of dismay briefly darkened.
It was a heavy expression that could not be seen in him, who was always wandering light-heartedly, but Muriel was lost in thought, and August quickly shook off his gloomy expression and returned to his original light and flirty appearance.  

“I’d rather you be full of energy even if it’s fierce.
Muriel is not funny today.”  

Muriel was still in the mode of blocking the fly.  

While sighing, August found blood on Muriel’s ankle as she walked ahead.  

“Muriel, stand there for a second.”  

Muriel, who could not help but filtering his words now, touched the door of the lab, and August grabbed her arm.  


Muriel threw her fist reflexively.
The fist flew right into August’s cheek.  

“Oh… I’m sorry.”  

Muriel finally focused her blank eyes and raised August.
Although I apologized calmly, I didn’t feel much sorry in his different way of speaking.  

“But when did you come next to me? I told you not to touch my body.”  

Muriel was expressionless, but she was much livelier than she had just been absent-minded.  

“Nice to meet you, Muriel.
You’re back.”  

August smiled brightly.
It was worth giving away his cheek.
Even though he may seem frivolous, August was Eclum’s knight.
You don’t get hit by a fist that’s swung like a bug.
It was really his will to be slapped by Muriel’s fist.
Of course, I was a little surprised because her hands were harder than I thought, but that was all.  

“Why do you keep laughing? Did you get hit on the head?”  

“Your hair is pretty.”  


Muriel, who listened to August’s words and checked his hair, frowned and messed up the hard-worked hairstyle.
Her hair was more scattered than before August’s, but in his opinion, this natural hairstyle looked more like her and looked better on Muriel.  

“I said it before I touched it.
Muriel didn’t hear it.
Hold on.
There’s blood on your ankle.”  

August sat on his knees, took out a cloth that looked too expensive to use to wipe blood, and wiped his ankle with blood.  

The ankle was seen because Muriel walked in her dress as usual.
Embarrassed Muriel tried to lower the dress, and August held his hand to block it.  

“Hold it properly.
I haven’t cleaned it yet.” 

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