Episode 18: The Monster-Eating Race, Murisi (4) 

Twelve years later, Muriel looked very different from the girl he tried to forget.
The girl in his memory had chubby cheeks because she didn’t yet lose her baby fat, her voice was thin and high, and she was short. 

Her body was wrapped tightly like a ball of cotton in order to be able to come to the cold mountains, and she looked a snowman that she often made. 

But now, she was a decent lady defiantly glaring at him without looking away from his eyes.
Her cheeks, thin enough to reveal her cheekbones, revealed her jawline, and her thin neck, which kept attracting his eyes, moved her delicate muscles even when she breathed lightly. 

The sleek line from the thin shoulder to the swollen chest and the narrow waist area was revealed because of the silhouette of the dress cut to fit her. 

The woman who had the scent of an unfamiliarly mature woman was completely different from the little girl in his memory.
I wondered if she was really the girl with the frozen cheeks in his memory, except that her rough, mid- to low-pitched voice was spitting out the same words as 12 years ago. 

‘’He’s just a wizard.
He’s not a monster that turns people into demons just by brushing against them.” 

 The ferocious eyes that looked at him pitifully were invariably so identical.
The warmth of that squirming gaze was the same.
He was drawn to the memory of the plateau, where the cold wind kept blowing. 

‘You’re just Kaiton, and you’ll be the best wizard in Bulrion!.’ 

“Shut up!” 

Kaiton finally shouted, unable to resist the childish voice ringing in his head.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in fear that the emotions he had been trying to ignore for a long time would run wild again. 

Muriel watched the figure quietly.
Kaiton was more human than she thought.
It was only known that he took her life with a scary expression in the novel, so she didn’t know he was such a complicated person. 

He looked confused.
It was sad, painful, but it seemed to be patient.
I don’t know why I can’t stop imagining him in tears.
Muriel felt very sad about him now anyway. 

Muriel once misunderstood that he cried next to the fountain, but this time she really saw it properly.
He was really distressed. 

This is because Muriel’s appearance has changed a lot, but the inside was the same. 

a curt expression; a gesture of annoyance sweeping off her blue hair; a stubborn stare.
a crooked posture and even the indifferent spouting of friendly words.
Minor habits he remembers.
Everything that caught his eye remained the same. 

So he was more distressed. 

Obviously, he had to kill her according to his cursed fate, but the old memories of him kept interrupting him.  

“Those are not words that should be spoken by a saint.” 

Kaiton finally once again wore the mask of Kai Craford, which he had created with struggle. 

“Don’t ever say that Ur is not the devil.
Those words eventually…will kill the saint.
Do you understand?” 

Kaiton himself did not understand why he wanted to make this pledge.
However, I never wanted to hear her say the same thing as the girl I met on the plateau again. 

“Answer me, Muriel.” 

“I’m not a saint… Why are you calling me a saint already?” 


“…really…you don’t really think Ur is the devil, do you?” 

It wasn’t until Muriel insisted on doing so only when she heard his answer that he answered.
His answer was firm.
His words, full of self-deprecation and spite, sounded like a pledge to himself. 

“If he’s not the devil who will destroy the kingdom, what exactly is he?” 


Kaiton then spent five hours teaching how to use a Talisman.
It was a training exercise blatantly used to teach how to avoid Sharan’s eyes and use Ur’s scuplture. 

Despite being disturbed by his bombshells, Muriel faithfully focused on the class.
It was because I thought it would be useful in the future if I learned how to use Talismans properly, which amplifies the mana, even if it was not a sculpture of Ur. 

Most of the time, it is said you can get a feel of the Talisman by just using it a few times.
It took five hours for Muriel to learn how to use it even though Kaiton, who is the best wizard in the kingdom, explained and August, who inherited the guardian’s name, helped him. 

Kaiton was forced to teach her because of Ur’s sculpture, but he seemed to be tired of her incompetence.
Her pride was hurt, but Muriel felt that he was a little too good of a magician. 

Fortunately, Rovelia was just as magical as Muriel.
Robelia didn’t really know how to use a Talisman, wasting the huge high-end Talisman hanging on her finger. 

She was active in class, perhaps because of a change of heart.
Seeing that she hated being clumsy but was desperate, she seemed to have realized the need for Talisman to supplement Pacio. 

It was said she completed her prayer with the high priest three hours earlier than Muriel, so I could guess Rovelia’s determination to become a saint. 

“August, do you have time?” 

Muriel whispered after class, glancing at Rovelia as she approached Kaiton. 

She intended to seek advice on how to hunt Murishi.
Muriel dragged August out of the lab because it was a subject she didn’t want to get caught by Kaiton for trying to get back a sculpture of Ur. 

“Have this.” 

Before Muriel could speak of a Murishi’s hunt, August suddenly held out his ring.
Thanks to this, Muriel completely forgot about the Murishi hunt.
The ring was attached to a high-quality Talisman, which was said to hold the Pasio of craftsmen. 

“It’s my present.
Now that you’ve finally learned how to use Talismans, you need to have a proper Talisman, right?” 

The ring was overwhelmingly huge.
I thought that if I wore it wrong, it could strain my finger joints.
Muriel hated it.
It was because I wondered how many people’s Pasio had been divided to put it in the Talisman to become that size. 

“I refuse.” 

“No, take it.
I can’t give up on this.” 

She refused at once, but August did not back down.
You gave me a ring of all things.
I was flustered.
Did you misunderstand something because I hugged you earlier? I wanted to say no to August to prevent him from being part of her fishery like in the novel. 

“What’s this all of a sudden? What does this mean?” 

Although August was friendly, snuggling her or wiping blood without hesitation, I never thought he liked Muriel. 

His behavior was perfectly plain and light.
Were those all camouflages to hide his real heart? You mean I captured his heart without realizing it? 

To be captivated… 

I found my thoughts funny. 

Muriel didn’t look terrible, but for August, who is considered a national treasure, she was long short in terms of appearance.
In addition, she was not particularly friendly, and she was neither particularly talented.
It was hard to think that someone would captivated with her. 

“It doesn’t mean anything special.
I just want you to accept it.
As a gift from a friend.” 

August held Muriel’s hand and put the ring on her when Muriel, who stood on one leg, seemed to have no intention of receiving the ring.
She had never worn it before until now, but there was no problem because it was a size-adjustable magic item. 

“This is a ring, August.
You gave me a ring and it doesn’t mean anything?” 

Muriel loathed the ring. 

August only now realized that Talisman he handed over was in the form of a ring.
He had only tried to give her the largest and most powerful talisman he had, so he was slow to notice it. 

“Oh no… I didn’t think of that.
But it doesn’t have a meaning like that, so please accept it.
Muriel only needs Talisman.” 

Muriel glanced doubtfully, but August was really sincere.
He was really purely worried about Muriel’s Pasio, so he handed over a Talisman. 

Because her magic was disastrous. 

Using Talismans alone was easier than using a spoon for people who use magic.
However, if it takes five hours to learn to scoop rice with a spoon, everyone will naturally worry that the person will starve to death. 

That was August’s reason to give the Talisman to her.
He didn’t even care that the Talisman was in the form of a ring. 

In August’s opinion, the humble Pascio-d Muriel would surely become a demon in the future without a proper Talisman.  

The huge Talisman he handed to her was precious enough to buy a castle, but it didn’t matter.
He had an overflowing amount of Pasio, and had the money to buy any Talismans as much as he wanted. 

“The Talisman is a very good, but you’d be better off not using magic as much as possible.
No… Never use magic unless you’re in danger of dying, Muriel.” 

August eyes were sunken at the thought of the aftermath of an unimaginable disaster. 

But Muriel, who was mistaken that he is hiding his love for Muriel, was forced to misunderstand his true feelings.
It was a misunderstanding that he was trying to make her wear a ring under the pretext of only giving a Talisman. 

Muriel, who doesn’t know that he’s under the illusion, made an impression when he saw a huge ring similar to Robelia’s. 

“You’re not just pretending to give me a ring, are you? I didn’t know August would use this method, but you don’t have the courage to confess, and this is how you express your feelings.” 

“What? No!” 

August felt very discriminated against.
He indeed met many people and had many relationships, but I swear I never saw Muriel with that kind of eyes. 

“I really don’t like Muriel.
No, I like you, but I don’t like you in the way that Muriel thinks, it’s like how I like a friend, how I like cats.” 

“Don’t lie and speak properly.
Then why would you give me such an expensive ring?” 

Because your pasio and magic are terrible! 

August thought it was cowardly to defend himself while revealing Muriel’s magical skills, which were terrifying.
Muriel glared with axe-like eyes as if there were a lot of misunderstandings, but he really did not have any tastes for a scary woman who walked around with blood on her ankles. 

‘’ I heard that flirties who have dated a lot don’t notice when real love comes.
Maybe you didn’t notice how you felt….” 

Muriel asked in a snobbish manner, like a threatening political jibber.
Muriel used to have such a perverse attitude sometimes, but this unique scene, which she would normally enjoy watching, was now really difficult. 

August thought it over, but he did not feel the slightest bit of excitement for Muriel. He just wanted to be good friends with Muriel, and he believed it was now happening. 

I didn’t even have time to look at Muriel with such eyes in the first place.
Only one person has taken his pure love since his academy days. 


A lovely young lady with Emerald eyes and golden hair.
For August, Rovelia was the only one for many years. 

It was hard to see Muriel with the eyes of reason, since all his nerves were directed at her when she was nearby. 

“I’ve already given my heart to someone.

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