Episode 19, The demon-eating race, Murishi(5) 

Marriages between the Guardian families have been taboo for many years.
In order to prevent the balance between the Guardian families from being disrupted, he has been constantly trying to give up his feelings. 

But I couldn’t control my mind towards Rovelia.
Eventually, he became a playboy who was having love affairs with many women.
Unlike his colorful appearance, August, who is sincere and upright, was the reason for numerous romantic relationships. 

“I’ve loved her for a very long time.
Muriel is a good person, but as long as she is there, I won’t be able to like you.” 

August hurt himself by what he said.
Yes, he will never love anyone other than Rovelia.
Perhaps this love will never end. 

Weary love grows like weeds.
It does not bend when it was trampled, and it spreads more when it is cut.
Even with a very small seed, the weeds grow on their own. 

“Maybe forever.” 


August’s smile, which was usually only light, drooped.
He smiled a rather sad smile.
I thought only glittering things would suit him, but as a gorgeous handsome man who can pull off anything, such depression suited me quite well. 

“You’re a very good person.” 

August now knows that Rovelia is not just a loving and affectionate lady.
She was unexpectedly vain and self-absorbed, and greedy. 

The first thing I fell in love with was her kindness and lovability.
I thought she was an angel of infinite kindness and generosity.
As I watched for a long time, I found out that Rovelia was not a very good person, but I couldn’t give up. 

When Sharan sent Muriel and Rovelia out of the palace without confirming the oracle, he saw her collapse. 

I watched Rovella reveal her claws for the first time in fear that she could lose the position of the saint she wanted so much.
At the same time, he fell back to the end and watched everything she tried to move others to regain her seat. 

He wanted to help Rovelia hold onto the position of the saint if she so wished.
I was kind to Muriel, probably because I was guilty. 

He was ready to push Muriel out of the seat of saint with no hesitation, if Rovelia wanted to.
Even if the real star of Saint oracle was Muriel. 

August became desperate when he learned that even Rovelia’s distorted face trembled his heart. 

It’s impossible to ignore your mind completely.
But don’t go too far.
Don’t let yourself make the wrong choice.
Don’t put too much faith in the goddess-like Rovelia.
He only hoped that he could bury his mind like that. 

So the only thing I felt for Muriel was guilt about myself, affection for good friends, and that’s all. 

“You really don’t think you like me?” 

“Yes, unfortunately.” 


Muriel, though uncomfortable, decided to believe the depression that had flashed across August.
It’s a relief if he has someone else he likes.
It would have been better if you had made a happy face just by thinking of her though. 

“But I don’t want to take the talisman.
It’s not good to exchange rings, right?” 

“Yes, but please take this for me instead then.
You know Eclum’s financial strength, right? You don’t have to feel pressured.
I’m willing to give anything for Muriel.” 

August held out two brooch-like talismans.
Talisman was small compared to the ring I first held out, but the brooch was also a pretty good item. 

“Thank you.
I’ll take this with gratitude.” 

In the novel, August was charged with her act arson and executed by Sharan because he liked Muriel.
Muriel was relieved that such a tragic death would no longer occur. 


“Yes, Muriel.” 

“I think August will fall in a very foolish love.” 

“Is that so?” 

August smiled cheerfully, but did not say no.
Muriel’s eyes softened as she kicked her tongue. 

“Yes, I don’t know who you like, but don’t be so stupid.” 

“Yes, I will.” 

“You have to be happy.” 

“…Yes, I will.” 


Rovelia stood in front of Kaiton, whose eyes followed Muriel and August together. 

I’d like to apologize for the disrespect last time.
I was too sharp last time, right? 

Rovelia did not feel guilty at all about her previous tattling to Sharan, but she wanted to be liked by him now that he was teaching her again. 

Rovelia smiled sweetly as she pitifully lowered her emerald eyes.
The smile was also her only specialty. 

She had never distinguished herself for her talent because of Pacio, but she was confident in grabbing people’s hearts.
It didn’t take Pacio to talk or attract people’s 

“This is a gift from me as an apology.
I embroidered it myself.” 

Rovelia held out her handkerchief.
The golden handkerchief was splendidly embroidered with four attributes of light, water, fire, and green.
Originally, magic was a total of five attributes up to darkness, but after Sharan banned black magic, darkness was removed from the basic attributes of magic. 

Kaiton glanced down at a handkerchief with only four decorations and did not touch it.
There was a blatant sneer on his face. 

“That’s too much of a gift.” 

Rovelia briefly hardened her face at the unexpected reaction, but quickly hid her expression and spoke softly. 

“It’s up to me, so please accept it.
Every time I embroidered, I thought of Crawford.
I hope you’re not too upset because of me.” 

“Hmm… I was in your thoughts?” 

As Kaiton unfolded his handkerchief and examined the embroidery, Rovelli smiled with pride.
She thought Kaiton was impressed. 

Many people tried to gain even a little more attention from her.
She thought the man, the chief wizard of the court, would be no different. 

So, he could not be given expensive jewelry or talismans, instead she brought embroidery she embroidered herself.
Of course, all I did was order these handkerchiefs.
Who puts embroidery on their own? Rovelia was not free enough to throw away time for such stupid things. 

“Yes, I thought I’d give you a black handkerchief that resembles the color of your eyes, but I chose one that resembles my hair color just in case you misunderstood.
Next time, I’ll embroider on a black handkerchief that has nothing to do with magic.” 

“Oh, there are people who think I’m using black magic.” 

Kaiton said only a little, but it was a great enough deal to be driven from the Bulrion to the Black Wizard.
It was possible to lose the reputation that he had built as a wizard, as well as his life, in an instant. 

“Crawford using black magic… I can’t believe in that.
Isn’t dark magic the power of the corrupt and fallen?” 

In fact, Kaiton, who is the best at black magic among all magic, smiled a deep smile, pushing his crooked corners of his mouth further. 


“What should I do next?” 

“Are you going to think about me then, too?” 

Rovelia bowed shyly. 

“Of course, I’m going to think about Crawford while embroidering one by one.
While I pray.” 

Rovelia secretly wanted to appeal that she was a saint.
There was no prophecy or magic, but now she was cultivating her faith in prayer.
She made an appeal to that point. 

Kaiton looked into Rovelia’s eyes and smiled as if it were melting.
Rovelia agreed that he was probably secretly using black magic.
If this man who smells dangerous all over his body doesn’t use black magic, who would use black magic? 

Rovelia was a little bit genuinely excited by the picturesque line made by his sensual lips. 

“It’s unpleasant.” 

So I couldn’t understand at once what his low voice meant.
His voice was so sweet that I thought it was tempting.
I’m looking forward to it. It’s an honor. And Rovelia was expecting this, and she was only able to answer back after a while after hearing the unexpected.. 


“It’s very, very unpleasant to hear that you’ve been thinking of me for such a long time while embroidering.
Young lady Rovelia.” 

Rovelia could not hide her agitation and was embarrassed.
It was insulting and shameful.
Kaiton snorted as he looked at Rovelli’s trembling lips. 

“It would have been useful if you had brought me magic tools or jewelry.” 

Kaiton lifted his handkerchief with a cruel look.
He stroked the high-quality handkerchief with a straight, long finger. 

“Please control your excessive heart.
It’s a bother to deal with.” 

Rovelia was almost in tears at the scene she had never suffered in her life. 

Crawford, I… I brought it with all my heart as an apology, but you gave me such an insult…! This is not reasonable.” 

Rovelia’s eyes seemed to be bloodshot.
She wanted to tear Kaiton, who frowned annoyingly, to death.
The unbearable impulse made her fingertips numb. 

But Rovelia, who had already made some noise with him against Sharan’s temper, could not easily get angry. 

“I have never been insulted by the young lady, so you don’t have to apologize.
When you think of me and feel burdened, do more magic training.” 

“Oh, my…” 

“It’s impossible for a saint to save a kingdom like this” 

“Advice…thank you… I’ll take it.

Rovelia answered calmly as she gritted her teeth.
That’s how desperately she wanted the position of the saint.
The rudeness of Kaiton could be overlooked, thinking that if she meddled with Sharan’s tantrum this time.
It could cost her fortune. 

Unlike the humbling words, Rovelia, who took away the handkerchief with a fierce look, nervously left the lab. 

Muriel and August, who were whispering as if they were talking about secrets, came into the eyes of Rovelia, who was filled with spite.
Her irritation soared.
Why does August spend so much time with Muriel when she cannot be a saint? 

When she thought she would not have suffered such insults by Kaiton without Muriel, she suddenly started to despise the blue-haired girl. 

“Is there anyone you like, Muriel?” 

“No, not at all.” 

Rovelia’s eyes opened wide to Muriel’s answer.
A very good plan came to mind.
I thought I could deal with Muriel and Kaiton at once if I did it well. 

“I’ll give you a very burdensome heart.

Rovelia, overcome with evil, disappeared with a cold smile.
August chased Rovelia from the back, but she never looked back. 

Aw August’s love for Rovelia and the “You have to be happy” scene made me tear up a bit.
got me thinking about how one of Muriel’s reasons not to get involved with August was for his own sake.
I really love their friendship.
like previously mentioned btw, Updates this month will be slow.

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