Episode 20 The Demon Eating Race, Murishi (6) 

Muriel thought that August’s expression as he looked at Rovelia was a bit cold, but quickly stopped thinking about it because of his question. 

“So, what did you want to say?”  

“Ah… Yes.
That’s right.
How do you hunt them?” 

“Too much? I understand that the cruellest thing to do is drive a herd of Murishi into a hunting battle, but most of them set traps.
It’s hard to catch them because they run so fast.” 

I can’t believe I can catch it with a trap! It was good news for Muriel, who was wondering if she could handle a Murishi alone. 

“If it’s a trap, then is there a special trap for them? Or do you just use a common trap for the demons?” 

“Why are you curious about that?” 

August looked suspicious. 

“Well, it’s just to know how Murishi can be persecuted… I just wanted to know the details.” 

“Ah… As expected!” 

Even though it was a shameless lie, August nodded assuredly.
Muriel avoided eye contact because she felt uncomfortable making eye contact with August. I feel guilty because you believe me so easily.

“It is said that ordinary traps aren’t allowed because they can recognize the scents of ores that you use.
They can tell right away when they smell something different.
I believe that’s why stone and wooden traps are used for this purpose.” 

“I understand the stone trap, but… what do you mean about a tree trap? Can a Murishi that tears apart demons be caught properly in it? Ah, do we use magic to strengthen the trap?” 

“Ordinary wooden traps are said to be enough.
Murishis are very weak.” 

“They’re weak?” 

Muriel had never seen a Murishi in person, but she had heard of it.
The story of the diverse people, who ate the rotten demon corpses, with their dirty and filthy appearance was widespread in the kingdom.
Even Muriel, who never stepped out of her territory and secluded herself from the world, had heard of the Murishis’ notoriety.  

However, this was her first time hearing that the Murishi were weak. 

“Yes, I heard they come down to the human villages because they are too weak to hunt the demons themselves.
They were being abhorred by humans for targeting the corpses of the exterminated and abandoned demons.” 

August recalled the Murishis’ rugged appearance.
They had boar-like heads and dead horse-like bodies that looked like they had starved to death. 

Their long, stiff fur tangled all over their bodies, resembling rags, and whenever they breathed, their thin ribs peeked between the hairs.
Certainly, it was an unpleasant and frightening experience just looking at them.
Although they had a tusk that grew uncontrollably, it was useless at attacking demons, and instead was used as a pickaxe to find minerals buried deep in the soil. 

He didn’t say that Murishis actually had a gentle and timid personality.
Sometimes there were groups of people who would say that the Murishi are milder than rabbits, but even August could not easily believe those words. 

“Weak? That’s really…” 

It’s a relief. 

Muriel laughed wickedly, thinking of how to catch the Murishi that stole her Ur’s sculpture.
Muriel’s laughter was so ominous that it made August’s shoulders flinch.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜  

After returning to the estate through the portal, Muriel went straight to the knight guarding the gate. 


Surprised by Muriel’s sudden visit, the knight greeted Muriel, a look of concern on his face over the thought that he’d done something wrong. 

“What brings you here, miss?” 

“Have any monsters appeared near our territory?” 

He was embarrassed after suddenly hearing of her intention to look for demons at night without a knight, but answered sincerely so as not to defy the lady and annoy her – lest she tried to poison all the servants she did not like. 

“Yes, that’s right.
These days, it’s more common.
It’s right after the star of disaster rose.” 

“Hmm… can you catch one for me? I’d like to see it in person.” 

Muriel pretended to be a bit interested and immediately jumped straight to the main point.
She had no intention of catching the demon herself.
There were many talented knights wielding blades on the estate.
In other words, they could provide bait to bring out Murishi without any effort. 

“A monster… what kind are you talking about?” 

“I don’t really care much; I’m going to see it for myself anyway.
If possible, a monster of a big body with a lot of muscle would be preferable.” 

Muriel was so calm, it looked like she was ordering a steak.
Only the knight who had suddenly been asked to catch a good-sized monster with a lot of flesh was puzzled.
Most of the monsters were alarming even to encounter because they corrupted the spirits.

“May I ask why you need it?” 

The knight’s tone was still polite, but his eyes were full of suspicion.
Muriel acted like she was looking for an offering needed for black magic. 

“It’s hard to tell you the details because it’s related to the work of a saint.
Go ahead and bring it.” 

The knight was pushed out of the gate.
His expression of displeasure made it seem like he would spread all sorts of rumors about Muriel around the estate tomorrow. 

She dropped the news that she would carry the monster herself and climbed the mountain where she had buried the pieces of Ur.
The monster was bird-like and was a little larger than a chicken, but when she saw the sharp teeth attached to its beak, she thought it was a good thing to ask the knights for help. 


Perhaps Muriel’s sincerity, which reached to the point of slicing the monster so it could be easily eaten, was seen – since not long after arriving at the mountain, a sound was heard from the bushes. 


The cry, mixed with the smell of iron, sounded small, and a Murishi resembling the head of a wild boar appeared. 


Muriel covered her nose without realizing it.
The smell was terrible.
The smell of rot, blood, and sticky old sewage seemed to seep in. 


Muriel’s nose tingled at the terrible smell that leaked through even when she held her breath.
Even though she was quite far away from where the demon was used as bait with a wooden trap installed, the smell of the Murishi was beyond imagination. 

It was said that they had a good sense of smell, but it was strange that it was fine even with the rotting smell that it breathed out.
Muriel held her breath in case the Murishi ran away. 

The Murishi’s eyes were small and surrounded with fur; seeing it sniffing and looking for the meat, its eyesight seemed to be poor. 

‘I’m hungry.’ 


Muriel forgot to block her nose at the sound of words in her head, stepping out of the bushes. 

‘It hurts so much.’ 

Once again, the sound of the words was clearly heard in Muriel’s head, which was absurd and unbelievable.
It was the voice of the Murishi. 

“Can you… speak?” 

Muriel stepped up to the Murishi and spoke – but the Murishi wasn’t speaking human language.
Muriel was speaking in the Murishi’s language now.
It was a sight that would have freaked someone out if they had been spying. 

However, Muriel, who wasn’t aware she could even speak the Murishi’s language, mistook it for being able to speak human language. 

‘It’s a human!’

The Murishi who found Muriel got ensnared in her wooden trap while running away in shock. 

‘It hurts.’ 

The loud cry that shook the mountain rang in Muriel’s head.
It was a ghastly cry – terrifying to hear. 

But I felt sorry because of those words.
It wasn’t running around to kill me.
It was crying because it was hurt.
The righteous compassion of a human being was awakened. 

‘It hurts! It hurts!’ 

“Well, wait a minute… Hold still…! The more you struggle, the more you’ll get hurt.” 

Even though Muriel once again spoke in the language of a different race, the Murishi just got more scared.  

Only then did Muriel realize she could not only speak the language of the humans, but also a different race.
She didn’t notice it, as it felt as natural as breathing.  

Oh, my.
I can’t believe I can talk to people of this kind.

Muriel laughed helplessly at her ability that she had never heard of. 

I had thought it a good thing that I left, saying I’d carry the monster myself, and even asked them to cut the animal.
It turned out to be the perfect excuse, but how could I communicate with monsters?

She would be branded as a follower of the devil, a dark wizard, or an evil being, and executed.
Of course, dark wizards couldn’t communicate with different races, but people wouldn’t even listen to that excuse. 

‘I’m going to die.
I’m going to die.’

As the Murishi struggled, the tree trap dug into its skinny feet.
The smell of the Murushi’s blood, which I smelled last night, began to fill the air. 

Up close, the Murishi’s fur, who seemed to have rolled in the mud, also had quite a lot of its own blood that did not clot. 

‘I’m going to die of hunger.’ 

She wondered what this had to do with being hungry and dying, and that had her thinking.
‘Did this mean that you came here to eat monster meat because you were hungry, and now you will die in a trap without even being able to eat it?’

“I’ll save you.
Hold still for a moment…” 

Muriel grabbed the Murishi’s foot and tried to pull out the trap, but the frightened Murishi couldn’t properly push itself against the wood and kept struggling. 


In the end, she was kicked right in the chest by its hind foot. I didn’t feel the pain, but there was a sound like my lungs have been crushed. Seeing that it was hard to breathe, she seemed to have been hit properly. 

“Hey, you…!” 

If there was pain, I think I would have fainted. 

Muriel was panting, but also jumping and clinging persistently to the Murishi’s glowing legs.
It’s hard to understand why people said they were weak even though they’re so powerful. 

Well, those people were wizards and swordsmen; they were beyond the limits of human beings. 

“I’m not going to kill you, so stay calm…!” 

‘I’m dying of hunger.
I’m hungry and I’m going to die.
I’m going to die because of humans.’ 

“I’m not going to kill you…” 

Muriel concentrated her senses.
Only the talismans on both chests given by August shone brightly.
I didn’t think I could open the trap with my grip strength, so I was going to burn it off with magic. 

I didn’t intend to burn it whole, so I focused all of her concentration and recalled a magic spell to put out the fire.
Several sharp ice knives appeared, scratched the wooden trap, and disappeared. 

Oh, my god.
This damn wizard. 

You couldn’t even make a fire the size of a match! 

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts… It hurts. 

Murishi’s legs and arms were covered with long, thin scratches from the ice.
Muriel was fine because she didn’t feel the pain, but the Murishi trembled and struggled because of the pain.  

“I’m sorry… Look… I didn’t mean to…” 

Fortunately, the wooden trap was also cut in half and fell off of the Murishi’s feet. 

‘You said you’d save me…’ 

The Murishi, who was released from the trap, said grimly. 

“Oh! You understand…!” 

I was worried you didn’t understand what I was saying. Muriel was happy that her words were conveyed properly. 

‘You said you wouldn’t kill me.
You made it hurt more.
I’m going to die because of humans.’ 

“…I’m sorry.
I’ll treat you in a minute.” 

‘It hurts.
It will hurt more.
You can’t cure it.’ 


The Murishi’s intelligence seemed to be much higher than Muriel guessed.
With just one incident, it pinpointed Muriel’s magic skills. 

I can’t believe you’re shaking at the news that I’m going to treat you. 

Muriel was angry, but it was so spot on that she couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly.
That was unnecessarily accurate. 

“I can cure it…” 

‘Don’t do that.
Please don’t.’ 

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