had to have red eyes and red hair.


I still don’t like fulfilling my mother’s orders.
But I should do it if my mother told me to.
Of course, no one can stop her.

Isn’t that the reason why I exist?

I had forgotten the reason for my existence.

Let’s just block the important information and make my mother not notice it.

I frowned at the bitterness felt in my mouth.
Even then, I felt alienated from myself, and I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror for a long time.

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* * *

The next day, a man with a face I had never seen before came.
My mother introduced him to me.

“He’s the one who will protect you from now on.”

“I’m Ian Videlike, who will serve the young Lady from now on.
Please feel free to call me Ian.”

A slender man with one head taller than me approached.
Gray hair, black eyes, and a remarkably low voice.

Gray hair, black eyes, and voice were remarkably low, reminding me of a cave.

“I think he’s too skinny.”

I murmured, pretending to be picky and looking at him.
I know I have to show my mother that I will cooperate as much as possible.
But her expression didn’t change even with my words.

“His skills are good.
I can’t put attach Shubart on you.
But he’s the person Shubart brought in, so he will be reliable.”

“I haven’t seen Sir Shubart these days.”

“He’s unnecessarily busy.
You, follow Carbella like a shadow.”


My mother introduced him to me, and she went out again.
Ian followed me silently, wondering if he really wanted to follow me like a shadow.
It was uncomfortable for people to be stuck with me, so I turned around instead of walking.
I stopped just three steps away from him.

“You don’t have to do it when I’m at home, right?”

“I’m just doing as I have been told.”

“You’re so strict.”

I waved to him to do whatever he pleased, then closed the door to my room.

* * *

In winter, the roadway to the North is cut off.
It’s not because the gate is blocked, but because of the massive amount of snow.
This is because both roads and bridges are cut off.
But this time, for some reason, the blocked bridge and road were restored faster than expected.

Did the Lord of this place come to his senses after being struck by lightning? Unfortunately, the date of my return to the capital will be moved up by a week.
And I rode the black carriage going to the capital.

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“I didn’t expect Sir Shubart would go with me.”

“You have to be relieved.”

“Then I should have said thank you to my mother.”

I rested my elbows on the window sill, putting my chin on my hand, and waited for departure.
Ian, who had been following me like a shadow for the past few days, was also there.
He never spoke to me unless I spoke to him first.
It was only when I turned around that I remembered his existence.
I haven’t felt anything really good about him yet, but the good thing he’s here is that I don’t have to bend over when I drop an object.
Other than that, it was so-so.

Sir Shubart reached out to me and held out my palm to give me something.


A heavy bundle of keys fell.

“It’s for the place to stay in the capital.”

“Wow, there are a lot of rooms.”

“Don’t bring too many men.”

His joke made me laugh.
Counting the keys, it looks like the number of rooms is enough for me to bring a different man in a week.
But I’m not interested at all.

“I’m not interested in that.”

To arrive in the capital, we stayed two times at the inn.
We stayed up all night in the carriage the rest of the days, which made my body ache.
Finally, we arrived at the mansion on the outskirts of the secluded capital.

After a few years, I came back to the capital, and it felt a new yet familiar feeling.
Over the years, the roads and the surroundings have become very stylish.
Maybe I see it like this because I had been familiar with the snow in the North.

Sir Shubart put down all the luggage and went somewhere, saying he would come back in the evening.
Ian followed me into the mansion with my luggage in both hands.
I was too lazy to climb the stairs, so I chose a room on the first floor.

“Just put it down.
You can just tell someone to do it.”

“I understand, Lady Carbella.”


I sighed and looked at him.

“I’m sorry, Lady Blake.”

Since I came to the capital, my name has changed to Blake Ariandel.
This is the new identity created by Sir Shubart.
But the person who guarded me has forgotten about it.
Fortunately, he quickly noticed his mistake and corrected it.
I’ll have to scold him for being distracted, but I let him go for now.

“Then move.
I have a place to go first.”

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