a straight line.
As he closed his mouth firmly, his mood deepened even more.

“Then please dance with me after with your first partner.
I’ll be waiting.”

He seemed unwilling to change his opinion.
My partner was Ian anyway.
It was a countermeasure if I failed to approach him with a small probability.
However, it was too easy, so I decided to step back a little.

“Huu… Does it make sense for Your Highness to want to dance with me after I dance with my partner? It’s really…”

Even when I looked at him, he acted like he was wondering what the problem was.
I guess he meant to put me in the fire pit instead of being shot by the arrows.
Or maybe his persistence is more than I expected.
I rubbed my forehead in difficulty.

“I can dance with Your Highness first.”

“Is that really okay?”

His face quickly turned red.
It felt like he would wag his tail at any moment.
I was about to laugh, so I answered by nodding instead of talking.

Valery’s expression brightened even more.
It was as if he had embraced all the happiness in the world.

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No, is that really such a good thing? I looked at him curiously.

“Then I won’t have to wait.”

“Yes… What can I do about Your Highness’s firmness?”

No matter what I said or what expression I made, his expression kept brightening up as the only thing that mattered was the fact that I became his partner.

As I talked with him, I spent a long time on the terrace.
I left the terrace and told him to search for me when it was time for the dance.
I don’t know if it was because he had achieved the goal he wanted, but he let me go easily.

I came back into the banquet hall with Ian.
As soon as I re-entered the banquet hall, a little further away, Juri beckoned to me.
I walked to where she called me.

“Did you get some fresh air?”

“Yes, thanks to you.
I think I’ve calmed down a bit now.
I don’t have to make any trouble.”

“You’re so funny.”

At my words, Juri Chartero covered her mouth and chuckled.
Her face looked very cold, but I didn’t know she could laugh aloud and had a good sense of humor.

“Are you curious about what we were talking about while you were away?”

She opened her mouth first, fearing I might be worried about what they had talked about while I was away.

Well, she didn’t have to do that.

“What were you talking about?”

“We made a bet on who the princes will dance with today.”

“A bet?”

“Yes, I heard that neither of them received the partner requests.
So, all the young ladies who have been sending the request have their eyes focused on them.”

“Yes, I heard that neither of you received any requests.
So, all the young children who have been requested by the family have their eyes lit up.”

Her words made me a little gloomy.

That’s right.

“It could be the lady who matched their status.”

“They can choose the prettiest woman.”

“Then, Lady Chartero must be nervous.”

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Juri burst into laughter that didn’t match her elegant appearance.

“I’m afraid I have a partner.
My partner is my fiancé.”

“I’m sorry.
I really didn’t know.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t know about it.
The information about her was contained on a piece of paper.

“So, let’s take a guess.”

“On what?”

“Who did I bet on?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ability to read the mind of a person whom I met today and talked to for only a couple of hours.
Even though I have the ability to pretend I don’t know the information I had memorized.

“I don’t know.”

Then her fan pointed to me.


“Didn’t you notice? From a while ago, the prince was only looking at you.”

“He may have seen someone else.”

Then Juri waved her fingers.

“I bet you 100 raff.
I will be right.”

100 raff.

Juri seems to be crazy.
Or she has a good hunch.

100 raff was more than enough to pay for all the dresses I ordered in the boutique a while ago.
It is said only for fun, but the scale of the bet is no joke.
At the same time, Juri said confidently,

“I have never lost a bet.
I guess I really don’t suit our family swordsman’s bloodline.
And there is one more thing I think you should know.”

“What is it?”

“I kind of like Lady, and I think we will be good friends.
What do you think about it?”

Juri was right.
And I didn’t answer her last words.

Good friend.

There is no way such a word could exist in my life.

Eventually, the music changed, and the partners began to gather.
Valery approached me as if he had been waiting. 

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