“I love it.
It’s better than I expected.”

It really was.
I thought we would go to an art gallery or something like that.
But it was totally unexpected.

I stared blankly at the crashing waves, which made me feel relieved after a long time.

“If success makes you feel happy, I think at least you will look at me.
That’s why I’m late to pick the place for the date.”

The sea breeze blew.
My hair was disheveled by the wind.
I looked at him with my hair tucked behind my ears.

“…Your Highness has no eyes for people.”

He opened his eyes wide and then burst into laughter.
I frowned.

I’m being honest now, but why did he burst into laughter.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult Lady by laughing.”

“…I know.
But it’s still frustrating.”

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“You don’t like me that much?”

It’s not like that.
Who can dislike Your Highness?”

“Not anyone else, but only you.”

“I didn’t dislike you either.”

His voice, which had stopped laughing and looked at me softly, became lower than before.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Have you ever been in love?”

His words were serious, but I almost laughed at his words.
Have I ever been in love? Of course, love has no age nor time, but at least it wasn’t a story to share with him.

“I haven’t.”

The answer brightened his face uncontrollably.
He cleared his voice as if he was nervous.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever felt this way.”


“Since the first day I saw you, I remembered your face every single day.
When I saw you again, I was overwhelmed.
It may sound like a lie, but I’ve always thought of you since that day.”

His voice was determined to convince me about his true feelings.
We only encountered each other a few times, which didn’t even last long.
That’s why I didn’t really understand him.

“Your Highness.”

“So I want to be honest with you, who made me feel this way.
I want to look good in your eyes.”

“Prince Kasinev.”

“Please call me Valery.”

“Prince Valery.”

When I didn’t call him just by Valery until the end, he made a sad expression.
Hearing his sad sigh, I just smiled.

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He must have thought that if he called me by my name, I would call him like that too.
But, probably, there is no other imperial family that respects the Ariandel family, who bought the title of nobility with their wealth and raised their power.

“Your Highness must have thought that your feeling is big.
Actually, it’s not that big, but because you’ve felt it for the first time, you thought so.”

“Still, isn’t that feeling bigger than anything else?”

“But, your feelings could decrease, right?”

“Lady Blake, are you still not like me?”

“Uh… No.
I like Your Highness a little bit.”

My words must be hitting him.
Seeing his white, handsome face dyed red like flower petals.
Valery wiped his red face.
Once again, he felt something strange and mysterious.

A person who falls in love at first sight can become like him.
If you looked at someone with a face like that, you probably wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else.

At this time, I had a delusion that my mother might change her mind at least once.

“Then that’s fine.
Please don’t throw me away.
I will take you to a good place like today.
There are quite a few things I want to show and give to Lady.
I will slowly wait until you open your heart.
So please don’t throw me away.”

He seemed to have a lot of questions for me.
What do I like? What couldn’t I eat? And what do I usually do?

I answered his questions fairly sincerely.
Of course, everything I answered referred to the real Blake Ariandel.

My mother’s ultimate goal is not Prince Valery Ahibara Kasinev.
But of course, for my mother’s goal, the second prince should be the first sacrifice.
So that her goal will become easier to achieve.
In addition, Valery showed infinite kindness to me.
This information surely will go into the ears of my mother.

It is said that the Emperor liked the purity of the Empress.
Everyone said that the second prince resembled the Empress much.
The Empress who once confronted my mother.

I’m going to hurt him, and what should I do if he gets angry with me? I might even make him fight with his brother.
If I fail to get away from my mother, I might really do that.
Even if it is not my will, the fact it was still me who did that didn’t change, so I will be the only one who gets his resentment.

I hid the truth and smiled lightly in front of him.

I walked on until I saw the sunset on the beach for the first time.
Then I got into the carriage when I thought my feet were a little sore.

“It will be at night when we arrive.”

“I will explain to your family why you got home late.”

“Fortunately, Your Highness doesn’t have to do that.
Let’s go.”

When I got home, the moon was still shining brightly.

“I want to see Lady again next time.
Is that okay?”

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