Chapter 14: Big Brother, Second Brother, Save Me


It's completely different from what's written in the information.


It's like two completely different people.


Suddenly, the tall and thin figure slowly turned around.
He couldn't retract his inquisitive gaze in time, and their eyes met across the space.


Although he had seen her photos before, now that he saw her in person, Gu Zhao couldn't help but feel dazzled.


Pale white skin, delicate and beautiful features, especially those clear and emotionless cool eyes hiding a sharpness, a trace of ruthlessness at the corners of her eyes, emitting an intimidating aura.


Gu Zhao thought to himself, what kind of fragility is this?


While he was observing her, Qingning was also looking at him.


Just as the rumors described, Gu Zhao was as handsome as a jade tree, with clear eyebrows and bright eyes, exuding an elegant and refined temperament in his speech.


After a quick glance, Qingning turned her head indifferently, lacking any interest, and was about to leave.


“Stop,” Cheng Yu shouted sharply.


The commanding tone was repulsive to listen to.


Qingning paid no attention and continued walking forward.


In front of everyone's eyes, Cheng Yu was once again ignored by her.
No matter how good her temper was, she couldn't hold it in anymore.
“What are you all standing around for? Capture her for me.”


The guards rushed forward, but Qingning swiftly evaded them.


Raising her knee, she kicked one of them away.


Her swift and fierce movements successfully intimidated the other guards.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Qingning moved lightly and headed straight towards Cheng Yu.


There was no warning, and everyone couldn't react in time.


A cold touch gripped Cheng Yu's neck, causing her breath to hitch.


She turned her head, and the silent gaze of the young girl was just inches away, sending shivers down her spine.


Qingning smiled faintly and said, “Do you know now who is grabbing whom?”


Cheng Yu's expression was embarrassed.
This was the first time in her life that she was threatened with her neck being choked by someone, and it was by a little brat.


She threatened defiantly, “Qingning, now that you've hurt me, do you think you can walk out of here?”


Qingning sneered lightly, her tone calm and composed.
“Whether or not I can walk out of here is not something you need to worry about.
As for whether or not you can see tomorrow's sun, that's not certain either.”


She tightened her grip, and Cheng Yu's face showed signs of pain.


“Qingning, you can't.”


An anxious voice overwhelmed the noisy wind, and the guards made way for Gu Zhao.


Gu Zhao walked forward, his gaze sweeping over her hand gripping Cheng Yu's neck, and his doubts deepened.


But the current situation wasn't the time to ask questions.


He smiled faintly, his voice gentle.
“Qingning, listen to me.
Let go first, and we can talk.”


Qingning looked up at him, her unfamiliar eyes devoid of any warmth.
“Why should I listen to you?”


Gu Zhao was caught off guard by her question.


“Miss Qingning, Third Young Master is your biological older brother, your same father and mother older brother,” the butler interjected, thinking that Qingning didn't recognize Gu Zhao.


Qingning's expression remained indifferent.
“So what?”


The butler, “…”


This was so difficult.


“Qingning, release her first.
If there's anything you want to discuss, you can talk to Third Brother.
Is that okay?” Gu Zhao whispered.




“Why should I talk to you?” Qingning's voice was devoid of any emotions once again.


Gu Zhao said, “I am your brother.
If you have any problems, you can talk to Third Brother, and he will help you solve them.”


Hearing him call himself her brother, Qingning's gaze remained calm, wearing the most innocent expression as she uttered the most choking words, “One should solve their own problems.
Didn't your teacher teach you this principle?”


“Big brother, second brother, save me.”


“Qingning, it's not right to resort to violence.
If someone bullies you, tell our third brother.
With him around, no one would dare to harm you,” he advised patiently.


Aunt Lin couldn't hold her temper any longer and exclaimed, “Third Young Master, it's clearly her who bullied Madam.
You can't be biased.”


Gu Zhao glanced at her coldly and said, “When did it become your turn, an outsider, to interrupt our conversation?”


This was really annoying.
She had to show up at this moment and cause trouble.


Aunt Lin subsided in embarrassment and fell silent.


Gu Zhao caught a glimpse of Cheng Yu's pale face and feared that Qingning might actually strangle her to death.
He quickly said, “Qingning, can you trust our third brother just this once? Let go, and I promise no one will harm you.”


He didn't care about Cheng Yu's life, but if Qingning accidentally killed her, there would be trouble.


Qingning glanced at him, then shifted her gaze to Cheng Yu.
Slowly, she released her grip.


“Cough, cough.”


Finally able to breathe, Cheng Yu took two steps back, distancing herself from Qingning.


Aunt Lin hurriedly went forward and supported her, gently patting her back.
“Madam, are you alright?”


Cheng Yu's face turned red from coughing, and she stared at Qingning with a malicious gaze.
Her voice hoarse, she said, “I'll go tell your father that you show no respect for your elders and even laid hands on me.”


Qingning coldly glanced at her, not taking her threat seriously.


“Go ahead.
You can even tell the King of Heaven for all I care.”


Gu Zhao struggled to hold back his laughter.
He suddenly regretted not coming back earlier to check on his little sister.


Her skill at retorting was on par with his, if not better.


Cheng Yu gritted her teeth.


Cheng, if you have something to say, just say it.
There's no need to create such a scene,” Gu Zhao interrupted her, his tone neither warm nor friendly, but rather firm.


“If today's incident reaches father's ears, I don't think you'll fare well either.”


Cheng Yu was adept at diverting attention.
She didn't mention anything about bullying Qingning, only portraying herself as the victim.
She played the sympathy card and said, “Ah zuo, what are you saying? You saw it just now.
She had her hands around my neck and threatened to kill me.
As an elder, can't I scold her a bit?”


“Yes, I am your stepmother, but I have been married into the Gu family for so many years, and I've treated you three siblings with utmost kindness and fairness.
Now you're blatantly biased, and it truly disappoints me.”


Gu Zhao frowned, racking his brain for a foolproof solution to resolve the current deadlock.


If this matter escalated, it wouldn't be good for Qingning.


“Can I leave now?” came Qingning's cold voice.


Gu Zhao looked up at the girl and blurted out, “Where do you want to go?”


“Anywhere but here,” she replied.


Cheng Yu angrily exclaimed, “After injuring so many people, you think you can just leave? You're dreaming.”


She wouldn't let Qingning leave in front of so many people without losing face.
If she didn't make her pay for it, her surname wouldn't be Cheng.


Qingning glanced at her and said, “If you didn't insist on sending them after me, they wouldn't have been hurt.
Shouldn't you reflect on yourself?”


The logic behind her words sounded strange, but it seemed to make sense.


The butler and guards forcibly restrained their urge to nod in agreement.


Afraid that the situation would escalate again, Gu Zhao quickly ordered, “Uncle Wan, tell them all to disperse and find a doctor to treat their injuries.”


“Yes,” the butler nodded and led the guards away.


For a moment, the courtyard regained its tranquility.


Gu Zhao said in a calm voice, “Ms.
Cheng, if you have something to say, let's discuss it in the living room.
There's no need to create a spectacle outside.”


Saying that, he turned his gaze to Qingning and said, “Qingning, come along.”

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